Anchors, Ropes, Chain, etc.

  • 3/8" Anchor Lines

    3/8" Anchor Lines

    Order chain HERE Anchor shackles HERE Choose the combination of rope and chain to create an anchor rode for your boat. Typically, that would be one length of rope, one length of chain, and two shackles. Our anchor ropes now have a spliced eye with a...
    $45.00 - $72.00
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  • Mantus SS Dinghy Anchors

    Mantus SS Dinghy Anchors

    Sets the FIRST time, EVERY time. Stainless Steel Dinghy Anchor Kit One piece welded stainless anchor 5/16 double braid line – 50 feet, with a stainless steel thimble 1/4 shackle Nose cover Storage bag Weight 4 lbs Dimensions 16 x 8 x 7...
    $175.00 - $229.00
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  • Mantus M1 Galvanized Anchors

    Mantus M1 Galvanized Anchors

    DIGS LIKE NO OTHER The Mantus Anchor is designed to penetrate dense grassy bottoms and set with unparalleled holding power. When tested, our anchors set faster and deeper than any other tested anchor, including Rocna, Manson Supreme,...
    $179.00 - $419.00
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  • Galvanized Anchor Chain

    Galvanized Anchor Chain

    Currently 1/4"galvanized anchor chain is available Our ¼-inch chain is high-test Grade 43 hot-dipped galvanized. For anchor rodes we recommend going up one size on the anchor shackles, to 5/16". Not recommended for use with windlass...
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  • Anchor Buddy

    Anchor Buddy

    Anchor Buddy Stretch Anchor Rode Boat mooring retrieval system stretches from 14 to 50 feet. (please note this is the full size Anchor Buddy, not the shorter version) Available in Red, Blue, or Black We've seen these used over the years, but on the last...
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  • Mantus M2 Galvanized Anchors

    Mantus M2 Galvanized Anchors

    Digs like no other BUILT STRONG Formed from high quality steel plate and high end precision casting. ASTM certified bolts are oversized with a large margin to ensure safety. Although the bolt used in the assembly is load bearing, only a fraction of...
    $179.00 - $439.00
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