Perttu Korhonen

  • Kompship


    Length 2100mm ( 6`10 3/4” )Beam 1228 ( 4`1/4” ) Kompship is a ship for children's water games. The best motor are the legs or a wooden stick, but the ship can also be driven carefully with an trolling motor or with a small outboard...
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  • Luonteri Plans PDF

    Luonteri Plans PDF

    Luonteri Length 5122mm (16` 9 1/2")Beam 520mm ( 20 1/5” )Paddlers weight ca. 70-95 kg ( 154-210 lbs ). Luonteri is a “trail hiking kayak”, that can be divided into three parts. It makes storage and transportation more easy. In...
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  • Toucanoe Plans PDF

    Toucanoe Plans PDF

    Length 4795 ( 15´ 8 3/4" ) Beam 767 ( 30 1/4")   Toucanoe is recreational kayak, designed for daytrips with kids and overnight trips with two adults on sheltered waters. Max total load is ca 250kg ( including boats weight ). I would not use...
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  • Crocodude Plans PDF

    Crocodude Plans PDF

    Length-4250mm (13´11",1/4") Beam-620 (24-1/2") Weight-ca. 18 kg (40 lbs) depending on materials   Note: these plans include full size templates which you can print on your computer's printer. If you live in the USA you will want to print...
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  • Goose Explorer Full Plans PDF

    Goose Explorer Full Plans PDF

    a Newer version of the discontinued Ooze Goose. The full plans contain both the OZ Goose plans and the Explorer Supplement - both are needed to build this boat. If you already have the plans for OZ Goose, you can build the Explorer by also purchasing the...
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  • Pro A Plans PDF

    Pro A Plans PDF

    Pro a canoe Length 5876mm ( 19' 3-1/2" ) Beam 760mm ( 29-7/8" )       Pro a canoe is a big open kayak or canoe. She has long open cockpit, so she is meant to be used in sheltered waters. She can carry two adults + one to three small kids...
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  • Carawhale Free Plans PDF

    Carawhale Free Plans PDF

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE I wanted to build a neat boat to play with the kids. I started to build a mini tugboat, but it looked like too big a project. I didn´t want to go bigger than one ply sheet in any direction -...
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  • Backsplash V2 Plans

    Backsplash V2 Plans

    This is version 2 of s&g backpack kayak. Version 2 is 425mm longer compared to original boat. The middle part is exactly same! Only bow and stern parts are longer, so if you have built the original version, you can update it by just building longer...
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  • Free Kayak Plans

    Free Kayak Plans

    CLICK HERE to download plans   Free is my development for expedition kayak. Goal was a kayak which is easy and fast to build and good to paddle. This is actually fourth evolution and I really like how it performs.   The Free can be build...
  • Ocean Explorer Plans PDF

    Ocean Explorer Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE   Introduction by Perttu Korhonen: I like exploring new lakes. I built an OzRacer by Michael Storer and liked its performance and handling. With it I made one overnight trip and that convinced me, that the...
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