• Viola Lug Hardware Packages

    Viola Lug Hardware Packages

    Hull Hardware Inspection ports for buoyancy tanks - (2) SD-337160 Screw-out Deck Plates - 6" White Bow Eye - SeaDog SD-080288 - 8mm x 4-1/2" Stainless U-Bolt Mast Hardware Mast cleat on side of mast: 1 Nylon Cleat - black, 4"-SD-043040 Mast top...
    $10.29 - $122.28
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  • Viola Lug Rigging Packages

    Viola Lug Rigging Packages

    Viola Lug Lines Package Spar lacing - 36 ft, Polypropylene VB braid 1/8" Spar corner lashings -10 feet of 1/8" 12 strand Amsteel Halyard - 40 feet of 5mm Marlow Excel Racing Downhaul -18 feet of 4mm Marlow Excel Racing Traveler/Bridle -11...
    $53.47 - $95.40
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  • RSS Viola Sailing Canoe Lugsail

    RSS Viola Sailing Canoe Lugsail

    Viola Sailing Canoe - 68sf (6.3sqm) LugFor Viola plans, click HERE This link will take you to the page to download a guide to size sails and spars for a non storer boat. https://reallysimplesails...
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