Madeira Mar Boat Building School

The Madeira Mar Boatbuilding School was founded in Brazil in 2018, and they offer plans with their unique geography in mind. In their area it can be challenging to acquire boat building materials, so their boats are designed to be built with easy-to-find materials that are easier to source. Madeira Mar’s designs are thoughtfully researched, easy to build and affordable to operate. Stitch-and-glue designs, and excellent support from an education- based design team, keeps the build process simple for aspiring builders.

  • Right Canoe 130 Right Canoe 130

    Right Canoe 130

    Stitch-and-glue sailing canoe from our friends at the Madeira Mar Boat Building School in Florianopolis, Brazil.    The 13-foot Right Canoe blends classic looks with ease of construction in an affordable package. The balanced lug rig is easy...
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  • Kari 24' Norwegian Faering

    Kari 24' Norwegian Faering

    The Kari 24' is based on the Kari 2 which, itself, was based on the lines taken off the original Kari Faering. In the case of this new 24' design the client wanted a rounder hull with slightly harder bilges and so we modeled a 6 plank per side design...
    $34.00 - $304.00
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  • Yole 475 Plans PDF

    Yole 475 Plans PDF

    Yole 475 / 15.5 A rowing skiff with planing hull, optimize for light weight- LOA 4.75 m x beam 0.86 m, water line 0.7 m- Weight 40 kgFull plans in PDF with 3D building guide.5 sheets of ACX 1/5 or 1/4 – 5/6 mm plywood. Simple lumber assembly for...
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  • Disko Bay Plans PDF

    Disko Bay Plans PDF

    Disko Bay:16'6" x 21.5" {5.03m x 54.6cm} To my mind, the 1931 Disko Bay is one of the classic West Greenland style qajaqs, and it has been reproduced in large numbers by builders looking for an authentic and great handling boat. For printed plans for the...
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  • Chuckanut 10 & 12s PDF

    Chuckanut 10 & 12s PDF

    For printed plans for the Chuckanut 10 & 12S, click HERE The Chuckanut 10, 12 and 12s are "recreational" style kayaks, designed to be stable and comfortable, yet still maneuverable, fast and fun! No special skill or equipment is needed to build or...
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  • Clark Fork Drifter Plans PDF

    Clark Fork Drifter Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE a stable lightweight boat that can be fitted out for whitewater Designed as a stable lightweight boat that can be fitted out for whitewater or casual fishing, this Clark Fork Drifter is a downsized and much simplified...
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  • 12'3" Plover Plans

    12'3" Plover Plans

    Swampscotts as a breed usually have a narrow 'tombstone' transom making them more or less double ended (semi Swampscott dorys have a wider transom) - when they end up with a true 'sharp' aft end, they become 'surf' dorys She can be constructed in stitch...
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  • Longboat Plans PDF

    Longboat Plans PDF

    The idea for the LONGBOAT came from a reader who wanted a simple yet useful portable hull design. It includes an ample beam, good freeboard, generous volume, seating for two, and safety buoyancy. It is sturdy, easy to build, quite portable and utilizes...
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  • Rushton's IGO Canoe Plans PDF

    Rushton's IGO Canoe Plans PDF

    A fast solo or tandem canoe 16' x 30" {4.9m x .76m} Maximum recommended displacement is 450lbs {204kg} Weight about 40 lbs {18kg} For Rushton's IGO Canoe printed plans, click HERE J. Henry Rushton owned a New York boat building shop in the late 1800's,...
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  • Aloha SUP Plans PDF

    Aloha SUP Plans PDF

    11'6" x 29" / 3.5m x 74cmMaximum recommended paddler size: 170lbs / 78kgWeight is about 20lbs / 9kg For printed plans for this boat, click HERE An SUP meant for smaller paddlers The Aloha is a SUP meant for smaller paddlers. She's fast, stable, easy to...
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  • Morbic 12

    Morbic 12

    A lovely looking classic dinghy Click HERE for a Morbic 12 Study Plan PDF Hull length / waterline 3.67 / 3.35 m   Sail area 7.6 m²   Breadth / waterline 1.55 / 1.30 m   Outboard motor 4 hp   Draught 0.17 / 0.78...
    $152.00 - $185.00
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  • Piankatank River Pram Plans PDF

    Piankatank River Pram Plans PDF

    A handy row/sail dinghy pram 7'11" x 47" {2.4m x 1.2m} Maximum recommended capacity is 400lbs {182kg} Weight about 55 lbs. {25 Kg} For printed plans for Piankatank River Pram, click HERE The PRP is a great handling little skin-on-frame dinghy designed...
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  • Turtle 198 Full Plans

    Turtle 198 Full Plans

    A simple sailing catamaran or tender For Turtle Study Plans, click HERE Rowing and easy sailing boat/ unsinkable/ stability / no centerboard / trailerable / cartopable / single rudder/ selfstanding carbon fibre mast or aluminium, in 2 parts/ furling...
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  • Maxi Mac River Boat Plans PDF

    Maxi Mac River Boat Plans PDF

    In you prefer printed plans, click HERE a cartopper if you don't want the hassle of a trailer The Maxi Mac is a slightly enlarged version of the solo Mini Mac drift boat. The Max boat is only 18 inches longer than the Mini but the increased width and...
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  • Tenten 425 V2 Plans PDF

    Tenten 425 V2 Plans PDF

    NOTE: The Version 2 of the Tenten 425 are similar to the original, but with a real roof.A pocket cruiser for two, larger version of the Tenten 305/10, another Jester inspiration.   This evolution in a bigger size allows much more room and comfort in...
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  • Myst Printed Plans

    Myst Printed Plans

    for instant download - click HEREdownload free study plans HERE MYST: Building plans consist of 27 pages of written text and 11 sheets of computer-generated drawings, including full-size patterns for all major structural components...
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  • 12' San Francisco Bay Pelican Plans PDF

    12' San Francisco Bay Pelican Plans PDF

    A sailing dory-pram For printed plans click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation SAN FRANCISCO PELICAN 12’ is a unique centerboarder, combining the lines of the famous Banks fishing dory with the...
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