• 10 Foot Norwegian Pram Plans PDF

    10 Foot Norwegian Pram Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE A sailing pram for double diagonal strip construction The 10 foot Norwegian Pram is a nicely expanded version of the compact 8 footer, and provides 35 square feet of sail instead of the 8 footer's 28 square feet...

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  • 12' San Francisco Bay Pelican Plans PDF

    12' San Francisco Bay Pelican Plans PDF

    A sailing dory-pram For printed plans click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation SAN FRANCISCO PELICAN 12’ is a unique centerboarder, combining the lines of the famous Banks fishing dory with the...

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  • 12/14' Hobo Plans

    12/14' Hobo Plans

    A client contacted me with the requirement for a self build or kit club racing dinghy for her daughter as a step up from the Mirror dinghies and which could also be built quickly and cheaply by a youngster. The HOBO 12 is the result. LOA...

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  • 16' Great Pelican Plans PDF

    16' Great Pelican Plans PDF

    Cabin or open light cruiser For printed plans click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this: Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation GREAT PELICAN The big sister of the immensely popular, 12' San Francisco Bay Pelican, the Great Pelican (16') was designed...

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  • 17'6" Kingfisher Garvie Plans

    17'6" Kingfisher Garvie Plans

    Following the traditional North American theme is this unusual craft. She is of simple 3/8’’ ply hard chine, flat bottom construction over stout pine frames, with a simple unstayed sprit rig. The original craft were used for fishing and cargo...

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  • 18' Super Pelican Plans PDF

    18' Super Pelican Plans PDF

    18 foot version of Great Pelican For printed plans click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation SUPER PELICAN 18' POCKET CRUISER Stretchhed an extra two feet, the Super Pelican 18' offers a choice of cabin...

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  • 7'6" Greenshank Plans

    7'6" Greenshank Plans

    The Greenshank is a pram version of the Redshank and has a length of 7’6’’ and a beam of 4’. The pram bow gives more space forward for stowing gear or for transporting crew out to your yacht. She is an ideal fishing dinghy. Construction is...

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  • Acorn 11'6" Garvie Plans

    Acorn 11'6" Garvie Plans

    Again following the North American theme of solid working craft that are sadly no longer with us we have in the Acorn a sweet little craft which, with modern materials and methods, is easily built. Originally designed for carrying small cargoes she has,...

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  • Goshawk 14 Plans

    Goshawk 14 Plans

    The 14’ Goshawk has emerged in the same way that the 16’ Goshawk did—by someone asking for a wider and deeper Skylark. What the client wanted was a small boat which was more than the normal dinghy type which tends to have a mid hull depth around...

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  • Kiwi Duck Plans PDF

    Kiwi Duck Plans PDF

    It was perhaps three or four years ago I noticed a mention on the news page of Duckworks Magazine of a boat called a "Puddle Duck Racer". My initial impression was that it was a ridiculous little box, designed for people who thought that they could not...

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  • Ocean Explorer Plans PDF

    Ocean Explorer Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE   For printed plans, click HERE Introduction by Perttu Korhonen: I like exploring new lakes. I built an OzRacer by Michael Storer and liked its performance and handling. With it I made one overnight trip and...

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  • Ozona Pram Plans and Patterns PDF

    Ozona Pram Plans and Patterns PDF

    a handy little rowing and sailing pram If you would prefer to have the cutting files rather than full size patterns, click HERE Prams are a traditional design concept in which the bow of the boat is a flat panel instead of a point, which in turn allows a...

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  • Pacific Pelican Plans PDF

    Pacific Pelican Plans PDF

    If you prefer printed plans for Pacific Pelican, click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation Much loved by those who have come to appreciate the logic behind the design The Pacific Pelican is a special creation,...

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  • Piankatank River Pram Plans PDF

    Piankatank River Pram Plans PDF

    A handy row/sail dinghy pram 7'11" x 47" {2.4m x 1.2m} Maximum recommended capacity is 400lbs {182kg} Weight about 55 lbs. {25 Kg} To inquire about a frame kit for this boat click HERE. For printed plans for Piankatank River Pram, click HERE The PRP...

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  • Piccup Pram Plans

    Piccup Pram Plans

    Piccup Pram was the first boat of my design to get built, back in 1990, I think. I still have the prototype and use it regularly. I designed it to be the best sail/row boat I could put in the back of my short bed pick up truck. But I found it to be a...

  • Piccup Squared Plans

    Piccup Squared Plans

    Piccup Pram was my first design to get built. Here is a photo of Chris Feller's up Chicago way.She is shown with the original 55 square foot rig. I still have the boat. The sail rig has been experimented with many times but the hull is identical today as...

  • Pram 220 Plans

    Pram 220 Plans

    Designed for a boat owner who wanted to fit his eight meter "yacht" with a rigid tender, the PRAM 220 has the minimum dimensions to be used safely for this type of task, maintaining at the same time a boat appearance and not that of a floating box...

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  • Presto 16 Plans PDF

    Presto 16 Plans PDF

    This is a boat for the person who would rather spend time on the water than in the shop. All joints are first attached with copper wire for positioning and then taped with fiberglass cloth tape and epoxy for the structural connection. The components...

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  • Rockland 11' Plans

    Rockland 11' Plans

    This dinghy was developed from our Skylark Mk 2 series of pram dinghies. The dinghy retains the flat, rockered bottom panel and the side panels are round bilge in shape and are either cold moulded or strip planked over the moulds which are drawn full...

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  • Scow 320 Plans PDF

    Scow 320 Plans PDF

    10-1/2 feet simple cruiser sailboat for one to three, design for protected or inlands waters. My brother "Samy" wanted to build a small river sailing boat. He likes the simplicity of an open boat but he also wants to sleep on board in a shelter.  So...

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  • Simplicity 8 Classic Plans

    Simplicity 8 Classic Plans

    The Simplicity 8 Classic is modified version of the original Simplicity 8 which was designed for simple stitch and tape construction. In this case, the drawings for the Classic version show details for her to be built using the ply over frame method. A...

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  • Simplicity 8 Plans

    Simplicity 8 Plans

    This is a very simple but pretty single chine 'V' bottom dinghy designed for use as a tender, fishing boat, or with her simple lug rig, as a sail trainer for your children. Length is 7'9" (2.36m); Beam 4' (1.23m); Weight approx. 55 lbs (25 kg)...

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  • Skylark 14

    Skylark 14

    The Skylark 14 is another example of a modified set of standard plans. Mr. Rodrigez of Portugal asked for a longer version of our Skylark 12 and we were quickly able to stretch the original on our CAD system. The new panel shapes were developed very...

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  • Skylark 14 Mark 3 Plans

    Skylark 14 Mark 3 Plans

    The original 14' Skylark was drawn up as a simple extension of the Skylark 12 using the same rig and simple fit-out details as the 12. We then remodelled the hull with an additional chine to give the Mark 2 version. This version uses the same hull shape...

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  • Surf 8 Plans

    Surf 8 Plans

    The design for the Surf 8 started with the need for a small dinghy that would have pretensions to be a small multi role dayboat - an excellent sailing craft, motor boat and still be easily car toppable. Taking the Skylark...

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  • Vita Dinghy Plans PDF

    Vita Dinghy Plans PDF

    It is axiomatic that the jack of all trades does nothing well. There are exceptions, however. The Vita Dinghy is one. A list of desirable attributes might include the following: easy construction with minimal skills, low cost, permanently tight, strong...

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