Viola Lug Hardware Packages

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Hull Hardware
  • Inspection ports for buoyancy tanks - (2) SD-337160 Screw-out Deck Plates - 6" White
  • Bow Eye - SeaDog SD-080288 - 8mm x 4-1/2" Stainless U-Bolt
Mast Hardware
  • Mast cleat on side of mast: 1 Nylon Cleat - black, 4"-SD-043040
  • Mast top halyard attachment: Ronstan PNP 122
Boom Hardware
  • Boom end halyard Fairlead: Ronstan PNP122
  • Block for outhaul cascade: RL-201
  • Cleat: SD-002112 Clamcleat Racing Junior
  • Fairlead after cleat so can pull on from any angle: Ronstan PNP121
Mainsheet Hardware
  • Traveller Block: 3/8" (9mm) Ronstan Single, ferrule eye head Utility Block RF469
  • Boom Block: 7/16" (10mm) (2) Ronstan Single Loop Head Blocks RF41101
  • Ratchet Block: 3/8" (10mm) Ronstan Single, Swivel Head, Ratchet Block RF56100

Mainsheet Swivel Option

  • Ronstan Swivel Cleat Base RF58
Rudder Fittings
  • (2 each) Ronstan RF254 & RF239 + 1.5 ft 1/4" stainless rod
Tiller Extension
  • Option 1 - Racelite Tiller extension Swivel
  • Option 2 - Ronstan Urethane Universal Tiller Extension Joint RF3133
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Additional Information

We have worked with Michael Storer to come up with one-stop hardware and rigging kits for his popular Goat Island Skiff. Below are the kits to be purchased separately or all at once. On down this page are breakdowns of what is in each kit
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