• Larsboat Plans PDF

    Larsboat Plans PDF

    buy Trilars plans to make Larsboat into a trimaran Larsboat was built by Lars Hasselgren to replace a Folboat that had finally met its end. Lars wanted capacity for two, plus decking, as with his old boat. I took Toto and...

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  • Piragua Plans PDF

    Piragua Plans PDF

    The photo above is of a Piragua built by Bob Taylor down in Texas. Piragua is a very simple useful boat. I probably get more Piragua photos than of any other boat, an indication that more Piraguas get built. Piragua is made from two sheets of 1/4"...

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  • Paddleplank  Plans

    Paddleplank Plans

    Can you walk this plank? Actually the request was for a stand up paddle board, sort of like a surf board that is paddled while you stand up like on a real surf board shooting the big waves in Hawaii.I had all sorts of reasons for not designing it, the...

  • Imresboat plans PDF

    Imresboat plans PDF

    Imresboat is a slimmed up version of Larsboat which was designed for Lars Hasselgren to replace a Folboat that had finally met its end. Lars wanted capacity for two, plus decking, as with his old Folboat. But Imre wanted something more slender and...

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  • Toto Plans Instant Download

    Toto Plans Instant Download

    Toto has been my most successful design. Initially she was an experiment to test a new bow shape - a deep V bow that blends into a multichine well aft. There's a twist in the bow bilge panels and at the time I didn't know how to expand those panels on...

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  • River Runner Plans

    River Runner Plans

    This was a custom project for a man who wanted a Lowe Paddlejon boat but found they were quite rare, essentially a custom order. The idea of a boat like this is to float mild rivers with a guide in the stern directing with a paddle and a passenger or two...

  • Ozarkian Plans PDF

    Ozarkian Plans PDF

    I do a "retro" design every now and then, an old design redone with modern techniques. Max Wawrzyniak sent me a wonderful copy of the article "Ozark John Boat" by Townsend Godsby, printed in the "Sports Afield Boatbuilding Annual" in 1956. I live on the...

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  • Piragua18 Plans PDF

    Piragua18 Plans PDF

    Rhett Davis brought this prototype Piragua18 (see photo above) to our Midwest Messabout, hauling it strapped to the roof of his compact pickup while towing his AF4. This is the basic 14' Piragua stretched another 4' to gain a good amount of extra...

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  • Rio Grande Plans PDF

    Rio Grande Plans PDF

    Sandra had been boating in a Toto double paddle canoe and in the larger Imresboat kayak. Both of those were designed for lake work but Sandra was making a lot of river trips and some of the rivers were not that lazy. What she had found was that the...

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  • Polepunt Plans PDF

    Polepunt Plans PDF

    Do you have a swamp in your back yard? Turn that into a positive thing with a tradional punt that you push through the shallow water with a pole. I think this sort of boat has a long history and the similar shape in Chapelle's great book AMERICAN SMALL...

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