• Ronstan Small Fairlead V-Cleat

    Ronstan Small Fairlead V-Cleat

    V-Cleats are a simple solution to cleating lines under moderate loads.Cut away in base of fairlead cleats can be used as a becket for a 2:1 purchase system.Features:Lightweight and corrosion proofGreater abrasion resistance than traditional plastic...
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  • Ronstan Urethane Universal Tiller Extension Joint

    Ronstan Urethane Universal Tiller Extension Joint

    Smooth, uniform rotation in all directions and a quick, firm reponse to steering movements. The RF3133 universal joint with snap-on cover is designed to allow quick fitting and removal of the tiller extension from the fixed base. A curved surface...
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  • Cable Steering Hardware

    Cable Steering Hardware

    Are you thinking about rigging that motorboat for remote steering, but can't justify the cost of the new push-pull units? Or do you just want to enjoy the challenge of doing it in a more traditional way? (It might be a good idea to read Max's column...
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