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  • Water Rat Printed Plans Water Rat Printed Plans

    Water Rat Printed Plans

    LOA 9' or 10' 9" Beam 34" The plans come as 10 sheets giving the details required to build both the 9ft and the 10.8ft versions, and are available in either metric or imperial measure. They come in printed form (10 sheets of A3-sized paper and a 22 page...
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  • Breeze  PDF Breeze  PDF

    Breeze PDF

         LOA - 10' (3m)     Beam - 28" (0.71m)     Approx.weight - 33lb. (15kg)     Max.payload - 270lb. (120kg) “Breeze” is a simple 10’(3m) double paddle...
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  • Geriatric Motor Sailor Plans Supplement

    Geriatric Motor Sailor Plans Supplement

    Note: You will also need to purchase the Curlew plans to build this boat  This is an additional set of sketches, drawings and notes allowing the builder to construct a larger version of the Curlew adapted to be a motor sailor - the mark 2...
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  • QT Skiff Plans Printed

    QT Skiff Plans Printed

    Flat iron skiffs are said to be easy to draw but very hard to get right. QT is my attempt at a flat iron skiff. The prototype was built by Paul Krayniak of Odessa, NY and a photo of his boat is presented below. The above photo is of Brad Boerger's QT. I...
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  • 18' Outboard Motor Freight Canoe Plans

    18' Outboard Motor Freight Canoe Plans

    For those wanting a much bigger outboard motor canoe capable of having several fishing at once and which can also be used as a freight canoe on rivers and lakes, the 18' Outboard Motor Freight Canoe would certainly suit. She can take 6-8 adults or 4...
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  • Nomad 16 Nomad 16

    Nomad 16

    LOA - 16' 0"   LWL - 14' 11"   BEAM MAX - 7' 6"   BEAM WL - 6' 8"   DRAFT - 8" DISPLACEMENT - 1,300 POUNDS POWER - 50 - 70 hp four-stroke Outboard Designed with maximum cockpit size, both in length and width, and...
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  • Wedge Point 27 Tad Roberts Wedge Point 27 rig description

    Wedge Point 27

    LOA - 27' 6"     LWL - 27' 0"   BEAM - 8'     DRAFT - 24" DISPLACEMENT - 4,000 POUNDS POWER - 25hp    SAIL AREA - 113 Sq. Ft. CRUISING SPEED - 10 KNOTS This boat is related to my 15 year old design Yellow...
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  • Berry Point 26 Berry Point 26

    Berry Point 26

    LOA - 26'    LWL - 23' 8"  DRAFT - 12"   BEAM - 8' 6" DISPLACEMENT - 3,600 POUNDS POWER - 90hp outboard CRUISING SPEED - 20 Knots   TOP SPEED - 25 Knots   The Berry Point 26 was designed to fulfill a need for a...
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  • Right Canoe 130 Right Canoe 130

    Right Canoe 130

    Stitch-and-glue sailing canoe from our friends at the Madeira Mar Boat Building School in Florianopolis, Brazil.    The 13-foot Right Canoe blends classic looks with ease of construction in an affordable package. The balanced lug rig is easy...
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  • S.C.A.M.P. Plans Instant Download

    S.C.A.M.P. Plans Instant Download

    S.C.A.M.P. (Small Craft Advisor Magazine Project) For printed plans click HEREOriginal Designer: John Welsford Additional Development: Kees Prins Kit Adaptations: Turn Point DesignOur own youthful dreams often featured small boats in starring roles...
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  • Hiwassee Wanderer PDF

    Hiwassee Wanderer PDF

    The Hiwassee Wanderer is a simple, easy-to-build canoe that is designed for the amateur boatbuilder to construct at home. It is made from 3 sheets of plywood and a minimal amount of lumber, using the simple “Stitch and Glue” method. It is a...
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  • Fulmar 34'

    Fulmar 34'

    The Fulmar 34' is a larger sister to the original Fulmar 26'3" heavy displacement centre cockpit cruising yacht. Construction is ply over frame and utilizes ply fore and aft girders and ply bulkheads erected onto a strong-back before chine stringers and...
    $68.00 - $810.00
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  • Shanty 20 Plans PDF

    Shanty 20 Plans PDF

    LOA = 20'0” LWL = 20'0” Beam = 8'0” Draft = 16” fully loaded Power = 9.9 HP outboard Speed = 4-5 knots Construction, plywood on bulkheads. Full size patterns to be printed on mylar or paper 36" x 48" To be successful a Shanty...
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  • Kompship


    Length 2100mm ( 6`10 3/4” )Beam 1228 ( 4`1/4” ) Kompship is a ship for children's water games. The best motor are the legs or a wooden stick, but the ship can also be driven carefully with an trolling motor or with a small outboard...
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  • Kerisper


    Power skiff 4.8 m For Study Plan PDF, Click HERE Hull length / waterline 4.81 / 4.32 m     Breadth / waterline  1.80 / 1.40 m Outboard motor 4 to 20 hp Draugth 0.18 m Design category / Crew C3 / D5 Light weight / with...
    $106.00 - $264.00
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  • Youkou-Lili


    Sail and oar boat inspired from both the Norwegian oselvar and the Swampscott dory For Youkou-Lili study plans, click HERE Hull length / waterline 5.70 / 4.57 m   Sail area 10 to 10.6 m²   Breadth / waterline 1.56 / 1...
    $238.00 - $317.00
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  • Seil 18

    Seil 18

    Pram type large sail and oar boat Click HERE for Seil 18 study plans Hull length / waterline 5.50 / 4.20 m Sail area 11 m² Breadth / waterline 1.64 / 1.23 m Outboard motor 5 hp Draught 0.20 / 0.90 m Design category / Crew C4 /...
    $224.00 - $277.00
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  • Morbic 10/10.5 Sail

    Morbic 10/10.5 Sail

    Classic tender with sail, clinker plywood built For Morbic 10 & 10.5 Study Plans, click HERE Morbic 10 Hull length / waterline 2.77 / 2.58 m Breadth / waterline 1.32 / 1.18 m Draugth 0.19 m Light weight hull / rigged 55 /...
    $106.00 - $185.00
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  • Morbic 8

    Morbic 8

    Small classic tender, clinker plywood built Click HERE for a Morbic 8 Study Plan Hull length / waterline   2.30 / 2.16 m Sail area   0 Breadth / waterline   1.20 / 1.07 m Outboard motor   3 hp Draugth   0.17...
    $66.00 - $158.00
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  • Morbic 11

    Morbic 11

    11′ classic sail and oar dinghy For Morbic 11 study plans, click HERE Hull length / waterline    3.35 / 3.18 m Sail area   6.5 m² Breadth / waterline    1.52 / 1.25 m Design category / Crew  ...
    $110.00 - $132.00
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  • Lilou 2

    Lilou 2

    Friendly daysailer, easy to build For Lilou 2 Study Plans, click HERE Hull length / waterline 5.10 / 4.60 m Sail area (sloop) 17 m² Breadth / waterline 1.92 / 1.54 m Outboard motor 5 hp Draugth 0.45 / 1.00 m Design category /...
    $187.00 - $308.00
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  • Kernic


    A sail & oar dinghy for team crew Click HERE for Kernic study plans Hull length / waterline   5.70 / 5.30 m Sail area    15 m² Breadth / waterline   1.80 / 1.34 m Outboard motor    6...
    $264.00 - $330.00
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  • Ilur "clinker kit"

    Ilur "clinker kit"

    The most popular sail and oar boat For a digital Study Plan for Ilur, click HERE Hull length / waterline 4.44/ 4.10 m Sail area 12.2 m² Breadth / waterline 1.70 / 1.46 m Outboard motor 4 hp Draught 0.25 / 0.86 m Design category /...
    $231.00 - $277.00
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  • Heather Printed Plans

    Heather Printed Plans

    For a digital version instant download, click HERE Heather is a compact double-ended center cockpit pilot house motorsailer, 16'2" LOA. Her styling was inspired by Scottish fishing trawlers and her trim work by US West Coast trollers. Her construction is...
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  • Aber


    Sail and oar dinghy, a very classic and pure line For Aber study plans click HERE Hull length / waterline 4.30 / 4.00 m Sail area 9.7 m² Breadth / waterline 1.48 / 1.30 m Outboard motor 3.5 hp Draught 0.25 / 0.85 m Design category /...
    $185.00 - $264.00
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  • Walkabout  Plans Digital Download

    Walkabout Plans Digital Download

    A study plan download for Walkabout is available HERE For full Walkabout Printed Plans, click HERE "Walkabout" as in "He's gone Walkabout" an Australian term meaning "a journey undertaken without notice or warning, of no fixed duration, with no...
    MSRP: $220.00
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  • Truant Plans Digital Download

    Truant Plans Digital Download

    Click HERE for Truant study plans. Click HERE for Full Truant Printed Plans It took 36 hours to travel from home in Rotorua to the tiny coastal town of Brooklin, Maine (USA) where WoodenBoat magazine has its amazing office. I don't sleep at all...
    MSRP: $130.00
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  • Long Steps Printed Plans

    Long Steps Printed Plans

    Long Steps For Long Steps Study Plan PDF, click HERE For Long Steps Plans Digital Download, click HERE LOA 19'6" Beam 5'7" Draft 3'8"/8" Water ballast 265 lb Sail Area 136 sq ft Max load 1056 lb   I think that I’ve mentioned before, that in my...
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  • 20' Isle of Gigha

    20' Isle of Gigha

    A client who had already built the 14' Morning Tide Pocket Cruiser asked me to design a 20' double ended 'pocket ship' for him and the Isle of Gigha is the result.In such a short length she has room for 4 berths for day/weekend sailing plus a wc...
    $34.00 - $398.00
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  • 16' Hazelnut Clinker Canoe

    16' Hazelnut Clinker Canoe

    The 16' Hazelnut is based on the 17' version but has been drawn up with the clinker/ply construction method in mind using a building jig and moulds to gain the plank shapes. She has 5 planks per side.The plank shapes and building details are also...
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  • 15' 3" Shelduck Duck Punt

    15' 3" Shelduck Duck Punt

     The Shelduck Duck Punt is a simple plywood punt suitable for river and canal rowing and some quiet fishing. Although she has the flat bottom of the Eider Duck punt, she is double ended like the Ruddy Duck punt.Construction is stitch and tape...
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  • 25' Sandolo

    25' Sandolo

      The Sandolo is a traditional flat bottomed rowing boat used in Venice and the Venetian Lagoon and unlike the Gondola is, like most craft, symmetrical about it's centerline. In fact it is of a simple flat bottomed, single chine shape with...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • Clyde 18 Plans

    Clyde 18 Plans

    The Clyde 18 is a modified Power 1.3 Mk 1 design. The hull shape is a simple deadrise type, single chine 'V' bottomed. The hull is parallel sectioned aft of the wheelhouse which means that she can be easily lengthened or shortened. Construction is for...
    $27.00 - $230.00
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  • Rhum 12.3 Plans

    Rhum 12.3 Plans

    This new design is based on the Mark 1 single chine version of the Rhum 11'6" general purpose dinghy. The original Rhum has been extended by 12" which gives more space for her to be fitted out as a proper camping dinghy with space for a sleeping area and...
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  • 24' Oarsome Coastal Rowing Skiff

    24' Oarsome Coastal Rowing Skiff

    Oarsome Chance came to me for the design of a 24' Coastal Rowing Skiff which could be more easily used as a multi-role boat and which was safer for use offshore. Instead of a double ended design, often used for this role, we went for a transomed design...
    $27.00 - $236.00
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  • Kari 24' Norwegian Faering

    Kari 24' Norwegian Faering

    The Kari 24' is based on the Kari 2 which, itself, was based on the lines taken off the original Kari Faering. In the case of this new 24' design the client wanted a rounder hull with slightly harder bilges and so we modeled a 6 plank per side design...
    $34.00 - $304.00
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  • 16' Koa Hawaiian Fishing Canoe

    16' Koa Hawaiian Fishing Canoe

    This design is a modern interpretation of the traditional Koa fishing canoes which were 'dugouts' and made from a single log. The hull has a narrow flat bottom with 4 planks per side - the top hull panel has some tumblehome in it to emulate the log shape...
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  • 15' 6" Whitehall Skiff

    15' 6" Whitehall Skiff

    This is the Selway Fisher version of the lovely Whitehall Skiff. The origins of the Whitehall Skiff (or pulling boat) are a little vague - some say that her design came from some of the small workboats around Whitehall in London but others trace her...
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  • Siam 25 Plans

    Siam 25 Plans

    The Siam 25 has been drawn up as a open dive and fishing boat for a client in the far East that can also be used for simple family trips around the islands. Her hull has been based on the Rathlin 20' motor launch hull - a robust and stable design. The...
    $41.00 - $628.00
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  • Jarvis 21 Plans

    Jarvis 21 Plans

    Below are photos of Tim Thedon's Jarvis 21 under construction.               21' Jarvis Particulars LOA 21'4" 6.52m Beam (excl. gunwale rubbers) 7'9"" 2.35m Hull Mid Depth 3'4" 1...
    $34.00 - $311.00
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  • 12' 3" Plover Double Ended Swampscott/Surf Dory

    12' 3" Plover Double Ended Swampscott/Surf Dory

    This design is based on a double ended version of our 12' 4" Petite Brise Swampscott dinghy. Swampscotts as a breed usually have a narrow 'tombstone' transom making them more or less double ended (semi Swampscott dorys have a wider transom) - when...
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  • 18' Elaine II Open Dayboat

    18' Elaine II Open Dayboat

    Fred Rebell (1886-1968) was a lone sailor and adventurer - he fled from Latvia to Germany to avoid conscription, stowed away on a Sydney-bound ship and after marrying/divorcing and working in Australia, tried to emigrate to the US but was refused a visa...
    $27.00 - $297.00
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  • 14' Asymmetric Raven Plans

    14' Asymmetric Raven Plans

    Based on our 14' Raven which is one of our most popular canoe designs, this asymmetric version is for single long distance use with plenty of capacity to carry camping gear and provisions. The asymmetric hull shape will make her excellent at tracking,...
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  • 14' Adirondack Guide Canoe

    14' Adirondack Guide Canoe

    I am often asked to modify one of my stock designs to suit individual requirements and that is how the 14' Adirondack came about - this design is a development of the 12' x 39" Adirondack canoe (see earlier on this page) and is a roomy guide boat...
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  • 55' Trinity Cove Motor Yacht Plans

    55' Trinity Cove Motor Yacht Plans

    This new design was originally drawn up for Cedar Strip construction but drawings were added later for single skin GRP construction too with the plug based on the original strip planked hull. The hull uses the classic easily driven shape of our...
    $68.00 - $810.00
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  • 12ft James Boat Plans PDF

    12ft James Boat Plans PDF

    This is the last of the “bevel bottom” hulls that I will design. There are four of them now, and that should be enough. With the Green River, Cedar River, Naselle River, and now the James Boat designs. Each of the hulls in the...
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  • Unicat 2.8 Plans PDF Unicat 2.8 Plans PDF

    Unicat 2.8 Plans PDF

    Note: Full size patterns are available for these plans HERE Bigger - Better - More Stable The new Unicat 2.8. You asked for it and it's finally here. This is not just a lengthened 2.4, it's a completely new hull, designed from the ground up with more...
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  • 12ft Cedar River Drifter

    12ft Cedar River Drifter

    The Green River was the one that gave me the idea for the Naselle River Drifter. I started out designing this hull as a modified version on one of my regular drift boat hulls, but with beveled lower bottom side panels. As I drew up the hull on my...
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  • Luonteri Plans PDF

    Luonteri Plans PDF

    Luonteri Length 5122mm (16` 9 1/2")Beam 520mm ( 20 1/5” )Paddlers weight ca. 70-95 kg ( 154-210 lbs ). Luonteri is a “trail hiking kayak”, that can be divided into three parts. It makes storage and transportation more easy. In...
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  • Pathfinder Study Plan PDF

    Pathfinder Study Plan PDF

    For printed full plans for Pathfinder, click HERE For an instant download (PDF) of the full plans for Pathfinder, click HERE For cabin supplement instant download - click HERE There has been a lot of enquiry for a "bigger Navigator". Someone...
    MSRP: $20.00
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