Viola Lug Rigging Packages

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$53.47 - $95.40


Viola Lug Lines Package

  • Spar lacing - 36 ft, Polypropylene VB braid 1/8"
  • Spar corner lashings -10 feet of 1/8" 12 strand Amsteel
  • Halyard - 40 feet of 5mm Marlow Excel Racing
  • Downhaul -18 feet of 4mm Marlow Excel Racing
  • Traveler/Bridle -11 feet of 4mm Marlow Excel Racing
  • Mainsheet - 40 feet of 7mm Raid Braid Traditions
  • Rudder and Centreboard Retainer - 7 feet of 3/16" Shock cord
Simple downhaul

  • Mount to Deck beside mast on Spectra loop : 5/16" (8mm) Ronstan Fiddle V-jam Cleat Utility Block RF187
  • Lashed to boom - 5/16" (8mm) Ronstan Double, loop head Utility Block RF81

Optional Cockpit Downhaul

  • Beside mast on spectra loop - Ronstan 6mm triple with cleat RF20332
  • Attached to boom with lashing: 6mm triple BB RF20302
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Additional Information

We have worked with Michael Storer to come up with lines packages for his popular Goat Island Skiff. Below are the kits to be purchased separately or all at once. On down this page are breakdowns of what is in each package
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