Cabin Sailboats to 15'

  • Naut 475 Plans PDF

    Naut 475 Plans PDF

    Naut 475 / 15.5” –  metric.4.75 m x 1.84 m – 375 kg15.5” x 6” – 830 Lbs.Sail area 12/14 m² - 130/150 Sq.Ft.21 sheets of ACX 1/4, 5/16 to 3/8 – 6.5/8.5 mm plywood. A pocket cruiser for two, longer...

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  • DarcyBryn Plans

    DarcyBryn Plans

    CABIN SAILBOAT, 15' X 6', 800 POUNDS EMPTY Darcy Bryn is the new name of the "Billsboat" project that was discussed here a while back (see the November 2009 back issues). The idea was for a solo cruiser with good rough water capabilities. The issue of...

  • Fafnir Printed Plans

    Fafnir Printed Plans

    For Fafnir Study Plan download, click HERE. For Fafnir Plans Digital Download, click HERE Fafnir came about in part because of a customers want for a very small blue water capable yacht in which to attempt a non-stop circumnavigation.  He was...

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  • Goose Explorer Full Plans PDF

    Goose Explorer Full Plans PDF

    a Newer version of the discontinued Ooze Goose. The full plans contain both the OZ Goose plans and the Explorer Supplement - both are needed to build this boat. If you already have the plans for OZ Goose, you can build the Explorer by also purchasing the...

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  • Lynx 14 Plans

    Lynx 14 Plans

    The Lynx 14 is a very modern pocket cruising boat designed to give comfortable over night sleeping accommodation in a short boat length. She has been designed for a client who intends to use her for some serious coastal cruising both here and abroad and...

    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • Ptarmigan 15 Plans

    Ptarmigan 15 Plans

    This is a new design for a Mr. Mussett who wanted a boat as easy to build as the Petrel design but which could be left on a mooring and occasionally trailed and which would be ideal for sailing the Blackwater. She is therefore an English version of...

    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • Tenten 425 V2 Plans PDF

    Tenten 425 V2 Plans PDF

    NOTE: The Version 2 of the Tenten 425 are similar to the original, but with a real roof.A pocket cruiser for two, larger version of the Tenten 305/10, another Jester inspiration.   This evolution in a bigger size allows much more room and comfort in...

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  • 4M Mini Yacht Plans

    4M Mini Yacht Plans

    At just over 13' length, the 4m Mini Yacht has 2 berths and space for a portable wc inside plus large areas for stowage or floatation. She has a daggerboard type keel with a steel core and lead bulb which is bolted in place for sailing but which can be...

    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • IMB Plans PDF

    IMB Plans PDF

    IMB features a "Birdwatcher" cabin, full length with panoramic windows and a center walkway slot in the roof. Everyone rides inside. This style of boat was invented by Phil Bolger in the early 1980's.These boats can be self righting with minimal, or no,...

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  • Tread Lightly Printed Plans

    Tread Lightly Printed Plans

    Study Plans available for Tread Lightly HERE For Full Tread Lightly Plans Digital Download, click HERE Gavin Atkin moved house. The length of his new garage would enable him to build boats up to about 13 ft long; he is famous for one sheet (2440 x...

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  • Tenten 305 Plans PDF

    Tenten 305 Plans PDF

    A pocket cruiser for one, inspired by the “Around in Ten” challenge. In 2009, the “AIT” project was in the air, 5 boats where built, no one took the challenge, even Sven Lundin gave up. But the idea was then in my mind and I draw sketches...

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  • Firecrest  15/17'6" Plans

    Firecrest 15/17'6" Plans

    This is a simply constructed miniature schooner for the sailing man who likes a classic sail plan. Normally, you would not find a schooner rig on any boat less than 30’ long and therefore less complicated rigs can be used. But if you like plenty of...

    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • Toon2 Plans

    Toon2 Plans

    Toon2 is in almost every way a multichine version of the AF3. I think these multichine hulls are more like round bilge hulls in that I keep the upper chine above any normal waterline so only the very easy lower chine flows through the water. Other boats...

  • Sharpie 470 Plans PDF

    Sharpie 470 Plans PDF

    A fast and narrow pocket cruiser, with a double bunk, and place for all your camping stuff.- LOA 4.70 m x beam 1.64 m- SA 9.9 m² - Bermudian or gaff rig. - Weight 250 kg- Weight full load 500 kg- Cruiser for two, daysailer for 3 (CE D/3)Full plans in...

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  • Scow 420 "Cruiser" Plans PDF

    Scow 420 "Cruiser" Plans PDF

    14 foot simple cruiser sailboat for two overnight or three for a day cruise, design for protected or inlands waters. This scow should be a good compromise, with the comfort of the Scow 450, in a lighter and much simpler package. 11 sheets of ACX...

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  • Inseparable 398 Full Plans

    Inseparable 398 Full Plans

    A Cat or Sloop rigged, unsinkable, pocket cruiser For Inseparable 398 Study Plans, click HERE Visit this facebook page (created by the owner of the first boat)and see photos of construction Cat boat, pocket-coastal-cruiser, unsinkable, 2 berthes and...

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  • 14' Duette Cat Boat Plans

    14' Duette Cat Boat Plans

    The Duette 14 is a round bilged strip planked cat boat which can be built either as an open day boat or, with it's removable cabin top, as a pocket cruiser with berth space for 2 people and room for a small galley. The mould shapes have been computer...

    $34.00 - $182.00
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  • Simplicity 14 Plans

    Simplicity 14 Plans

    This handy pocket cruiser has been designed for a client who wanted an ultra simple and cheap sailing cruiser for estuary sailing and which would get him across the Channel. The construction could not be more simple and rugged with pre-shaped hull panels...

    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • Robbsboat Plans

    Robbsboat Plans

    Robb really probably wanted a Matt Leydon cruiser like Paradox but was put off by the complexity and small size. It has been a while since I saw Paradox plans but I think the "complexity" of the design is mostly in the details that made such a small boat...

  • Naut 420 Plans PDF

    Naut 420 Plans PDF

    14 foot simple cruising sailboat for two overnight or three for a day cruise, design for protected or inlands waters.A classic design pocket sailboat with 2 berths and a small cockpit.11 sheets of ACX 3/8" plywood.I recommend using epoxy, without glass...

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  • Heron 14 Plans

    Heron 14 Plans

    This is a slightly smaller and more simple single chine version of the Grey Swan. The design is very adaptable and bulkhead positions, the rig and the keel configuration may be altered to suit your own individual requirements. All the panel shapes...

    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • Scow 420 Free Plans

    Scow 420 Free Plans

    For metric plans, click HEREFor imperial plans, click HERE 14 foot simple camper sailboat for two, designed for protected or inlands waters. A very simple boat to build with basic tools and material, all plywood parts have the same thickness. I...

  • Musicbox2 Plans

    Musicbox2 Plans

    ...its the same as Musicbox3 but with a bow transom. Musicbox2 looks a lot like a shallow draft Micro and that's what she's supposed to be. I helped build a Micro a few years back and have spent several hours sailing one in both light and heavy winds...

  • OliveOyl Plans PDF

    OliveOyl Plans PDF

    OliveOyl was designed for someone who liked AF3 but wanted more cabin room and comfort, but not more length. So I actually had some AF4breve drawings handy when I drew the lines for the new boat. Although Olive is the same length as AF3 the cabin is...

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  • Fatcat 2 Plans PDF

    Fatcat 2 Plans PDF

    Fatcat2 is still really a prototype boat even though I can show photos of a completed boat. What happened is that the builder, who is in his mid 80's, was taking the prototype to the lake to test when it was damaged in a road accident. It's been repaired...

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  • Lucky Town 7 Printed Plans

    Lucky Town 7 Printed Plans

    Dissatisfied with the available production boats for what he terms mini cruising, Bill Longyard decided to design and build his own, to "show what could be done with 14 feet". And show he did, and then some. His little Lucky Town design has sitting...

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  • Musicbox3 Plans PDF

    Musicbox3 Plans PDF

    CABIN SAILBOAT, 15' X 6-1/2', 800 POUNDS EMPTY Musicbox3 is about the same size as the Bolger Micro and is clearly derived from it. I've sailed on a couple of Micros. Amazing boat in a lot of ways, especially in the amount of room inside a 15' boat. The...

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  • Heron 15 Pocket Cruiser Plans

    Heron 15 Pocket Cruiser Plans

    The additional 1'4" hull length over the original 14' version gives a lot of useful additional space - enough for 2 comfortable berths, a small galley area and curtained side space for a Porta Potti type wc. Unlike the 14 foot which has fixed bilge...

    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • Naut450 / Cutter 450 Plans PDF

    Naut450 / Cutter 450 Plans PDF

    Two boats on the same basis: a junk-rig pocket cruiser and a more traditional cutter. 15 foot sailboat for three overnight, designed for protected, inland, and coastal waters. A more complex design with a two chine hull and a flat bottom...

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  • Philsboat Plans PDF

    Philsboat Plans PDF

    Philsboat is essentially an IMB with the nose extended to a pointy bow. The width and multichine configuration are the same as IMB's. The cabin is 3" deeper because Phil is at least 3" taller than most of us. In a boat with a Birdwatcher cabin like this...

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  • Morning Tide 14 Plans

    Morning Tide 14 Plans

    The Morning Tide 14 is a modern stitch and tape version of the old heavy displacement pocket cruisers that were popular in the 30’s and 40’s. By using modern construction techniques (using pre shaped ply hull panels, frames and transom) we...

    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • Scow 244 Free Plans

    Scow 244 Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE 8 foot cruising sailboat for a lonely captain, and a little daysailer for youngsters. This is a scale down of my own Scow 450. 5 1/2 sheets of ACX ¼" - 6 mm plywood. I recommend using epoxy,...

  • Jewelbox Jr. Plans PDF

    Jewelbox Jr. Plans PDF

    This is Jewelbox Junior, a 15' version of the original 19' Jewelbox built a while back by Karl James in Texas. That Jewelbox went all over the US and parts of Canada and I understand was sold a few years ago to someone in Florida and replaced by a larger...

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  • Micro 8 - Mini Yacht Plans

    Micro 8 - Mini Yacht Plans

    This design has been drawn up for the same client who asked us to design the Simplicity 14 a number of years ago - this new design is to cater for the sailors who like to sail long distances in the smallest craft possible. She has large storage areas for...

    $34.00 - $182.00
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  • Naut 400 Plans PDF

    Naut 400 Plans PDF

    13 foot simple cruising sailboat for two overnight, designed for protected or inland waters.A very easy and cheap to build pocket sailboat with a cuddy cabin for two and a small cockpit.8 sheets of ACX 3/8" plywood.I recommend using epoxy, without glass...

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  • Ocean Explorer Plans PDF

    Ocean Explorer Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE   Introduction by Perttu Korhonen: I like exploring new lakes. I built an OzRacer by Michael Storer and liked its performance and handling. With it I made one overnight trip and that convinced me, that the...

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