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  • Hiwassee Wanderer PDF

    Hiwassee Wanderer PDF

    The Hiwassee Wanderer is a simple, easy-to-build canoe that is designed for the amateur boatbuilder to construct at home. It is made from 3 sheets of plywood and a minimal amount of lumber, using the simple “Stitch and Glue” method. It is a...
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  • Heather Printed Plans

    Heather Printed Plans

    For a digital version instant download, click HERE Heather is a compact double-ended center cockpit pilot house motorsailer, 16'2" LOA. Her styling was inspired by Scottish fishing trawlers and her trim work by US West Coast trollers. Her construction is...
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  • Autocanoe Plans PDF

    Autocanoe Plans PDF

    For Autocanoe printed plans, click HERE. You’ve seen the struggle; a man on boat ramp untying straps, bracing for impact, trying to control the slide of the unwieldy canoe that is precariously close to falling off the roof of...
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  • Lisa B Good - Free Plans

    Lisa B Good - Free Plans

    Download free plans Essential statistics Length overall - 16' Beam at trailer bed - 7' 6"  Beam at rubrails - 8' Weight - about 2500 lbs Draft - 5" Headroom - 6' 5" at center Power - 5-10 hp outboard Speed - 5 kts downhill Features “Lisa B...
  • Libra 17 (CNC Files)

    Libra 17 (CNC Files)

    These cutting files and assembly instructions are from Mauro Petrini, a naval architect with 15 years of experience. He has developed the Libra 17 construction drawing set to be built in plywood.   This includes: -CNC plywood cutting file. -CNC...
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  • Flapdoodle Plans

    Flapdoodle Plans

    Note:Tom Hruby has written an excellent addendum to these plans. Anyone building or considering building a Flapdoodle should read it. Click HERE About Flapdoodle plans: New... a high quality DIY folding sail dinghy. What's more, you can build it your...
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  • RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit

    RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit

    Overall Length 18'-8-1/2" Overall Beam 46" Weight 148 lbs. Volume 147.6 c.f. CRUISE AT YOUR OWN PACE! There's an exciting new class of high-performance rowing boat from the drawing board of small-craft adventurer Colin Angus: The RowCruiser. This...
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  • 24' Deadrise Launch Plans PDF

    24' Deadrise Launch Plans PDF

    These plans are instant download - you will need to print the 22" x 34" sheets.. For printed plans, click HERE. A versatile half-canopy launch, offering many internal layout options. She is especially suited for employment as a personnel launch or...
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  • Lucky Town 7 Printed Plans

    Lucky Town 7 Printed Plans

    Dissatisfied with the available production boats for what he terms mini cruising, Bill Longyard decided to design and build his own, to "show what could be done with 14 feet". And show he did, and then some. His little Lucky Town design has sitting...
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  • Mini Skeeter Dual Sport Plans PDF

    Mini Skeeter Dual Sport Plans PDF

    In 2014 I decided to design an iceboat that was small and comfortable to sail. Smaller iceboats are easier to store transport and set up. This allows for more use on smaller plates of ice during the season. The original idea was to build two...
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  • 12 Ft Aluminum Skiff

    12 Ft Aluminum Skiff

    Note: These are very basic plans consisting of drawings with dimensions and a photo series showing construction steps but no other building manual is included. My brother designed this Boat using ideas from the many boats being used around. He...
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  • Gill 12 Tugboat Free Plans

    Gill 12 Tugboat Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Please note Mike Gill is an amateur small boat designer and like many of us, has no formal naval engineering background. But he has designed a cute little boat and has generously agreed to offer the plans...
  • EasyB Free Plans

    EasyB Free Plans

    It’s a new year and things are pretty quiet around here which isn’t really a big deal since I’m firmly in the semi-retired camp. But it’s too dang cold to be working outside and one of the items on my to do list is updating the...
  • Marsh Duck PDF

    Marsh Duck PDF

    The Marsh Duck Story For almost 3 years, 2006-8, I spent about half-time traveling on a bicycle. It's a wonderful way to go: simplicity, freedom, intimate connection with the natural world and with people along the way. And then it was time for a change ...
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  • Chameleon Nesting Dinghy Plans PDF

    Chameleon Nesting Dinghy Plans PDF

    A nesting dinghy design by Danny Greene The plans contain 8 sheets of 11" x 17" drawings, a 22" x 30" lines drawing and a 30" x 70" set of full size patterns for bottom and side panels. There is also a 12 page building guide. To purchase printed plans...
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  • Hot Chili Plans PDF

    Hot Chili Plans PDF

    Hot Chili is a strong plywood asymmetric catamaran which can be built by anyone who can measure, cut and glue timber, can be towed by anything on four wheels, can be afforded by anyone with a job, and can be used anywhere with a foot of water. Chili can...
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  • Roonio Plans PDF

    Roonio Plans PDF

    Jeff Gilbert has been selling his Hot Chili design for several years now here on Duckworks. At least two have been built and I have heard of a 3rd or 4rth that were at least started. Chuck tells me that a lot of the plans have been sold so there may be...
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