Row Cruisers

  • Vireo Plans PDF

    Vireo Plans PDF

    LIGHT ROWBOAT, 12' X 45", 60 POUNDS EMPTY Vireo is a very light and simple boat with lines that make for very surprising performance. A while back I built a dink called WeeVee which was the usual 7-1/2' long. It had a V bottom full length and had to be...
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  • RB42 Plans PDF

    RB42 Plans PDF

    Herb McLeod lives in western Canada and likes to tease the rest of us with photos like the one above. Beautiful! Here is his RB42 out camping with two aboard.RB42 is a row boat for two! The prototype was built by Herb McLeod of Edmonton, Alberta. Look...
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  • Bee Plans Download

    Bee Plans Download

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Specifications: LENGTH 4.86mBEAM 1.3mWEIGHT 49KgsCARRYING CAPACITY 4 AdultsSAILAREA (optional) 3.5sqm Note: The BEE and LINNET are very similar designs, differering mainly in their aesthetic appeal, although BEE's...
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  • Duo Plans Download

    Duo Plans Download

    ( Duo is also the main hull of the Tryst trimaran) About Woods Downloadable Plans LOA 3m (10ft) Rowing Beam 1.0m (3ft3in)Sailing Beam 1.5m (5ft)Empty Hull Weight 20kgs (45lbs)Sail Area 5sqm (53sqft)Draft 0.13m - 0.75m (5in - 2ft6in)Crew capacity...
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  • Hawke Bay 20' Rowing Skiff Plans

    Hawke Bay 20' Rowing Skiff Plans

    The Hawke Bay 20 shares the same features as the 22’ except that she is 2’ shorter and the drawings are for construction in stitch and tape plywood. She is a high volume skiff for offshore rowing in heavy seas. Despite her high buoyancy and storage...
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  • Thalas 16 Plans

    Thalas 16 Plans

    The length of the American Whitehall of the 19th century was between 13' and 23'. The 16' was the most typical length and the boats were built for 2 or 3 rowers. As with the THALAS 13', also in this case the classical boat has been re-elaborated to make...
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  • RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit

    RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit

    Overall Length 18'-8-1/2" Overall Beam 46" Weight 148 lbs. Volume 147.6 c.f. CRUISE AT YOUR OWN PACE! There's an exciting new class of high-performance rowing boat from the drawing board of small-craft adventurer Colin Angus: The RowCruiser. This...
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  • Highlander 14 - Rowing Version Plans

    Highlander 14 - Rowing Version Plans

    The Highlander 14' has comfortable sitting room for up to 8 people and with it's two athwartship rowing benches is an easily handled and stable pulling boat. With her loose footed lug rig she makes the ideal sailing craft for family sailing, club use...
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  • 22' Hawke Bay Skiff Plans

    22' Hawke Bay Skiff Plans

    The Hawke Bay is a large single rowing skiff designed for a New Zealand client who wanted to go on rowing expeditions around the coasts of North & South Islands. She has been given plenty of freeboard and buoyancy to cater with the sharp chop...
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  • Marsh Duck PDF

    Marsh Duck PDF

    The Marsh Duck Story For almost 3 years, 2006-8, I spent about half-time traveling on a bicycle. It's a wonderful way to go: simplicity, freedom, intimate connection with the natural world and with people along the way. And then it was time for a change ...
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  • Linnet Plans Download

    Linnet Plans Download

    Specifications: LENGTH 4.86m BEAM 1.3m WEIGHT 49Kgs CARRYING CAPACITY 4 Adults SAILAREA (optional) 3.5sqm Like the BEE, the LINNET is a seaworthy rowing boat that has been specifically designed for sea use. Accordingly it does not have outriggers...
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