Classic Launches and Motor Yachts

  • 16' Egret Runabout Plans

    16' Egret Runabout Plans

    The Egret is a slightly simplified form of the Classic runabout - she has a plywood hull which can be overlaid with Mahogany veneer and teak decking to give a classic look. She has tumblehome aft and a 'V' bottomed hull with a single chine built over a...
    $27.00 - $169.00
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  • 24' Orwell Commuter Launch Plans

    24' Orwell Commuter Launch Plans

    A slightly modern 'take' on a classic type of launch - many built in the mid 20th Century were much larger so this is a mini version. Half the launch is outside seating in an open cockpit and half is simple accommodation in the form of a couple of...
    $34.00 - $340.00
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  • 20'/22' Kennet Slipper Launch Plans

    20'/22' Kennet Slipper Launch Plans

    The Kennet can be built either as a 20' or a 22' slipper launch details and panel shapes are given on the plans for both versions. She has a "V" bottom forward which flattens out as it runs aft giving an easily driven hull shape which has plenty of grip...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • 16' Bourne Runabout Plans

    16' Bourne Runabout Plans

    The 16' Bourne runabout is partly based on the Egret but with a forward raking transom and a fair amount of tumblehome in the aft quarters. She uses the same ply skin over a slotted together ply framework but the tumblehome area is planked using diagonal...
    $27.00 - $169.00
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  • 25' Windsor Slipper Launch Plans

    25' Windsor Slipper Launch Plans

    For the Windsor slipper launch we have used the ply over frame method of construction using a modern framework of ply bulkheads and frames partly linked by fore and aft ply girders all set up to make sure that the builder starts with an accurate base...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • 24'6" Snipe Runabout Plans

    24'6" Snipe Runabout Plans

    This was an interesting way to start a design. The client had a couple of Super Snipe engines kicking about and he wanted to sell them. What better way to do it and to get the greatest return for his money than to package them. The package that we chose...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • 18' Red Shrike Runabout Plans

    18' Red Shrike Runabout Plans

    Designed along the lines of a traditional 1930's runabout with rounded tumblehome to the topsides at the transom, the drawings detail her for construction using computer generated frames/bulkheads, transom and stem. Ribbands are then slotted into the...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • 24' Strip Planked Motor Yacht Plans

    24' Strip Planked Motor Yacht Plans

    This was a commission just for the computer generated and faired mould shapes and building jig details for a 24' x 8'6" motor yacht of traditional appearance. The concept is to have a forward cabin with 2 berths plus wc and galley and either a short...
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  • 50'/60' Pintail Motor Yachts Plans

    50'/60' Pintail Motor Yachts Plans

    We have construction details for the hulls only of two 1930's style motor yachts. The first, shown above has a LOD of 60' (18.3m), beam of 13'11" (4.24m), draft of 3'8" (1.10m) and displacement of 30 tons (30.4 tonnes) and uses a simple form of ply...
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  • 18' Henley Slipper Launch Plans

    18' Henley Slipper Launch Plans

    The plans for the 16' Henley Slipper Launch include the hull panel shapes for a single chine "V" bottomed version and we were simply asked to take this model and stretch it to 18' - however, instead of just developing the hull panels, we have completed a...
    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • 21' Taranto Runabout Plans

    21' Taranto Runabout Plans

    We have often been asked about the design of a more rakish runabout - built in much the same way as the Redshrike (a ply inner skin over frames covered with Mahogany veneer) but with more modern lines - and at last we have been asked to design one...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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