Cabin Sailboats 16' to 19'

  • ECO 520 PDF

    ECO 520 PDF

    The ECO 520 is the next catamaran from my jigsaw series. The first was the DUO 480 C. For study plans, click HERE The clue is, that the hulls can be build laying flat on a table. Starting with the outward hull side. To make boat building for a first...

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  • Long Steps Plans PDF

    Long Steps Plans PDF

    Long Steps For Long Steps Study Plan PDF, click HERE I think that I’ve mentioned before, that in my plans range we have “Tread Lightly” which came from a little poem about how we should treat the earth on which we walk (metaphor), and...

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  • Picara Plans PDF

    Picara Plans PDF

    CABIN SAILBOAT, 18' X 6", 1300 POUNDS EMPTY A while back I presented a design called Fatcat2 which was a 15' x 6' unballasted sailing cuddy catboat. It is still in the prototype catalog, although one was built a few years ago but never used to...

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  • Normsboat Plans PDF

    Normsboat Plans PDF

    CABIN SAILBOAT, 18' X 5-1/2", 600 POUNDS EMPTY Normsboat was designed for Norm Wolf of Washington D.C. to join a group of trailer traveling shallow water sailors. He wanted the ability to motor and self rescue in a knockdown. Simplicity of...

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  • Hapscut Plans PDF

    Hapscut Plans PDF

    SAILING PRAM, 18' X 6.5', 450 POUNDS EMPTY Hapscut, Sailboat, 18' X 6.5', 450 POUNDS EMPTY In 2010 I was lucky enough to sail the TX200 with Chuck Leinweber in his Caprice. Chuck had me design Laguna just for this event and the Laguna fleet did quite...

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  • Caroline Plans PDF

    Caroline Plans PDF

    SAILBOAT, 18' X 6', 750 POUNDS EMPTY Caroline started as a blend of Philsboat and Frolic2. The idea was for a little more cabin room than Philsboat and hopefully with the same seakeeping ability that Frolic2 has demonstrated. I made it a...

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  • AF3 Plans PDF

    AF3 Plans PDF

    AF3 plans come with two sailplans: the original sharpie spritsail (as seen in the photo below) and a balanced lugsail option. AF3, CUDDY SHARPIE, 16' X 5', 250 POUNDS EMPTY The AF3 (the original design study was called "Alison's Fiddle") prototype was...

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  • Sweet Pea Printed Plans

    Sweet Pea Printed Plans

    To download a study plan for Sweet Pea, click HERE Sweet Pea was designed to produce a racer for a club I based on a very large estuary. With a mostly mature membership and close to 200 miles of sparsely inhabited fairly sheltered tidal coastline to play...

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  • Lynx 16 Plans

    Lynx 16 Plans

    The LYNX 16 has been designed to meet the needs of the sailer who requires a modern small trailable boat. To retain the maximum possible internal living space she has twin bilgeboards which are mounted in cases below the bunks leaving the sole space...

    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • TLC 19 and Windy 580 Plans

    TLC 19 and Windy 580 Plans

    Around the dam or around the world~ Easily handled weekender~ Performance for racing~ Accommodation for family weekending~ Towing with family car~ Small enough for children to participate meaningfully ~ Basis of only open boat circum-navigation in...

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  • Skylark 16 Mk2 Plans

    Skylark 16 Mk2 Plans

    This version of the Skylark class of pram dinghies was at the request of a client who wanted a comfortable river boat with the simplicity of construction of the smaller Skylark stitch and tape dinghies and with the large size that a pram shape of this...

    $27.00 - $135.00
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  • Jangada 488 Plans PDF

    Jangada 488 Plans PDF

    Jangadas are traditional fishing boat on the north coast of Brazil, originally simple log rafts. The Jangada 488 is a special surf scow, with the choice of a Bermudian or a crab claw rig, barn door or lifting rudder, and optional seating wings...

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  • Souriceau Full Plans

    Souriceau Full Plans

    A small, simple, seaworthy microcruiser For Souriceau Study Plans, click HERE Anyone can master the simple and strong construction method used for Souriceau. The boat is plywood built over a form using fiberglass and epoxy resin. Optionally, the boat can...

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  • Scram Pram Plans PDF

    Scram Pram Plans PDF

    Scram Pram is an interesting boat that I designed for Wil Gordon of Houston a few years ago. He built the prototype shown above, including making that multicolored sail. Wil had owned some production pocket cruisers and had sailed in Karl James' Jewelbox...

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  • Sharpie 550 Plans PDF

    Sharpie 550 Plans PDF

    Simple sharpie pocket cruiser for coastal and off-shore cruising. This project start as a special order from “Tigrou”, a guy how really knows what he wants, and also a skilled boat builder. We have in common quite a fascination for junk sail...

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  • 16' Grey Swan Plans

    16' Grey Swan Plans

    The Grey Swan is a traditional gaff cutter of multi chine hull shape with a length over deck (LOD) of only 16’ allowing much of her construction to be completed in a small work space. The original plans show her built using pre shaped ply bulkheads...

    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • 17'6" Evening Swan Plans

    17'6" Evening Swan Plans

    One of our clients, Mr. Masters liked the Grey Swan but wanted a cruiser just a little bit bigger so that she could accommodate an inboard engine and provide more room for a basic galley and stowage for a Porta-loo. Having extended the Grey Swan hull,...

    $34.00 - $304.00
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  • 16' Great Pelican Plans PDF

    16' Great Pelican Plans PDF

    Cabin or open light cruiser For printed plans click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this: Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation GREAT PELICAN The big sister of the immensely popular, 12' San Francisco Bay Pelican, the Great Pelican (16') was designed...

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  • Pelegrin Printed Plans

    Pelegrin Printed Plans

    For Peligrin Study Plan instand download, click HERE Most languages have a word which conveys the image of the wanderer, someone who has a dreamy far away look in their eye, who stays for a day or three then moves quietly on toward a goal that no one...

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  • 18' Morning Tide Plans

    18' Morning Tide Plans

    Many moons ago when I first started as a designer with McGruers on the Gareloch, I drew the lines of a 19' pocket cruiser for myself, partly as the day job was full of racing yachts - I never got to build her but the drawing was kept safe and would...

    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • YM Senior Plans

    YM Senior Plans

    The YM Senior is a lovely little pocket cruiser design by the late Kenneth M. Gibbs. Ken Gibbs designed some lovely ply sailing boats many of which used to feature in the original Yachting Monthly magazine. I had much pleasure in sailing a Senior many...

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  • Firecrest  15/17'6" Plans

    Firecrest 15/17'6" Plans

    This is a simply constructed miniature schooner for the sailing man who likes a classic sail plan. Normally, you would not find a schooner rig on any boat less than 30’ long and therefore less complicated rigs can be used. But if you like plenty of...

    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • 16' Goshawk Plans

    16' Goshawk Plans

    The Goshawk was designed for an American company for use in their boat hire business. The design brief called for a boat which was tough and which, for only a 16' length, would have as comfortable a cabin space as possible. To go with this, she had to...

    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • 19' Jola Gaff Cutter Plans

    19' Jola Gaff Cutter Plans

    This cracker of a little ship, will take you cruising into shallow waters and creeks whilst at the same time provide a seaworthy yacht for coastal and cross-channel sailing. Starting from aft, she has an outboard well, spacious self-draining...

    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • Q-17 Plans PDF

    Q-17 Plans PDF

    The Q-17 is a plywood sloop designed for the amateur builder. The construction is Taped Seam with FRP sheathing, which means that it is permanently tight and a strong, one piece structure. All parts are detailed so that they may be prefabricated. No...

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  • Bluestone Free Plans

    Bluestone Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE The hull This boat is intended as a lightweight pocket cruiser with easily driven lines and a traditionally inspired sailplan. The epoxy lapstrake hull is based on a proven US type.The design is a...

  • Schooner 18c Plans

    Schooner 18c Plans

    This is a variation on the popular Schooner 18, with the front wall of the cabin moved 21" forward. The cockpit is more suitable for four as opposed to six. Because the cabin expansion is into the wider part of the boat, the actual increase in cabin...

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  • Ptarmigan 17' Plans

    Ptarmigan 17' Plans

    The 6’ beam version of the Ptarmigan 15 is quite popular and now we have extended the whole design to 17’x6’11’’. Although only 2’ longer than her sister, the Ptarmigan 17 has quite a bit more volume for...

    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • Jewelbox Plans PDF

    Jewelbox Plans PDF

    Here is a boat that is supposed to be self righting to a great degree without ballast! Jewelbox has the combination proven by Bolger's Birdwatcher of high sides with a thick bottom and low down crew weight to act as ballast. Karl James told me his boat...

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  • 19'6" Pocket Cruiser Plans

    19'6" Pocket Cruiser Plans

    This little ship, with it’s shallow draft, is ideal for exploring estuaries as well as for coastal cruising with a young family. Having bilge keels means that she will dry out level making her easily berthed in a creek. LOD (Length over deck)...

    $34.00 - $465.00
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  • Koalen 18 Printed Plans

    Koalen 18 Printed Plans

    Pocket Cruiser and traditional gaffer For Koalen 18 Study Plans, click HERE Koalen 18 is a small traditional gaffer, inspired from traditional fishing boats of Northern Brittany with the plumb stem and moderately raked transom. She is an enlarged version...

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  • Swaggie Printed Plans

    Swaggie Printed Plans

    For a Swaggie Study Plan download, click HERE Swaggie: (Australian slang) A tramp, or itinerant who carries his bedroll, or "Swag" upon his back. My client loves small craft and has long had an ambition to cruise a very small cruiser that would be...

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  • Great Blue Heron Plans

    Great Blue Heron Plans

    The Heron is designed to be an all-purpose sailboat equally comfortable under power. Features include: bright, airy pilot-house style cabin; light, strong semi-planing hull; quiet, well-mounted outboard power; twin shoal draft keels and rudders for...

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  • Piepowder 16 Plans

    Piepowder 16 Plans

    "Piepowder", A perky little yacht with ocean-going abilityGRP minimum cruising cutterEvery man has his own ideas about his perfect yacht. The boat of one man's dreams is that of nightmares to another.The young guy who commissioned this design was set on...

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  • Tracker 18 Plans

    Tracker 18 Plans

    This craft which is based upon the Highlander 18, has been developed for a client in Australia specifically for trailing across rough terrain in order to explore out of the way creeks and rivers which would otherwise be difficult to get to. She has room...

    $27.00 - $101.00
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  • Tatoo 598 Full Plans

    Tatoo 598 Full Plans

    An economical and singular weekend cruiser For Tatoo 598 Study Plans, click HERE Fast overview: Motor boat with a little cabin (dog house) opened below and closed with a dralon curtain. Galley, 2 berths, Headroom of 1,77m, 60hp outboard, trailerable, big...

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  • Toon19 Plans PDF

    Toon19 Plans PDF

    John Trussel built the prototype Toon19 in South Carolina. He had built several boats before this one including a Mixer of my design. He wrote this essay about his Toon19:Toon 19For a number of years I have owned various "shallow water cruisers" (to...

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  • Blobster Plans PDF

    Blobster Plans PDF

    Blobster has a lot of features I like in a boat. Lots of volume for its size, sort of like Micro or Scram Pram. The multichine shape is almost exactly like Scram's but this one does not have a Birdwatcher cabin. It has the more traditional cabin with a...

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  • Naut 575 Plans PDF

    Naut 575 Plans PDF

    A larger modular Naut with choice of rig, junk ketch or schooner, and roof shape. 19 feet sailboat for four overnight, for coastal waters. Ballasted dagger board with lead, and an inside ferrociment ballast, huge lounge cabin. Two chines hull...

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  • Cape Cutter 19 Plans

    Cape Cutter 19 Plans

    Gunkholing at its best."Zest" (hull #2) snug in a tiny covealong the shores of False Bay Pretty as a picture ~ The charm of tradition~ Accommodation for family weekending~ Comfortable cockpit~ Towing behind the family car~ Choice of gaff or...

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  • 16' Mystery Plans

    16' Mystery Plans

    16’x 6’4’’x 8’’ (3’6’’ with board down). Approx. 450 lbs. lightweight with 120 lbs. of ballast. An ultra simple cruiser of double chine shape using pre-shaped ply panels for the hull. Can sleep two in the cabin and two in the cockpit...

    $27.00 - $122.00
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  • Sam Plans

    Sam Plans

    The SAM is not suitable as a cruise boat, even if a "Spartan" sports crew might use it occasionally also for this scope - as long as it is clear that its main purpose is that of a nautical camping boat, rather than a real cruiser. The PUCK REGATA has...

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  • 19'6" Lark Dory

    19'6" Lark Dory

    19’6’’x 5’8’’x 11’’ (min.). May be built in two halves and bolted together as a fishing/motor dory or as a sailing dory with or without the cubby/cabin. Pre-shaped side hull panels are fastened to the...

    $27.00 - $263.00
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  • Highlander 19'6" Plans

    Highlander 19'6" Plans

    This boat is a stretched version of the Highlander 18 for a client who wanted the biggest boat that he could comfortably trail extensively behind a medium sized family saloon without a lot of effort and which could also offer enclosed accommodation. The...

    $27.00 - $240.00
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  • Aviateur 5.7M Full Plans

    Aviateur 5.7M Full Plans

    A real seaworthy little cruiser For Study Plans, click HERE She is the "big" brother of Souriceau. The boat is designed to be built by home-builders, or by a professional yard. Aviateur 5,70m can be sailed with your family during coastal navigations.She...

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  • Puck Cruise Plans

    Puck Cruise Plans

    About the Puck Regatta and the Puck Cruise: The Puck Cruise version is a Micro class boat designed for cruising, more space for the cabin, the boat is wider at the waterline and it's a plywood construction (chine hull). It's a boat for small...

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  • Micro18 Plans

    Micro18 Plans

    This project presents the amateur builder with little more difficulty than building an Enterprise dinghy. She is of multi-chine configuration with pre-shaped bottom, hog and bulkheads for quick construction. The latest low waterline beam/planing design...

    $34.00 - $304.00
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  • 19'6" White Swan Plans

    19'6" White Swan Plans

    After many requests from clients, the 16’ Grey Swan has been stretched in this new version to 19’6’’, The beam has not been increased too much to enhance sailing performance and the additional 3’6’’ in...

    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • 18' Super Pelican Plans PDF

    18' Super Pelican Plans PDF

    18 foot version of Great Pelican For printed plans click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation SUPER PELICAN 18' POCKET CRUISER Stretchhed an extra two feet, the Super Pelican 18' offers a choice of cabin...

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  • 16' Sand Grouse Plans

    16' Sand Grouse Plans

    The Sand Grouse was originally conceived as a more sophisticated version of a Skylark 16 with a pointed bow. An additional chine was added to sweeten her lines and her hull depth was increased to help sitting headroom in the cabin. She has an outboard...

    $27.00 - $182.00
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