• The Brotherhood of Pandora

    The Brotherhood of Pandora

    Many of you will know David Nichols from his popular boat designs or his traditional boat-building books, but he’s just released a historical, nauticallly-accurate fiction book to rave reviews. 313 riveting pages...
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  • Plug-In-Boats by Tom Hruby

    Plug-In-Boats by Tom Hruby

    Electric boat enthusiast and author Tom Hruby shares his knowledge gained by real world experience (*more on Tom below) in this concise, full-sized (8" x 10") color, print edition. Advance your understanding of electricity and how it can be used to...
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  • Epoxy Basics by Russell Brown

    Epoxy Basics by Russell Brown

    Renowned designer and boat builder Russell Brown shares hard-won techniques for working with epoxy in this concise, full-sized (8.5 x 11) color, print edition. Advance your epoxy skills and waste less, sand less, and achieve beautiful results. This full...
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  • Tolman Alaskan Skiffs Plans

    Tolman Alaskan Skiffs Plans

    Renn Tolman spent 18 years developing the Tolman Skiff to answer the demands of commercial and sport fishermen in the rugged waters off Alaska. Eventually, he put everything he learned in this book. This is all you need to build one of these wonderful...
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  • Strip Plank Boat Construction

    Strip Plank Boat Construction

    The ins and outs of this popular buillding method Strip planking is an increasingly popular method of boat construction (over half of all our new design work is for strip planked craft). It enables the amateur boat builder to produce a beautiful round...
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  • Tricks Cheating & Chingaderos

    Tricks Cheating & Chingaderos

    Imagine you spent 23 years working on painting and varnishing the classic wooden boats along the Port Townsend waterfront - just think of all the techniques you'd pick up. Joni Blanchard has just that kind of experience. Her new large-format (8.5 x 11)...
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  • Sails for the Home Boat Builder

    Sails for the Home Boat Builder

    Make your own sails This new manual incorporates our old "Manual of Sail Making for the Home Boatbuilder" but now also includes several new sections. These include a discussion of the most popular rigs used for dinghies, dayboats and yachts (traditional...
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  • Plywood Canoe Construction

    Plywood Canoe Construction

    Includes sailing canoe details Ply/Epoxy and stitch and tape construction is fun because, with little financial outlay, you can be on the water very quickly in a boat that you have created yourself over a period of only 25 hours or so, using basic...
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  • Stitch & Tape Boat Construction

    Stitch & Tape Boat Construction

    All the basics of stitch & tape This new manual incorporates our old "Manual of Modern Small Plywood Boat Construction Techniques" but now also includes several new sections. These include new chapters on fitting buoyancy (flotation), shaping and...
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  • Boatbuilding For Beginners (and Beyond)

    Boatbuilding For Beginners (and Beyond)

    Jim Michalak's long awaited second book is here. Garth Battista, of Breakaway Books, convinced Jim to put down everything he knows about boat building in a professionally printed and bound book. Much of the material comes from Jim's popular online...
  • Jagular Goes Everywhere

    Jagular Goes Everywhere

    With a steadfastly contrarian sensibility and a lively appreciation of both the profound and the absurd, author Tom Pamperin sets out in his cheap plywood skiff Jagular on a series of sail-and-oar (mis)adventures ranging from the Gulf Coast to the Great...
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