• Heavy Duty Bail

    Heavy Duty Bail

    Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bail. 3/8" bail and bolt, 2-1/8" inside width, 2-1/4" from edge of bolt to inside of U
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  • Deck Mount Bow Socket

    Deck Mount Bow Socket

    These Deck Mount Bow Sockets are used in conjunction with battens to assemble a rounded support structure for a boat cover or cockpit tents. Part of a system to disperse rain water to avoid water from accumulating in the center of the cover. Recessed...
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  • Seadog Nylon Step Handle

    Seadog Nylon Step Handle

    Being able to reboard a boat if you fall out or turn it over can be crucial to your survival. You may thank yourself one day for having had the foresight to install one of these step/handles in just the right place. 6-1/2" long overall These step handles...
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  • Seadog Fender Hook

    Seadog Fender Hook

    Investment Cast 316 Stainless Steel Fender Hooks can be used for quick and easy placement of fenders anywhere on your boat. For use with 5/16” line. Constructed of corrosion resistant investment cast 316 stainless steel. Installs with two #8 FH...
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  • Removable Outboard Motor Bracket Removable Outboard Motor Bracket

    Removable Outboard Motor Bracket

    PLEASE NOTE, WE CURRENTLY ONLY HAVE THE ZERO DEGREE MOTOR BRACKET 2/24/2023 Dimensions: The plate is 1/8" thick stainless steel - 6" x 7-1/2". The mounting legs are from 1/2" dia SS rod. The bracket sits an average of 6-1/2" from the transom (not...
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  • Seadog Stainless Eyebolts

    Seadog Stainless Eyebolts

    Machined 304 Stainless Used for bow eyes or anywhere a secure attachment point is needed. Metric threads. Part No. A B C D ThreadLength SD-080708 8mm(5/16") 109mm(4-5/16") 17mm(11/16") 76mm(3") 79mm(2-3/4") SD-080710 10mm...
    $5.38 - $7.98
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  • Racelite Deck Plate

    Racelite Deck Plate

    This stainless steel deck plate can be used with our RL-349 shroud adjuster or RL-305-A or RL-205 blocks. It comes complete with clevis pin and ring. wt 1/2 oz.
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  • Seadog Stainless Folding Pad Eyes

    Seadog Stainless Folding Pad Eyes

    304 stainless folding pad eyes. Each includes a rubber friction pad which enables the eye to remain upright or down when desired. Part A B C D Fastener Sd-090125 1-1/8" 1/2" 1/8" 7/16" #8 RH Sd-090145 2" 1-1/4" 1/4" 1" 1/4" RH
    $2.70 - $6.30
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  • Seadog Stainless Tie Down Eye Strap

    Seadog Stainless Tie Down Eye Strap

    Forged 304 Stainless - great for anchoring webbing for various uses onboard, such as securing water bottles or any other gear that you might not want crashing around the boat when it moves.Note: Webbing not included. For webbing and buckles click...
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  • Ronstan Ropeglide Rings

    Ronstan Ropeglide Rings

    Various sizes Text: Ronstan Ropeglide Rings. Reduce weight and complexity with ultralight, low-frticiton rings that can be used for deflecting lead lines or for barber haulers, lazy jacks, or as a replacement for blocks on vangs, etc. Simple and reliable...
    $12.99 - $20.99
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  • B&B Aluminum Sailtrack

    B&B Aluminum Sailtrack

    Extruded, anodised, aluminum B&B Custom Sailtrack Duckworks is pleased to offer a new custom sailtrack suitable for all sailboats small and large. This track has been designed by B&B and produced in the USA. Their goal with this track was to...
    $12.99 - $85.00
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  • Sea-Lect Shock Cord Clips

    Sea-Lect Shock Cord Clips

    Injection Molded Nylon Make your own bungee cords or other shock cord applications. Simply thread an end through the hole in the base and tie a knot (see illustration at left) In spite of the measurements, the 1/4" clips work best with...
    $0.99 - $1.29
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  • Seadog Rubber Pole Storage Clips

    Seadog Rubber Pole Storage Clips

    Santoprene Rubber We really like these rubber Pole storage clips. We got a new catalog from Sea-Dog and upon seeing these things, we immediately ordered some of each size. Use them to secure paddles, belaying pins, dip nets, fishing poles, whisker poles,...
    $0.55 - $14.95
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  • Daggerboard Spring Retainer

    Daggerboard Spring Retainer

    Made of spring stainless steel, these retainers are used on Sunfish and many other production sailboats to keep the daggerboard down yet allow it to be easily withdrawn. Length Width Thick 6" 3/4" 0.020"
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  • Wood Parrel Beads

    Wood Parrel Beads

    Hardwood - Three sizes These wooden beads will work great for parrels of all kinds. The 16mm (roughly 5/8") and 18mm (roughly 3/4") dia beads have 5/32" holes. The 25mm (roughly 1") dia beads have 7/32" holes.
    $0.18 - $0.33
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  • Seadog Scupper Valve

    Seadog Scupper Valve

    Injection molded nylon, these scuppers function as one-way valves to let water out of your boat but not back in. Feedback: Hi Sandra, Attached is the photo I promised of you of the scuppers installed on the Escargot canal boat I am building. They appear...
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  • Racelite Small Swivel

    Racelite Small Swivel

    Stainless steel swivel. Strap is 0.06" by 3/8". 3/8"+ between tangs. 1-5/8" long over all.Takes 3/16" x 1/2" pin.
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  • 1" Nylon Webbing

    1" Nylon Webbing

    By popular request we are finally offering one inch nylon webbing and buckles. Since these are sturdy and not really affected by water, they are very useful for many applications on a boat. Some ideas: Keeping hatches closed Holding heavy gear in...
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  • Seadog Eye Bolt with Shoulder

    Seadog Eye Bolt with Shoulder

    Made of machined 304 stainless steel. These are much nicer than our regular eyebolts. Part# A B C D E B.S. SD-080466 6 mm-1 mm 3-3/8" 1/2" 2-5/16" 1" 3K Lbs. SD-080504 12 mm - 1.75 mm 5-1/2" 3/4" 3-15/16" 1-3/16" 10K Lbs.
    $14.95 - $24.75
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  • Racelite Stainless Chain Plates

    Racelite Stainless Chain Plates

    Stainless Steel Chainplates transfer the stress from standing rigging down into the hull. They may also have other uses for all kinds of applications. Use your imagination. Premium stainless steel made in the USA by Racelite. Cat No...
    $2.99 - $6.99
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  • Racelite Fairleads

    Racelite Fairleads

    Stainless wrapped fairleads from RaceLite. The smaller one has a 5/16" opening and is suitable for 1/4" lines and smaller. The larger one has an opening of 1/2" and should not be used with line over 3/8".
    $1.67 - $4.43
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  • SeaLect Nylon Pad Eye

    SeaLect Nylon Pad Eye

      Injection molded nylon pad eyes can be used for a multitude of applications. UV stabilized and corrosion resistant they install with two #8 FH fasteners (not included). Black
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  • Stainless Steel Sailtrack

    Stainless Steel Sailtrack

    Short sections of stainless steel sailtrack available for goosenecks that use it. Also for Jib sheet leads, Random mounting holes. 72 inches Max, please.
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  • Racelite 3/4" Stainless Tangs

    Racelite 3/4" Stainless Tangs

    These tangs are made from 0.062" stock and have 3/16" dia holes in the ends. The hole centers are 3/8" from the ends. Nominal lengths are not from hole centers but total overall length.
    $1.95 - $4.60
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  • Seadog Cast Brass Strap Eye

    Seadog Cast Brass Strap Eye

    These polished cast brass pad eyes can be used for a variety of applications both decorative and functional. Great for block attachment, controlling lead lines, or creating tie down points. Installs with two #8 FH fasteners (not included). Part...
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  • Plastic Parrel Beads

    Plastic Parrel Beads

    6 Colors - 6 Shapes - Many Uses Cylinder - This is a good shape for a parrel, not traditional, but I can't see why it would not work just fine. Cube - Obviously this bead will NOT work! But it may have other uses. Let me know...
    $0.02 - $1.25
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  • Seadog Stern Eyes

    Seadog Stern Eyes

    Sea-Dog® Stern Eyes come with adjustable finish nuts as compared to the crimped ring used on most other Stern Eyes. All parts are 304 stainless steel. Plate sizes: 2-1/4" x 3/4" (plate 1) 3-1/2" x 1-1/2" (plate 2) Part...
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  • Racelite Nylon Through-Deck Fairleads

    Racelite Nylon Through-Deck Fairleads

    Two sizes Use through deck fairleaders for easy and frictionless halyard entry. Large size (RL 42) fits 1" hole, is 5/8" long, and for 3/8" rope. Small size (RL 49) fits 5/8" hole, is 1/2" long, and for 5/16" rope. Part # Thru Hole(min) Hole...
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  • Bronze Garboard Drain & Plug

    Bronze Garboard Drain & Plug

    This is the best plug we've found for water ballast tanks like those found on SCAMP, as it is relatively low profile and has an easily turned T-handle. Sea-Dog says:The Garboard Drain & Plug provides drainage for bilge during haul-out. 1/2" NPT...
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  • Racelite Deck Mounted Chain Plate

    Racelite Deck Mounted Chain Plate

    Deck mounted shroud chain plate has 1/4" mounting holes on 1-1/2" centers with one 1/4" clevis pin hole. Constructed of 3/32" thick stainless steel bent to a 65 degree angle.
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  • Anchor Hanger

    Anchor Hanger

    These stainless electropolished Anchor Hangers attach securely to any 7/8 to 1” rail or pulpit and will hold most Danforth and Fortress-style anchors up to 35 pounds, flukes down to prevent snagged lines. Allows for quick release. Easy to install...
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  • Racelite Deck-Plate

    Racelite Deck-Plate

    This stainless steel deck plate can be used with our RL-305-B blocks. Takes #8 RH screws. Base 2-1/2" long. Stainless steel. You may need a 5/8" x 3/16" Clevis Pin
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  • Racelite 1/2" Stainless Tangs

    Racelite 1/2" Stainless Tangs

    Stainless Steel These tangs are made from 0.062" stock and have 3/16" dia holes in the ends. The hole centers are 1/2" from the ends. Nominal lengths are not from hole centers but total overall length.
    $1.99 - $6.99
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  • 1/4" Shock Cord Hook Ends

    1/4" Shock Cord Hook Ends

    Injection Molded Acetal Make your own bungie cords or creat elastic tie-downs for your boat - lots of uses for these easy to install and neat looking hooks that won't ever rust. 1/4" shock cord only. Part# A B C Cord...
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  • Ronstan Closed Thimbles

    Ronstan Closed Thimbles

    Make eyes in rope or wire ropeRonstan ThimblesCable Ø1/8"1/4 in.A11/32"13/16 in.B3/16"11/32 in.C5/8"1 5/16 in.Weight0.1 oz.0.7 oz.
    $7.99 - $14.99
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  • Silicon Bronze Round Rod

    Silicon Bronze Round Rod

    Silicon Bronze is one of the most corrosion resistant materials around. It is idea for boats that are used in salt water and a good idea for boats that are used in fresh water. Here is the company blather: It's high-strength, corrosion resistance, and...
    $13.50 - $60.50
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  • Racelite Chain Plate Covers

    Racelite Chain Plate Covers

    Stainless SteelPart #OverallSlotThicknessMtg HoleRL-344-B2" x 1"1.04" x 0.135"0.060"0.165"RL-4453" x 1.25"2.070" x 0.250"0.090"0.165"RL-4203.5" x 0.878"2.070" x 0.250"0.060"0.200"
    $2.74 - $4.47
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