• 18' Outboard Motor Freight Canoe Plans

    18' Outboard Motor Freight Canoe Plans

    For those wanting a much bigger outboard motor canoe capable of having several fishing at once and which can also be used as a freight canoe on rivers and lakes, the 18' Outboard Motor Freight Canoe would certainly suit. She can take 6-8 adults or 4...
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  • Nomad 16 Nomad 16

    Nomad 16

    LOA - 16' 0"   LWL - 14' 11"   BEAM MAX - 7' 6"   BEAM WL - 6' 8"   DRAFT - 8" DISPLACEMENT - 1,300 POUNDS POWER - 50 - 70 hp four-stroke Outboard Designed with maximum cockpit size, both in length and width, and...
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  • Wedge Point 27 Tad Roberts Wedge Point 27 rig description

    Wedge Point 27

    LOA - 27' 6"     LWL - 27' 0"   BEAM - 8'     DRAFT - 24" DISPLACEMENT - 4,000 POUNDS POWER - 25hp    SAIL AREA - 113 Sq. Ft. CRUISING SPEED - 10 KNOTS This boat is related to my 15 year old design Yellow...
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  • Berry Point 26 Berry Point 26

    Berry Point 26

    LOA - 26'    LWL - 23' 8"  DRAFT - 12"   BEAM - 8' 6" DISPLACEMENT - 3,600 POUNDS POWER - 90hp outboard CRUISING SPEED - 20 Knots   TOP SPEED - 25 Knots   The Berry Point 26 was designed to fulfill a need for a...
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  • Shanty 20 Plans PDF

    Shanty 20 Plans PDF

    LOA = 20'0” LWL = 20'0” Beam = 8'0” Draft = 16” fully loaded Power = 9.9 HP outboard Speed = 4-5 knots Construction, plywood on bulkheads. Full size patterns to be printed on mylar or paper 36" x 48" To be successful a Shanty...
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  • Kompship


    Length 2100mm ( 6`10 3/4” )Beam 1228 ( 4`1/4” ) Kompship is a ship for children's water games. The best motor are the legs or a wooden stick, but the ship can also be driven carefully with an trolling motor or with a small outboard...
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  • Kerisper


    Power skiff 4.8 m For Study Plan PDF, Click HERE Hull length / waterline 4.81 / 4.32 m     Breadth / waterline  1.80 / 1.40 m Outboard motor 4 to 20 hp Draugth 0.18 m Design category / Crew C3 / D5 Light weight / with...
    $106.00 - $264.00
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  • Clyde 18 Plans

    Clyde 18 Plans

    The Clyde 18 is a modified Power 1.3 Mk 1 design. The hull shape is a simple deadrise type, single chine 'V' bottomed. The hull is parallel sectioned aft of the wheelhouse which means that she can be easily lengthened or shortened. Construction is for...
    $27.00 - $230.00
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  • Jarvis 21 Plans

    Jarvis 21 Plans

    Below are photos of Tim Thedon's Jarvis 21 under construction.               21' Jarvis Particulars LOA 21'4" 6.52m Beam (excl. gunwale rubbers) 7'9"" 2.35m Hull Mid Depth 3'4" 1...
    $34.00 - $311.00
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  • 12ft James Boat Plans PDF

    12ft James Boat Plans PDF

    This is the last of the “bevel bottom” hulls that I will design. There are four of them now, and that should be enough. With the Green River, Cedar River, Naselle River, and now the James Boat designs. Each of the hulls in the...
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  • Unicat 2.8 Plans PDF

    Unicat 2.8 Plans PDF

    Bigger - Better - More Stable The new Unicat 2.8. You asked for it and it's finally here. This is not just a lengthened 2.4, it's a completely new hull, designed from the ground up with more stability, better performance, and better looks.  We have...
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  • Skoota 24 Power Cat Plans Download

    Skoota 24 Power Cat Plans Download

    LOA 7.52m 24ftLWL 7.25m 23ft2inBOA 3.95m 13ftBWL .5m 20inEmpty Displacement 680kgs 1500lbsLoaded Displ 1190Kgs 2600lbsHeadroom 1.35m plus lifting hatch - then 1.85mBerths 2 single 1 double Engine HP 1 x 40hpCruising Speed 10-14 knots Download Plan...
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  • 12ft Naselle River Plans PDF

    12ft Naselle River Plans PDF

    This hull is spin off of another hull I was working on over the winter. That hull, the Green River Drifter was a variation on my drifter hulls with a “beveled” chine panel on the lower sides, but still had a single piece bow and stern panel...
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  • Swan Boat

    Swan Boat

    The concept for The SWAN BOAT was inspired by Sharon Torregrosa, who designed & built her own Swan motif boat. This portable version includes an ample beam, good freeboard, generous internal volume and multi-seating. It is sturdy, easy to build,...
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  • Autocanoe Plans PDF

    Autocanoe Plans PDF

    For Autocanoe printed plans, click HERE. You’ve seen the struggle; a man on boat ramp untying straps, bracing for impact, trying to control the slide of the unwieldy canoe that is precariously close to falling off the roof of...
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  • Andalusia Plans PDF

    Andalusia Plans PDF

    This story of Andalusia is not a how-to-build story in the usual sense. I am not going to tell you hovi to bruise your nearest thumb with the nearest hammer. Rather, this is a story for those who believe in the importance of noodling a new thing just for...
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    This canoe is a shortened version of the original 12'6" Outboard motor canoe for a client who wanted a more compact design which would be easier to store. Stitch and tape construction is used to make her quick and easy to build with a low construction...
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  • Lisa B Good - Free Plans

    Lisa B Good - Free Plans

    Download free plans Essential statistics Length overall - 16' Beam at trailer bed - 7' 6"  Beam at rubrails - 8' Weight - about 2500 lbs Draft - 5" Headroom - 6' 5" at center Power - 5-10 hp outboard Speed - 5 kts downhill Features “Lisa B...
  • Sow's Ear Plans

    Sow's Ear Plans

    SOW'S EAR, CUDDY POWERBOAT, 15,5' X 6', 600 POUNDS EMPTY Sow's Ear is somewhere between a shantyboat like my Shanteuse and a cuddy power skiff like AF4. It has a lot more room in the cabin than does AF4 but a lot less than Shanteuse. And...
  • Indian Creek Motor Canoe PDF

    Indian Creek Motor Canoe PDF

    For printed plans click HERE This boat rows great, btw, and you should include her as a rowboat, as well. She's our go-to boat for family excursions these days, as even the smallest of electric trolling motors pushes her around easily. Much easier than...
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  • Power 14 Plans

    Power 14 Plans

    The hull for this launch was originally based on our Power 16 model but instead of going for a simple flat bottom panel, we have used a 'V' bottom shape. Whilst this makes construction time a little longer it gives a slightly better ride in choppy...
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  • Suremike II Plans PDF

    Suremike II Plans PDF

    "SUREMIKE II" — A military style outboard cruiser, 21' LOA with a beam of 8'. Designed for approximately 50 HP outboard motor, with speeds to 22 knots. Designed for easy building. Roomy bunks, a galley and head make for big boat comfort on extended...
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  • Fleet Plans PDF

    Fleet Plans PDF

    Fleet was designed in response to numerous enquiries I had received about a boat similar to Flint, but which would be suitable for motors of higher power and planing performance. The resulting boat is of similar appearance...
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  • Wanigan (Free plans)

    Wanigan (Free plans)

    THE WANIGAN BY WESTON FARMER As old as boating in America is the garvey design It's no wonder. These shoal-draft work horses combine super-simplicity with rugged carrying ability These plans are free to download.   This utility...
  • Mark V39

    Mark V39

      An outboard powered Sharpie Houseboat, or River Cruiser Designed by Mark Van Abbema "Leah Gent" The first boat I built was "Whippoorwill", a Wharram Tiki 26 catamaran. I launched it in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1989, and took it down the...
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  • Mark V28 Printed Plans

    Mark V28 Printed Plans

    A trailerable, outboard powered houseboat.Designed by Mark Van Abbema Specifications: Length - 28'Beam - 7' 6"Weight Loaded - 4000 lbs.Weight Empty - 3000 lbs. I built the original Mark V 39 six years ago, and I have sold over sixty sets of plans for...
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  • Mark V20

    Mark V20

    Designed by Mark Van Abbema My Dad wanted a trailerable boat for short cruises, and for traveling across the country exploring different waterways. He didn't want it to be any longer than 20 feet, because that would be the largest size he could fit...
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  • 26' Saltee Island Plans

    26' Saltee Island Plans

    This is a rugged steel workboat/fishing boat for coastal and offshore use. She has a large cockpit and enclosed wheelhouse with space below for a simple wc and/or galley. The steel hull panel shapes are given so that the hull can be...
    $34.00 - $385.00
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  • 27' Marlow Electric/Steam Launch

    27' Marlow Electric/Steam Launch

    We used the Edwardian 26 as a basis for this launch. We were asked to change the stern shape to a rather handsome counter and add more beam, but not too much, just enough to give her a more comfortable interior without taking away from her sleek lines...
    $41.00 - $473.00
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  • 12' Sand Martin Simple Runabout Plans

    12' Sand Martin Simple Runabout Plans

    Using between 5 and 6 sheets of 6mm ply the Sand Martin uses simple stitch and tape technology in her construction. She can be fitted out in a number of different ways but the standard arrangement shows two thwarts with side benches aft and a foredeck...
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  • Silver 45 Plans

    Silver 45 Plans

    It would be easy to define the SILVER 45 and SILVER 55 as "Riva of the poor people" as we had ironically called them when they were presented in the pages of our newsletter. Obviously there is no intent of comparison with the famous runabouts (real...
    $16.00 - $125.00
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  • 16' Egret Runabout Plans

    16' Egret Runabout Plans

    The Egret is a slightly simplified form of the Classic runabout - she has a plywood hull which can be overlaid with Mahogany veneer and teak decking to give a classic look. She has tumblehome aft and a 'V' bottomed hull with a single chine built over a...
    $27.00 - $169.00
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  • 15' Lobster Boat Plans

    15' Lobster Boat Plans

    This motorboat is based on a typical Maine Lobster boat and has been designed for strip plank construction (although she could be built using clinker/ply techniques using the same moulds). The hull has a high freeboard with flat planing sections aft and...
    $27.00 - $135.00
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  • 24' Orwell Commuter Launch Plans

    24' Orwell Commuter Launch Plans

    A slightly modern 'take' on a classic type of launch - many built in the mid 20th Century were much larger so this is a mini version. Half the launch is outside seating in an open cockpit and half is simple accommodation in the form of a couple of...
    $34.00 - $340.00
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  • Explorer 3 Plans PDF

    Explorer 3 Plans PDF

    Click images for larger views- The plans for the EXPLORER 3 came as a result of repeated reader interest and inquiry for a more robust design. It includes an ample beam, great freeboard, generous volume, seating for two +, and safety buoyancy...
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  • Longboat Plans PDF

    Longboat Plans PDF

    The idea for the LONGBOAT came from a reader who wanted a simple yet useful portable hull design. It includes an ample beam, good freeboard, generous volume, seating for two, and safety buoyancy. It is sturdy, easy to build, quite portable and utilizes...
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  • Kalostyn Plans

    Kalostyn Plans

    Click HERE for Free Study Plans Download Full size templates for this boat are available HERE Kalostyn was designed as the subject matter of a book that I had planned to write called, 'How to design a boat using SketchUp 3D software'. I created a...
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  • 14' Electric Moto Craft Plans PDF

    14' Electric Moto Craft Plans PDF

    This new design has been floating around in my head for several years now. I really didn’t want to do any kayak or canoe designs, as there are already enough of them out there in the world, and one more wasn’t really needed. So here’s...
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  • Tintillee Plans PDF

    Tintillee Plans PDF

    "TINTILLEE" - 18' Utility style inboard launch, steel. Includes lines, arrangements, outboard profile, construction drawings, table of offsets, scantlings, etc. 6 sheets and article reprint. Hot off the drawing board is this saucy little steel...
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  • Jon20 Plans PDF

    Jon20 Plans PDF

    Poor Jon20, he's just a big dumb jonboat. 20 feet long and 6' wide on the bottom, 7.5' wide on the top. It takes a ton to set it 4" down in the water, and I expect the empty hull might weigh 600 pounds. So let's say she weighs about a half ton with a...
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  • Power 4 Plans

    Power 4 Plans

    After many requests, we have extended the simple concept of the Power 1 and 2 motor launches to a length of 32' with a beam of 10'9". At the moment, the drawings for the hull and deck construction are available allowing the client to choose or design...
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  • 45' Teign Motor Barge Plans

    45' Teign Motor Barge Plans

    One of our clients wanted to match the advantages of strip planking with an easily built but attractive motor barge hull. In stead of using a slab sided hull seen on so many modern steel barges, we have been able to use the ability of strip planking to...
    $47.00 - $608.00
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  • Power 1 Plans

    Power 1 Plans

    16'x5'6" ply motor launch of ultra simple construction using pre-shaped ply hull panels, frames and transom. The chine joints are completed with epoxy resin fillets and tape making construction quick. A weekend's work will see the hull panels marked out,...
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  • 8' Skiffle Junior Motor Boat Plans

    8' Skiffle Junior Motor Boat Plans

    The 8' Skiffle is a simple motor boat designed for children to use although she can accommodate a small adult. The hull uses a flat bottom panel with single bilge and side panels and uses simple stitch & tape methods in her construction. She can take...
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  • 25'6" Snow Bunting Plans

    25'6" Snow Bunting Plans

    Snow Bunting is a river and estuary launch based upon the LIFU model hull with it's long waterline length and fairly full and buoyant ends. She has been designed for a client in Canada who wanted a seaworthy and trailable open launch. Full construction...
    $41.00 - $540.00
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  • Power 225 Motor Cruiser Plans

    Power 225 Motor Cruiser Plans

    The Power 225 is based upon the "U" shaped hull section of our Power series of motor boats. At present we have the hull panel, frame shapes and construction details for an aluminium version of this boat - accommodation and fit-out details are not...
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  • 26' Ijssel Launch Plans

    26' Ijssel Launch Plans

    It had to happen of course - having designed 21' and 30' Ijssel launches, someone would want something in between and here it is. The hull is very much of the Ijssel high volume stable model with plenty of space for whatever internal arrangement you need...
    $34.00 - $385.00
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  • Mylor 27' Strip Planked Fishing Boat Plans

    Mylor 27' Strip Planked Fishing Boat Plans

    A 27' Fishing Boat for Mr. J. Clarke - this is a high volume strip planked fishing boat of modern proportions - the drawings are for the hull construction only - the mould shapes are computer faired and her tough hull uses 2 layers of strip plank which...
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  • Shore Bird Plans PDF

    Shore Bird Plans PDF

    "SHORE BIRD" - 14' Flat-bottom outboard skiff, wood. Here's a little "Grain Belt Yacht", in the words of the designer, for those lazy fishing days with a beer, out for sunnies or perch. As easy to build as bailing a hook, she features a built-in live...
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  • 1 Sheet Plywood Skiff Plans PDF

    1 Sheet Plywood Skiff Plans PDF

    The design of the SKIFF is a natural extension of my 1 Sheet Hull Plans. It is actually derived from the Coroplast skiff design of similar appearance, with the extended bow shape.To have strength and yet be lightweight, the plans use some non-traditional...
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