• Fliptail-7 Plans PDF

    Fliptail-7 Plans PDF

    Fliptail 7 Assembled - 7'2" (219cm) Long - 40" (102cm) Wide - 16" (40cm) High. Folded - 7'2" (219cm) Long - 24" (60cm) Wide - 10" (25cm) High. Weight - Basic boat from 18 kilos (39lbs) Carrying capacity - Three adults or 225 kilos...

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  • 6' Doracle Plans

    6' Doracle Plans

    Designed for a client who wanted a simple stackable fishing dinghy which he could easily carry himself, the Doracle uses just 2 sheets of 4, 5 or 6mm ply. She may be built in 2 pieces with the forward piece stacked inside the aft section. The 2 halves...

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  • Trixie Plans

    Trixie Plans

    Free Study Plans Download - Click HERE 'Trixie' began as an idea for a small and simple to build plywood tender, able to get out to a mooring with two or three on board, that was very light, incorporated wheels to enable transport to the slipway, was...

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  • Pram 220 Plans

    Pram 220 Plans

    Designed for a boat owner who wanted to fit his eight meter "yacht" with a rigid tender, the PRAM 220 has the minimum dimensions to be used safely for this type of task, maintaining at the same time a boat appearance and not that of a floating box...

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  • Surf 8 Plans

    Surf 8 Plans

    The design for the Surf 8 started with the need for a small dinghy that would have pretensions to be a small multi role dayboat - an excellent sailing craft, motor boat and still be easily car toppable. Taking the Skylark...

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  • Leif 7 Plans

    Leif 7 Plans

    The Leif 7' is a handy little tender. Many large-boat owners with moored or anchored-out vessels enjoy the Leif's spunky agility; whether its a jaunty trip around the marina or shoreline gunkholing, this little dingy will get you where you want to go...

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  • Stasha Plans PDF

    Stasha Plans PDF

    What makes the Stasha special?Stasha is the World's lightest nesting dinghy. It's also lovely to look at. Launching a Stasha should only take a moment but by the time you have answered all the questions from amazed spectators it may be getting dark.Not...

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  • Tween Plans

    Tween Plans

    Tween is another one of those "in between" boats. it has a flat bottom for the most part like my Moby Dink, but that bottom twists into a V bottom entry like that of my WeeVee dink. The original Moby Dink, which can be built without thinking, is fairly...

  • Pollywog Plans PDF

    Pollywog Plans PDF

    There is now a sail supplement available for this boat HERE A SIMPLE TWO-PART MODULAR BOAT THAT CAN BENESTED AND EASILY STORED ON-BOARD,OR IN AN RV, SUV, TRUCK and GARAGE. Only 5 feet long for transport. INTENDED AS A BRING-ALONG TENDER OR...

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  • Deckster Plans PDF

    Deckster Plans PDF

    Deckster Length - 170cm (5'7") Width - 115cm (3'6") Weight in deck stow mode - 25 kilos (55lbs) Weight fully assembled - 30 kilos (66lbs) Carrying...

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  • 6' 9" PUD-g Plans PDF

    6' 9" PUD-g Plans PDF

    PUD-g Specifications Length: 6' 9" Beam: 48" Weight: 65 lbs Max Outboard: 2 hp Maximum Load: 440 lbs This design is a departure from what I had told myself about not working on any more short boats. Most people are looking for a boat...

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  • Rockland 11' Plans

    Rockland 11' Plans

    This dinghy was developed from our Skylark Mk 2 series of pram dinghies. The dinghy retains the flat, rockered bottom panel and the side panels are round bilge in shape and are either cold moulded or strip planked over the moulds which are drawn full...

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  • Unicat 2.4 Plans PDF

    Unicat 2.4 Plans PDF

    Click HERE for Full Size Patterns (PDF file) for Unicat 2.4 The Unicat 2.4 is a multipurpose dinghy for use as a tender, fishing boat, or general messing about on the water. Stitch and tape construction provides a boat which is light, durable, low...

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  • Scraps Printed Plans

    Scraps Printed Plans

    For Scraps as an instant download, click HERE Our tides here run to 10 or 12 ft, which means that little Spook has to be anchored out in close to 20 ft of water at high tide in order to not be aground at low tide. Spook, my 18ft gaff sloop lives on a...

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  • Roof Rack Printed Plans

    Roof Rack Printed Plans

    Designs come about in all sorts of ways, and this one was more unusual than most. My friend Marcus had been "sorting out" his 19ft long ferro cement Donovan designed keeler and had extracted a casual promise from me that I would design him a tender. One...

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  • Fliptail-6 Plans PDF

    Fliptail-6 Plans PDF

    Fliptail 6 Assembled - 6'2" (188cm) Long - 40" (102cm) Wide - 16" (40cm) High. Folded - 6'2" (188cm) Long - 24" (60cm) Wide - 10" (25cm) High. Weight - Basic boat from 15 kilos (33lbs) Carrying capacity - Two adults or 150 kilos (330lbs) Max...

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  • Vole Plans

    Vole Plans

    Vole evolved from WeeVee. She is a lot less extreme in the deep V department, but more extreme in the beam. In particular Vole should be a lot better as a knockabout sailer.Vole is a large dink. In particular Vole is short enough to be called a dink but...

  • Sinbad Nesting Dinghy Plans PDF

    Sinbad Nesting Dinghy Plans PDF

    A nesting dinghy for your yacht Plans for this dinghy consist of two A0 (44"x33")sheets and one A1 (33"x22") sheet and detailed building instructions. Principal dimensions:   L.O.A. 3.08 m (10' 1") Beam 1.43 m (4' 8") Sail area 5.20 m2 (56 sqft) ...

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  • Origami 8 Plans PDF

    Origami 8 Plans PDF

    Origami 8also see Origami 6   Folded: 8' (2.4m) Long - 18" (45cm) Wide - 4" (10cm) High.Assembled: 8' (2.4m) Long - 40" (100cm) Wide - 16" (40cm) High.Weight: From 20 kilos (42lbs)Carrying capacity: Three adults or 220kilos (490lbs)Max outboard...

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  • Weevee Plans

    Weevee Plans

    I think I built WeeVee in 1993. I still have the original. A DEEP V DINK...I had done several flat bottomed and multichined boats by the time I was thinking of WeeVee and wanted some first hand experience with a V bottom. I decided to go with a small...

  • Dixi Dinghy Plans

    Dixi Dinghy Plans

    Multi-purpose, can be rowed, motored or sailed and is light enough for one person to lift on and off the family car or yacht. Simple stitch and glue construction, it can be built with the minimum of tools, no previous boatbuilding experience and in...

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  • Bocar 8 Plans

    Bocar 8 Plans

    The Bocar 8 is born out of a wish to get even! A couple of years ago I was asked to design a 6' dinghy which would form the lid of a car roof box. I duly did this but received no Royalties - the product featured on two TV programs in the UK, died a...

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  • Moby Dink Plans PDF

    Moby Dink Plans PDF

    Moby Dink was one of my first projects. I built and used the prototype for a few years before selling it to a man who uses it to tend his farm pond. If I were to do this one again I wouldn't change the hull at all but would try the small lateen that I...

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  • Unicat 2.4S Plans PDF

    Unicat 2.4S Plans PDF

    After many requests, I have designed the new Unicat 2.4 - S, A sailing version of the popular Unicat 2.4 dinghy. For Full Sized Patterns for Unicat 2.4S, Click HERE Designed to be simple, practical, and fast, the 2.4-S retains all the features of the...

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  • Westray 9 Plans

    Westray 9 Plans

    Several years ago I was asked by PJS Boats to draw up a modified Highlander 16 dayboat with a real seagoing jaunty sheer and plenty of stability to take a powerful rig. The Westray 16 was born and later they asked me to design a smaller dinghy in...

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  • Slam Dink Plans

    Slam Dink Plans

    Slam Dink was presented earlier this year as a prototype design and was quickly built by the Moffitt gang in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Here Sean and Lauren contemplate boatbuilding on a picnic table:Slam is a pretty straight forward building job from two...

  • Alby Plans PDF

    Alby Plans PDF

    7ft 7-1/4in x 4ft 2-1/2in x 6in Stripped weight approximately 30kg/66lbs Alby was designed primarily to meet the requirements of a high-capacity tender. The world is full of designs for 7-1/2 foot Praams, and you wouldn't think that there was a need for...

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  • Pepita Plans

    Pepita Plans

    Pepita was designed in 1979 by Joe Dobler, a small boat designer from Manhattan Beach, California to requirements from Justin Pipkorn. Justin built and used the first version for several years. Joe redesigned the boat to make the planking easier and...

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  • Tender Behind Printed Plans

    Tender Behind Printed Plans

    I knew the voice on the phone, Twenty five years ago that voice had tried to convince me that A+B=C! And not only that, but he'd also informed me that if I were to flick another rubber band in class he'd give me a tender behind! Now here was Bill Lomas,...

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