Ross Lillistone

  • Water Rat Plans PDF Water Rat Plans PDF

    Water Rat Plans PDF

    LOA 9' or 10' 9" Beam 34" The plans come as 10 sheets giving the details required to build both the 9ft and the 10.8ft versions, and are available in either metric or imperial measure. They come in printed form (10 sheets of A3-sized paper and a 22 page...
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  • Little Egret Plans PDF

    Little Egret Plans PDF

    Little Egret is an open Sharpie of 18' 10" x 4' 10″ x 6", with a hull shape reminiscent of the famous 28' Sharpie, Egret, designed by Ralph Middleton Munroe in 1886 for use in the shallow waters of Florida. I have long had a fascination for...
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  • Periwinkle Plans PDF

    Periwinkle Plans PDF

    A few years ago my wife asked me to name my favourite boat. If I had thought about the question at all, it would have been almost impossible to answer, because there are so many designs which have appealed to me over the years. But on that occasion I...
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  • Alby Plans PDF

    Alby Plans PDF

    7ft 7-1/4in x 4ft 2-1/2in x 6in Stripped weight approximately 30kg/66lbs Alby was designed primarily to meet the requirements of a high-capacity tender. The world is full of designs for 7-1/2 foot Prams, and you wouldn't think that there was a need for...
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  • Flint Plans PDF

    Flint Plans PDF

    14ft 9-3/4in x 4ft 3-1/4in x 6in Flint was designed to meet the requirements of an experienced boatman who lived on an island several miles from the mainland. The boat had to row in a spirited fashion, and be able to cover long distances under the urge...
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  • First Mate Plans PDF

    First Mate Plans PDF

    First Mate has the same rigs and layout as the very successful Phoenix III, but uses an easy-to-build stitch-and-glue hull. Primary dimensions are 15ft x 5ft x 5-1/2inches. Three rig options are included in the plans 65 page colour-illustrated...
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  • Three Brothers Plans PDF

    Three Brothers Plans PDF

    Three Brothers An efficient powerboat for work and play Some time ago I received a letter from my long-time boating and bush-exploration friend, Ian Hamilton. Ian seemed to have been going through something of an extended mid-life crisis, but never...
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  • Phoenix III Plans PDF

    Phoenix III Plans PDF

    Click HERE for Phoenix III Study Plans Phoenix III was designed for the builder of the first boat, Paul Hernes. Paul came to me in search of plans for a dinghy which could be sailed fast and far, rowed in such a way as to be more pleasure than pain, and...
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