Double Enders

  • 12'3" Plover Plans

    12'3" Plover Plans

    Swampscotts as a breed usually have a narrow 'tombstone' transom making them more or less double ended (semi Swampscott dorys have a wider transom) - when they end up with a true 'sharp' aft end, they become 'surf' dorys She can be constructed in stitch...

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  • 15' American Peapod Plans

    15' American Peapod Plans

    This is a beautiful double ender for simplified strip plank and epoxy construction. Temporary moulds are set up with pre-shaped stem, stern post and hog and then the boat is planked with thin strips of Cedar glued edge to edge with epoxy giving a...

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  • 15' Kestral Peapod Plans

    15' Kestral Peapod Plans

    Kestral is a beautiful 15' Peapod type craft with four planks per side. The drawings give the plank shapes for simple stitch and epoxy construction but she could either be strip planked or built using the clinker ply method. She would make a very...

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  • 14'9" Grebe Peapod Plans

    14'9" Grebe Peapod Plans

    This design is a symmetrical Peapod - in other words the front and back of the hull are exactly the same which is how most Peapods were designed and built.The length is the maximum that can be obtained by butting 2 sheets of standard 8' plywood together...

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