• Pocket Puller Pocket Puller

    Pocket Puller

    Our small boats fill many roles. Exercise, relaxation, exhileration, escape and sometimes we use them to put groceries in the fridge. Next crabbing season try out these Pocket Pullers from Thomas Machine and Foundry. They fit right into your oarlock...
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  • Double Action Air Pump

    Double Action Air Pump

    These pumps come with three different nozzles and are designed to fill everything from inflatable boats to air mattresses, but we stock them primarily for inflating our popular Beach Rollers. Historically we offered a bellows style pump, but...
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  • Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller

    Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller

    For Paint or epoxy application Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller. These are the rollers many of our professional builders swear by for roll-and-tip painting of their boats. Quick Pro, sturdy 4-inch foam roller cover, 12 inch threaded handle, high density...
    $5.50 - $11.95
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  • Scullmatix©


    What is it? The Scullmatix is a simple device to make sculling a boat almost automatic. It is made from 1/8" stainless steel plate and has two 5/16" SS carrage bolts with wingnuts. It weights just under 2 lbs. It is very robust - it should last several...
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  • Metric tape measures

    Metric tape measures

    Metric markings on both sides of the blade Our 3, 5, and 8 meter tapes (5M shown above) are high quality Lufkin brand. Each tape has: shock absorber to protect the end hook upon return case designed to fit your hand clear coat blade protection and more...
    $12.98 - $20.90
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  • Small Boat Head System Small Boat Head System

    Small Boat Head System

    Perfect for any small boat without a built-in head Over the years we've tried a variety of different "heads" on small boats from fold-down seats with waste bags to chemical porta-potties and each has had its pros and cons. But it's taken us years to come...
    $9.00 - $79.00
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  • Joe's Leather Bailer

    Joe's Leather Bailer

    These traditional style bailers are made up with:cherry backplateslatheturned white oak or black locust handles (depends on the offcuts in the shop at the time)vegetable tanned shoulder leather for the"scoop,"copper slate nailsinstructionsand a tin of...
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  • Sea-Lect Shock Cord Clips

    Sea-Lect Shock Cord Clips

    Injection Molded Nylon Make your own bungee cords or other shock cord applications. Simply thread an end through the hole in the base and tie a knot (see illustration at left) In spite of the measurements, the 1/4" clips work best with...
    $0.99 - $1.29
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  • Taylor Made Low Freeboard Fenders

    Taylor Made Low Freeboard Fenders

    How many times have you tied up to a dock or rafted up to a bigger boat only to find your little boat's gunwale getting beaten up even with your conventional fenders in place? These Taylor Made Fenders are the first to address the needs of low-freeboard...
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  • Seadog Rubber Pole Storage Clips

    Seadog Rubber Pole Storage Clips

    Santoprene Rubber We really like these rubber Pole storage clips. We got a new catalog from Sea-Dog and upon seeing these things, we immediately ordered some of each size. Use them to secure paddles, belaying pins, dip nets, fishing poles, whisker poles,...
    $0.55 - $14.95
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  • "Jack Tar" Spar Leather Kits

    "Jack Tar" Spar Leather Kits

    Protect your spars These spar kits were inspired by the Oar Leather Kits that we get from Rodger Swanson at Swanson Boat Company. The leather in each kit is 5-6 oz. top grain, vegetable tanned cow hide. Marine tallow is included as the...
    $43.70 - $74.70
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  • Beach Rollers

    Beach Rollers

    SOLD INDIVIDUALLY Aere Beach Rollers - Constructed of 1.3mm PVC coated Polyester Fabric2000 lbs. capacity9 inches x 60 inchesweight 3-1/2 lbs. We looked at two different brands of beach rollers at the last Everglades Challenge. One was pretty flimsy and...
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  • Wood Parrel Beads

    Wood Parrel Beads

    Hardwood - Three sizes These wooden beads will work great for parrels of all kinds. The 16mm (roughly 5/8") and 18mm (roughly 3/4") dia beads have 5/32" holes. The 25mm (roughly 1") dia beads have 7/32" holes.
    $0.18 - $0.33
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  • 1" Nylon Webbing

    1" Nylon Webbing

    By popular request we are finally offering one inch nylon webbing and buckles. Since these are sturdy and not really affected by water, they are very useful for many applications on a boat. Some ideas: Keeping hatches closed Holding heavy gear in...
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  • Seadog 10" Floating Winch Handle

    Seadog 10" Floating Winch Handle

    All new, patent pending design is made by way of air assist injection molding instead of foam filled method, thus preventing any potential leakage of foam from within the handle. Features ball bearings in the handle to ensure smoother action under load...
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  • 4" x 15tpi Keyhole Pullsaw

    4" x 15tpi Keyhole Pullsaw

    Keyhole saws are used to make curved cuts, and by first drilling a pilot hole, closed inside cuts. Because they cut on the pull stroke and have very sharp teeth, they make clean cuts in the most awkward of areas. The blades are made from high carbon saw...
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  • Anchor Buddy

    Anchor Buddy

    Anchor Buddy Stretch Anchor Rode Boat mooring retrieval system stretches from 14 to 50 feet. (please note this is the full size Anchor Buddy, not the shorter version) Available in Red, Blue, or Black We've seen these used over the years, but on the last...
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  • SeaDog Telescoping Boat Hook

    SeaDog Telescoping Boat Hook

    Sea-Dog® boat hooks are constructed of marine grade aluminum tubing with a threaded end attachment and comfort grip handle. Add in a four-point hook attachment from a over-molded soft rubber coated hook, that protects your boat from scuffs and...
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  • Plastic Parrel Beads

    Plastic Parrel Beads

    6 Colors - 6 Shapes - Many Uses Cylinder - This is a good shape for a parrel, not traditional, but I can't see why it would not work just fine. Cube - Obviously this bead will NOT work! But it may have other uses. Let me know...
    $0.02 - $1.25
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  • Mud Dog Travel Shower

    Mud Dog Travel Shower

    Rick Landreville washes the salt off after a long Texas200 day Just pushes on to a 1 or 2 liter bottle. Made with dogs in mind obviously, but sailors are filthy animals so they should like them ;) Here is the company...
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  • Stop Loss Bags

    Stop Loss Bags

    Effectively save partial cans of paint and varnish StopLossBags™ are designed for oil, water, & alcohol-based wood finishes. They are not suitable for lacquer. StopLossBags™ allow you to preserve the fresh off-the-shelf quality of...
    $0.90 - $10.98
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  • D-Splicer


    Anyone who has ever struggled trying to make splices in single braid Spectra will quickly see how great this tool will be. We saw them and immediately ordered a batch from the manufacturer in Amsterdam. This is a great complimentary tool for our Selma...
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  • Selma Stainless Steel Fids

    Selma Stainless Steel Fids

    Five sizes available These are the best fids we have ever used. I found out about them from Michael Storer when he was visiting after Sail Oklahoma. He was making some videos demonstrating making eyes in 12 strand Spectra and asked for one of these Selma...
    $9.56 - $69.68
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  • Rubbaweld Rigging Tape

    Rubbaweld Rigging Tape

    Clevis pins and rings can get hooked on line or otherwise pulled out and consequences can be disastrous. On stayed rigging we suggest wrapping your turnbuckles and other pinned fittings to make sure they don't get snagged or wiggle lose—especially if...
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  • Anchor Hanger

    Anchor Hanger

    These stainless electropolished Anchor Hangers attach securely to any 7/8 to 1” rail or pulpit and will hold most Danforth and Fortress-style anchors up to 35 pounds, flukes down to prevent snagged lines. Allows for quick release. Easy to install...
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  • Wellington Plastic Splicing Fids

    Wellington Plastic Splicing Fids

    Three pack contains: 1 each of 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" plastic splicing fids To be used with hollow braid and twisted ropes Complete splicing instructions on back of product We got these when we added 12 strand Spectra to our store. Unfortunately, the 1/4"...
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  • Stainless Splicing Fid

    Stainless Splicing Fid

      Here is a Stainless steel fid with hardwood handle for making those eye, end, and running splices in twisted line. Hollow backside for ease of threading. From Wikipedia: A fid is a tool (basically a somewhat conical hollow spike) that can be...
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  • Burgee Flagpoles & Clips

    Burgee Flagpoles & Clips

    These Adjustable Rail Mount Flagpoles attach flags using nylon pennant mounts with spring wire quick release clips designed to hold their shape through continued use. Both pennant mounts can move either direction on the flagpole, allowing flexibility in...
    $4.75 - $19.75
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  • Bronze Splicing Fid

    Bronze Splicing Fid

    Here is a handy fid for making those eye, end, and running splices in twisted line. T-handle gives great leverage for splicing up to 1" line. Cast Bronze - may need some polishing or smoothing.
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  • Beach Roller Pump Adapter

    Beach Roller Pump Adapter

    click images for larger views Bellows pump - shown here with pump adaptor attached. Notice the heavy seams and the quality valve. A quarter turn removes the valve cover for filling or deflating...
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  • Kirch's Kwik Patch

    Kirch's Kwik Patch

    These are all-purpose patch kits that evey boater or camper should have on any outing. They feature thick, peel-and-stickTeflon patch material with a super adhesive that will work on virtually any surface. This stuff will work where duct tape won't,...
    $9.00 - $10.00
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  • PVC D-Ring Patch

    PVC D-Ring Patch

    PVC D-Ring Patch These stainless D-rings on rugged PVC patches can be glued to inflatables of all kinds—kayaks, rafts, RIBs, and SUPs. If you've ever tried towing a small inflatable by that poorly located rope on a small raft then you'll see at...
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  • Manganese Bronze Rings

    Manganese Bronze Rings

    Die Cast Manganese Bronze.  Part Number A B SD-192027 3/16" 1-1/16" SD-192029 3/16" 1-1/8" SD-192038 1/4" 1-1/2" SD-192050 1/4" 2"   Tidmarsh Major sent us this picture of the horse he rigged on his Skat sailboat using one of...
    $3.20 - $4.56
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  • Seadog Stainless Snap Hooks

    Seadog Stainless Snap Hooks

    Note: size = diameter of stock I always called these "caribiners" but "Snap Hook" works too. Don't confuse these with the cheap, aluminum ones you see at discount and big box stores for 99¢, though. These are quite robust and won't dissolve in...
    $2.75 - $5.34
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  • Red, White & Blue Pennants

    Red, White & Blue Pennants

    Add a dash of color to your sailboat. These ripstop nylon pennants will flutter brightly in the slightest breeze. Brass grommet allows you to tie to your sail or halyard.Red, White and Blue ones are about 5" x 66"
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  • Single Color Pennants

    Single Color Pennants

    Add a dash of color to your sailboat. These ripstop nylon pennants will flutter brightly in the slightest breeze. Brass grommet allows you to tie to your sail or halyard.
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  • Ronstan Stoppers

    Ronstan Stoppers

    Various sizes, and colorsModelDiaRopeWeightRF13161 in.25 mm3/16 in.5 mm0.3 oz.7 gRF13173/4 in.20 mm 3/16 in.5 mm 0.1 oz.3 g
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  • Beach Roller Repair Kit

    Beach Roller Repair Kit

    Our beach roller repair kit, shown above, contains several pieces of PVC patch material and a tube of glue. It also includes a wrench for tightening the fill valve which can loosen and allow air to escape. All the above is contained in a handy carrying...
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