Skin on Frame Boats

  • RacerX Plans PDF

    RacerX Plans PDF

    A rough water rowing and racing shell Length - 22' / 6.7m or 24' / 7.32m Beam - 24" / 61cm Waterline beam - 14" / 36cm Max recommended rower weights - 220lbs / 100kgs or 240lbs / 109kgs Weight 55-60lbs / 25-27kgs For printed plans for RacerX...
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  • Wee Lassie Plans PDF

    Wee Lassie Plans PDF

    A classic solo canoe 10'6" x 27" {3.2m x 68.5cm} Maximum recommended capacity: 200lbs {91kg} Weight about 19lbs {9kg} Build time, from plans, is 20-25 hours For printed plans for Wee Lassie, click HERE J. Henry Rushton was a New York boat builder during...
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  • Disko Dreadnought Plans PDF

    Disko Dreadnought Plans PDF

    Disko Dreadnought18' x 23" {5.48m x 58.4cm} To my mind, the 1931 Disko Bay is one of the classic West Greenland style qajaqs, and it has been reproduced in large numbers by builders looking for an authentic and great handling boat. For printed plans for...
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  • Boardyak Plans PDF

    Boardyak Plans PDF

    Stand up paddleboard or sit on top kayak 11" x 30" - 3.35m x 76cm Maximum recommended displacement is 225lbs/102kg. Weight: 25-30lbs {12kg} For printed plans for Boardyak, click HERE No cockpit, no spray skirt . . . no worries! The skin-on-frame Boardyak...
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  • 21' Solway Whaler Plans

    21' Solway Whaler Plans

    A lightweight rowing whaler for easy construction. The hull has 4 panels per side plus a narrow flat bottom panel and the hull is symetrical about amidships to make construction even easier.The hull can be made in 2 halves and bolted together in the...
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  • Tatoo 598 Full Plans PDF

    Tatoo 598 Full Plans PDF

    An economical and singular weekend cruiser For Tatoo 598 Study Plans, click HERE Fast overview: Motor boat with a little cabin (dog house) opened below and closed with a dralon curtain. Galley, 2 berths, Headroom of 1,77m, 60hp outboard, trailerable, big...
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  • 8' Runabout Plans PDF

    8' Runabout Plans PDF

    The approval for Runabout came from my readers, for a small portable motor boat of traditional hull design. It includes an ample beam, good freeboard, generous internal volume, multi-seating, and safety buoyancy. It is sturdy, easy to build, portable and...
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  • Flattie Skiff Printed Plans

    Flattie Skiff Printed Plans

    Click HERE for digital download for these plans A small flat iron skiff for sail, oar or small outboard These plans consist of 60 pages of instructions, diagrams and photos. You have two options for purchase. You can order a printed version that is...
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  • Light Melonseed Plans PDF

    Light Melonseed Plans PDF

    A seaworthy gunning skiff 13'6" x 4' {4.1m x 1.22m} 65 sq ft of sail area, utilizing a standing lug sail Maximum recommended capacity is 450lbs/205kg For Light Melonseed printed plans, click HERE "A very seaworthy gunning skiff once popular in New...
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  • Chuckanut 12 Plans PDF

    Chuckanut 12 Plans PDF

    3 recreational style kayaks For printed plans for Chuckanut 12, click HERE The Chuckanut 10, 12 and 12s are "recreational" style kayaks, designed to be stable and comfortable, yet still maneuverable, fast and fun! No special skill or equipment is needed...
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  • Robin Free Plans

    Robin Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Designed by Dana MunkeltEdited by Joe MillardDrawings by Andrew Walters "Robin" is a small skin-on-frame (SOF) pram design with a twist; a solid plywood floor. This worked out well in a prototype at only...
  • Aludink Aluminum Dinghy Plans PDF

    Aludink Aluminum Dinghy Plans PDF

    An Aluminum Motor/Sail Dinghy Plans for this dinghy consist of two A0 (44"x33")sheets and one A1 (33"x22") sheet and detailed building instructions. Visit the Wavedancer website Principal dimensions: L.O.A. 3.44 m (11' 3"), Beam 1.42 m (4'...
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  • One Sheet Skiff Free Plans

    One Sheet Skiff Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE This is a design of my own planning. It came about after I had built a couple of the One Man Dinghies which although a great design they were slow to build and I have come to dislike working with...
  • 16' Leland Lake Plans PDF

    16' Leland Lake Plans PDF

      This is the second of my series of hull designs intended for those with experience building boats; so the build plan set will have a limited amount of drawings. Any interior details can be seen in the free study plans of any of my other 16ft...
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  • Chuckanut 15 Plans PDF

    Chuckanut 15 Plans PDF

    A recreational style tandem kayak 15' x 31.5" {4.6m x 80cm} Maximum recommended capacity is 375lbs {170kg} Weight about 39 lbs. {18 Kg} For Printed plans for Chuckanut 15, click HERE The Chuckanut 15 is a fun, recreational style, tandem (two person)...
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  • Fly Fisher Plans PDF

    Fly Fisher Plans PDF

    This is a simple yet unique hull design. As noted in the cover page, it is stand up stable, and therefore can be used by all fishermen, and women, to safely traverse ponds and lakes, without the fear of falling out of the boat. Constructed like most of...
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  • Alaska Plans Instant Download

    Alaska Plans Instant Download

    for printed plans - click HEREdownload free study plans HERE ALASKA: Alaska is modeled on the working Whitehall skiffs that were commonly used in the 19th and early 20th centuries to carry people and goods about the great harbours of the...
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  • Kohler Gunter Rig Plans

    Kohler Gunter Rig Plans

    The Gunter rig is an almost forgotten rig. This is a pity, because this rig has many merits. The Gunter rig is as good to windward as any sloop rig. The rig is very efficient. Even more than some triangle mainsails. Because the upper part of the...
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  • SEI Hardware and Rigging Kit

    SEI Hardware and Rigging Kit

    1 - Weekender Rudder Hardware Set (includes pins and rings) RL-WK 1 - 1/2" Stainless Pad Eyes SD-081102 2 - RL-317-S--2-1/4" Boom Bail RL-317-S 1 - 3/16" Twisted Shackles SD-147404 1 - 7/16" (11mm) Racelite Single Blocks RL-601-B 1 - 7/16" (11mm)...
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  • Portage Pram CNC Cut Plywood Kit Portage Pram CNC Cut Plywood Kit

    Portage Pram CNC Cut Plywood Kit

    LOA: 6'10" Beam: 44" Weight: ~35# This kit contains only the CNC-cut wooden parts. Epoxy and cloth, oarlocks and other parts sold spearately. Optional sail and running rigging also available as a separate kit. The 35-pound, 6' 10" Portage Pram is a...
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  • Aviateur 5.7M Full Plans

    Aviateur 5.7M Full Plans

    A real seaworthy little cruiser For Study Plans, click HERE She is the "big" brother of Souriceau. The boat is designed to be built by home-builders, or by a professional yard. Aviateur 5,70m can be sailed with your family during coastal navigations.She...
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  • Splinter Plans PDF

    Splinter Plans PDF

    An outrigger sailing canoe 13'6" x 18" {4.1m x 46cm} Max. recommended capacity is 250lbs {113kg} For printed Splinter plans, click HERE Updated to say that I paddled and sailed the original for several months - and I love this little boat! The thwart...
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  • Shenandoah Whitehall Plans PDF

    Shenandoah Whitehall Plans PDF

    A superb solo or family rowboat 13'6" x 47" {4.1m x 1.17m} Max. recommended capacity is 600lbs {273kg} Weight 55-60 lbs {27kg} For Shenandoah Whitehall printed plans, click HERE Based on a classic New York "Whitehall" in the Mystic Seaport collection,...
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  • Personal Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    Personal Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    This is another small-size version that is “Water Ready”. Ample space & proportions, with flip over rear module. Square transom for added buoyancy. Hull is all straight lines for very easy construction. It is stand up stable, roomy and practical, and...
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  • 18' Super Pelican Plans PDF

    18' Super Pelican Plans PDF

    18 foot version of Great Pelican For printed plans click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation SUPER PELICAN 18' POCKET CRUISER Stretchhed an extra two feet, the Super Pelican 18' offers a choice of cabin...
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  • Chuckanut 17 Plans PDF

    Chuckanut 17 Plans PDF

    A recreational style tandem kayak 17' x 33" {5.2m x 84cm} Maximum recommended displacement is 450lbs {205kg} Weight about 50 lbs. {23 Kg} For Chuckanut 17 printed plans, clik HERE. The C17 came about as a result of a request for a larger kayak with more...
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  • Baffin Bay Plans PDF

    Baffin Bay Plans PDF

    A traditional Greenland style kayak 17' 5" x 22" {5.3m x 55cm} Maximum recommended paddler size is 210lbs/96kg. Weight about 30 lbs. {13 Kg} For printed plans for Baffin Bay click HERE The Baffin Bay is a beautiful sea kayak based on "KNK 1550x18" - a...
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  • Mobjack Bay Plans PDF

    Mobjack Bay Plans PDF

    A Greenland style kayak for lighter weight paddlers 15' x 23" {4.57m x 58.4cm} Recommended paddler size: 105-180lbs / 46-82kg. Weight about 26 lbs. {10.5 Kg} To inquire about a frame kit for this boat click HERE. For printed plans for Mobjack Bay,...
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  • Veloce' Racing Scull Plans PDF

    Veloce' Racing Scull Plans PDF

    A Rowing Shell that can be built in any of 3 lengths Length 24', 26', or 28'Beam 12"Maximum recommended paddler size: 230lbs / 104kgWeight is about 35lbs / 16kg For printed plans for Veloce' Racing Scull, click HERE Key points - Can be built in 3...
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