• Shanty 20 Plans PDF

    Shanty 20 Plans PDF

    LOA = 20'0” LWL = 20'0” Beam = 8'0” Draft = 16” fully loaded Power = 9.9 HP outboard Speed = 4-5 knots Construction, plywood on bulkheads. Full size patterns to be printed on mylar or paper 36" x 48" To be successful a Shanty...
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  • Lisa B Good - Free Plans

    Lisa B Good - Free Plans

    Download free plans Essential statistics Length overall - 16' Beam at trailer bed - 7' 6"  Beam at rubrails - 8' Weight - about 2500 lbs Draft - 5" Headroom - 6' 5" at center Power - 5-10 hp outboard Speed - 5 kts downhill Features “Lisa B...
  • Sow's Ear Plans

    Sow's Ear Plans

    SOW'S EAR, CUDDY POWERBOAT, 15,5' X 6', 600 POUNDS EMPTY Sow's Ear is somewhere between a shantyboat like my Shanteuse and a cuddy power skiff like AF4. It has a lot more room in the cabin than does AF4 but a lot less than Shanteuse. And...
  • Mark V39

    Mark V39

      An outboard powered Sharpie Houseboat, or River Cruiser Designed by Mark Van Abbema "Leah Gent" The first boat I built was "Whippoorwill", a Wharram Tiki 26 catamaran. I launched it in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1989, and took it down the...
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  • Mark V28 Printed Plans

    Mark V28 Printed Plans

    A trailerable, outboard powered houseboat.Designed by Mark Van Abbema Specifications: Length - 28'Beam - 7' 6"Weight Loaded - 4000 lbs.Weight Empty - 3000 lbs. I built the original Mark V 39 six years ago, and I have sold over sixty sets of plans for...
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  • 45' Teign Motor Barge Plans

    45' Teign Motor Barge Plans

    One of our clients wanted to match the advantages of strip planking with an easily built but attractive motor barge hull. In stead of using a slab sided hull seen on so many modern steel barges, we have been able to use the ability of strip planking to...
    $47.00 - $608.00
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  • 32' X 10' Motor Barge Plans

    32' X 10' Motor Barge Plans

    This is a shortened version of the 45' Teign Motor Barge and has the same flat bottom panel for maximum capacity and ease of construction. We have the plans for the hull construction in, strip plank, plywood and steel. Also note that we have now added...
    $47.00 - $473.00
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  • 32' x 6' 9" Steel Canal Tug Plans

    32' x 6' 9" Steel Canal Tug Plans

    We have drawn up the steel construction details (hull, deck, sterngear and rudder details only) for this 32' canal boat based on a tug design with a fantail aft end and narrow boat lines amidships running into a tug type bow. She may be fitted out in a...
    $34.00 - $223.00
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  • ECO 62 Houseboat Plans

    ECO 62 Houseboat Plans

    To have fun on the water a houseboat is a practical solution. The exist already in all possible shapes. Many more house as boat, others more boat as house. Here a bit an other approach. The ECO 62 is a catamaran houseboat. Compared to houseboats of...
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  • 36' Bullfinch Narrow Boat Plans

    36' Bullfinch Narrow Boat Plans

    The Bullfinch is a typical standard steel narrow boat with a cruiser stern for home construction. The drawings and details are for the hull, deck and superstructure steel work only. Engine bed and rudder details are also shown. A study plan showing a...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • 41' Humber Steel Motor Barge Plans

    41' Humber Steel Motor Barge Plans

    This is a steel multi-chine motor barge for use in the waters of the UK and Europe, crossing the Channel and exploring the rivers and canals of the European mainland. She has a section of parallel middle-body which means that she can be stretched. She...
    $47.00 - $608.00
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  • Ceecan 19 Plans

    Ceecan 19 Plans

    CEECAN is a simple river cruiser for outboard power. Her hull may be stretched or shortened to suit and her superstructure and deck layout changed to you own requirements. The drawings give details for the hull and superstructure construction. She may...
    $27.00 - $135.00
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  • Rathlin 20 Motor Yacht Plans

    Rathlin 20 Motor Yacht Plans

    For Motor Sailer Supplement Click HERE Our Rathlin design is not the type of motor yacht that you would normally see these days as a new ‘‘modern’’ design. Most new craft of the motor type to come off the drawing board now,...
    $27.00 - $338.00
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  • 30' Siskin Plans

    30' Siskin Plans

    With the number of hulls modeled on our YachtCAD system, this launch demonstrates our ability to quickly design a craft which embodies features from a number of other craft in order to meet the rquirements specified by a particular client and to easily...
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  • 36' Hawfinch Wood Narrowboat Plans

    36' Hawfinch Wood Narrowboat Plans

    We have often been asked for a wood version of a steel narrowboat and here it is. Narrowboats were of course made from timber in the first part of the last century although then, they used heavy boards of Elm and Oak. This version uses several layers...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • 39' Chaffinch Narrow Boat Plans

    39' Chaffinch Narrow Boat Plans

    The Chaffinch is a trad sterned narrow boat - drawings give the computer faired and generated hull panel shapes and full details for steel construction. The steel work drawings give details for the FW tank, rudder, sterngear/engine installation and weed...
    $34.00 - $331.00
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  • Shanteuse Plans PDF

    Shanteuse Plans PDF

    Shanteuse is a slight enlargement of the mini shanty Harmonica. Shanteuse is 1' wider than Harmonica and has a 3' extension on the stern to allow a small back porch and a motor mount that is totally out of the living area...
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  • 50'/60' Pintail Motor Yachts Plans

    50'/60' Pintail Motor Yachts Plans

    We have construction details for the hulls only of two 1930's style motor yachts. The first, shown above has a LOD of 60' (18.3m), beam of 13'11" (4.24m), draft of 3'8" (1.10m) and displacement of 30 tons (30.4 tonnes) and uses a simple form of ply...
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  • 38'6' Linnet River Launch Plans

    38'6' Linnet River Launch Plans

    This was a commission for David Graham Boatbuilders at Wargrave on the Thames for an electric river launch. The hull is based upon our Edwardian series with a graceful counter stern but instead of the clipper bow, a vertical stem was called for. She...
    $41.00 - $608.00
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  • Harmonica Plans PDF

    Harmonica Plans PDF

    Harmonica is a tiny shanty boat that sleeps two in its cabin. There is a porch up front suitable for lounging and a small room in the stern for the kitchen and the water closet. I think it is arranged so that two people could wait out an all day soaker...
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  • 65' Teign Motor Barge Plans

    65' Teign Motor Barge Plans

    I have recently drawn up the steel work/construction drawing along with the frame and plate shapes for a steel multi-chine version of the 45' Teign Motor Barge. We can also send details for the rudder engine beds etc for the 45' version as guidance for...
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  • 23' Canal Cruiser Plans

    23' Canal Cruiser Plans

    This is a simple ply cruiser designed specifically for canal use on the UK's narrow canals. She uses simple ply on frame construction and she has parallel sections aft which mean that she can lengthened or shortened easily. The drawings are for the...
    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • Somerset 11 Houseboat Plans

    Somerset 11 Houseboat Plans

    This is a simple barge with flat bottom single chine shape and a "ramped" shaped bow and stern. Despite the fact that this is a 'static' boat, the hull has been drawn to give a tough basis for whatever top is required. the drawings give the details for a...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • Edwardian 50 Plans

    Edwardian 50 Plans

    The Edwardian 50 has been designed for canal and inland river use. She has a beam of 7'6" which allows her to navigate much of our inland waterways and a height (air draft) which will let her get under most bridges. Her construction drawings are for...
    $41.00 - $540.00
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  • Dockbox Plans PDF

    Dockbox Plans PDF

    Go ahead and laugh. Sleeps two. 5 hp max. Very protected water only. Nail and glue construction from two sheets of 1/4" plywood and four sheets of 3/8" plywood. Plans include two pages of drawings and a page of written details. These plans do require a...
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  • Venezia + Dayboat Plans PDF

    Venezia + Dayboat Plans PDF

    "Venezia" - canal boat/river boat for the Venice Lagoon + Full Dayboat plans A compact trailerable motorboat with accomodationFor printed plans click HERE Simple to Build Economical Performance - Good speed with small outboards Light enough to be...
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  • TC35 Plans PDF

    TC35 Plans PDF

    For study plan download, click HERE For printed full plans, click HERE Simple to Build - Prefabrication Method - Most of the major parts can be finished before the boat is assembled. Almost silent, Cheap liveaboard Drawings for all bulkheads and panels...
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