Portage Pram Full Rig

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Neil Pryde 45 Sq. Ft. Portage Pram Sail

2-piece fiberglass and epoxy RDM mast  (370cm)

5 Via 10.50 blocks

1 Via 8.05 as part of downhaul

1 Via 8.10 as part of downhaul

1 SD-081101 pad eye

1 SD-147404 twist shackle

1 SD-151560 Snap Hook

7 feet of 4mm Excel for downhaul

28 feet of RaidBraid 1/4" for maiinsheet

6 feet of Amsteel 1/8" for making soft shackles to hang blocks


When we decided to design a sail for our Portage Pram we had several goals, including excellent performance and ease of use. To achieve the former we maximized sail area up high with a square top and full battens to support the shape of the sail built with Challenge sail cloth. To achieve the latter we decided on a sleeved sail that simply slips over the included 2-piece fiberglass mast, and we did away with the boom in favor of a batten near the foot with a strong downhaul for tensioning. The result is high-performance rig that will go to weather well and spill gusts from the top of sail easily - making it easily controllable - but it's also easy to set or strike, with no boom to duck, and less hardware to buy. Simple sails that can be rigged in seconds get far more use that ones that take longer. The sail even comes in a bag that will hold the 2-piece mast. Also included are the mainsheet and downhaul.

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• 45 sq ft

• Full Battens

• No boom required


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This set includes sail, two piece mast, mainsheet and downhaul
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