• Sailmaker's Palms

    Sailmaker's Palms

    Two Options These palms are made by Smith & Sons of England. The adjustable is fine for sewing - it has a buckle for changing the size. The roping palm has an extra flap of leather so you can pull thread or seizing twine through without cutting your...
    $16.99 - $92.99
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  • Sailmaker's Hook

    Sailmaker's Hook

    Salimaker's Hook also called Sailhook, Benchhook, Stretching Hook or Third hand. Used to hold canvas, while pulling tight with the left hand. This ensures the canvas is tight while stitching, keeping the seam straight. See illustration below.Feedback:To:...
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  • Package of 5 Sailmaker's Needles

    Package of 5 Sailmaker's Needles

    Hand sewing needles from W Smith and Sons. Made by hand to the highest quality standards with unique tri-angular shaped reduced edges to help the needle cut through the fabric. The special rounded thread eye is designed to not cut the twine. Assorted,...
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  • Hole Punch

    Hole Punch

    High quality professional grade steel. Great for cutting holes for grommets, rings and rivets. Size matches grommet size.
    $31.57 - $36.14
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