• Track Fittings

    Track Fittings

    Track Fittings can be used to add slide track to your boat. Track Slides convert standard hinge fittings for track use. End Caps establish the termination point of a Bimini slide assembly. Constructed of UV resistant injection molded nylon.
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  • Jaw Slide & Bracket Fittings

    Jaw Slide & Bracket Fittings

    These Jaw Slide & Bracket Fittings are components in a Bimini top fitting system. Bracket Fittings are designed to mount on the side of the gunnel for a Jaw Slide to snap onto. The Jaw Slide then glides along the bracket and is adjusted and secured...
    $1.75 - $4.50
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  • Snap On/Off Bimini Side Mount

    Snap On/Off Bimini Side Mount

    Injection Molded Nylon If you want a bimini that will easily snap out to be completely removed, and is side mounted, you may want to consider this pair. We only have them for 3/4" tubing (also fits 1/2" electrical conduit). The bracket is screwed or...
    $1.48 - $3.33
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  • Bimini Straps

    Bimini Straps

    These straps will work in most bimini applications. The 1" wide nylon strap is plenty strong and the chrome plated clip makes it easy to release straps to fold bimini. Straps are used as in the sketch below (straps are marked with "S". You may also want...
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  • Bimini Tube Connectors

    Bimini Tube Connectors

    A note about tubing/pipe/conduit: Generally speaking, these bimini parts are made to be used with standard aluminum or stainless steel tubing in 3/4" and 7/8" sizes. Other materials such as electrical conduit or pipe can sometimes be used but the fit...
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  • 180° Universal Deck Hinges

    180° Universal Deck Hinges

    Similar to our Standard Top Mount Deck Hinges, but this deck hinge itself hinges from side to side. It fits all the Sea-Dog Nylon Top Caps and Inserts. The mind boggles at the possibilities for this item.
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