Hatches & Deckplates

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  • Sealect Recreational Kayak Hatches

    Sealect Recreational Kayak Hatches

    A lower cost alternative kayak hatch cover RECREATIONAL HATCH LINE: These are an economical alternative to the Performance covers. They fit the same rings but are molded from a single type of flexible, rubbery plastic. They seem to be a bit easier to...

    $19.98 - $74.98
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  • Sea-Lect Screw Out Deck Plates with Internal Collar

    Sea-Lect Screw Out Deck Plates with Internal Collar

    These SEA-LECT Designs Deck Plates are molded with a collar on the bottom to hold deck plate bags or other round containers. Use silicone sealant on hull or deck surface when installing the deck plate. Lubricate with Teflon grease or Vaseline...

    $11.41 - $15.07
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  • Sealect Performance Kayak Hatches

    Sealect Performance Kayak Hatches

    For replacements or new boat constructionNot sure which hatch fits your production boat? Click here for a partial list of manufacturers and hatch part numbers. Part# Outside edge of raised mounting ring Max Size * Minimum...

    $10.00 - $95.98
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