Double Braid

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  • Marlow Premium Polyester Double Braid

    Marlow Premium Polyester Double Braid

    Perfect for sheets, halyards and control lines, Marlow's Blue Ocean line is soft and flexible, easily spliceable, heat-set double braid offers the best strength and stretch performance of any Polyester braid-on-braid rope in the industry.

    $0.60 - $0.70
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  • Nylon Double Braid Rope

    Nylon Double Braid Rope

    Nylon double braided rope. High strength with high energy absorbtion and elasticity. Meets or exceeds US Military specification MIL-DTL24050E. Specific gravity 1.14. This is not New England Ropes brand line but it does not cost as much either...

    $0.42 - $0.51
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  • Marlow Excel Marstron+ (Premium sheets)

    Marlow Excel Marstron+ (Premium sheets)

    As we've said elsewhere, a good polyester doublebraid like our Raid Braid works well for sheets and control lines, but if you want something even better - something designed explicitly for that purpose - we think Marlow's Excel Marstron+ is the way to go...

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  • Double Braid Nylon Docklines

    Double Braid Nylon Docklines

    Dock in style with these Double Braid Nylon docklines. One end has a professionally made eye - the other is nicely seared. The cost is actually a bit less than if you bought the same amount of double braid nylon that we sell off the spool...

    $7.20 - $9.60
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  • DWX Raid Braid

    DWX Raid Braid

    BEST VALUE - 3/16",1/4", 5/16" & 3/8" double braid Duckworks has always offered marine rope at better prices than the competition, but with the release of our Raid Braid we've raised the bar significantly. This new yacht braid, made exclusively for...

    $0.40 - $0.65
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  • Marlow Excel Racing Line

    Marlow Excel Racing Line

    4, 5, & 6mm available Dyneema ® SK75 core with 16 plait polyester cover for High strength, low stretch applications. BENEFITS Braided Dyneema ® core –easy to taper. 16 plait cover – hardwearing, easy to grip in small diameters...

    $0.85 - $1.19
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  • 4mm Marlow Excel Pro

    4mm Marlow Excel Pro

    Low stretch, 100% Polyester rope offers great performance at a lower cost.Brightly coloured cover for easy identification, which runs well through sheaths and blocks and sheaves. The twisted long lay core provides a low stretch, whilst the hard wearing...

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