Steam & Electric Launches 20' - 30'

  • 27' Marlow Electric/Steam Launch

    27' Marlow Electric/Steam Launch

    We used the Edwardian 26 as a basis for this launch. We were asked to change the stern shape to a rather handsome counter and add more beam, but not too much, just enough to give her a more comfortable interior without taking away from her sleek lines...
    $41.00 - $473.00
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  • 25'6" Snow Bunting Plans

    25'6" Snow Bunting Plans

    Snow Bunting is a river and estuary launch based upon the LIFU model hull with it's long waterline length and fairly full and buoyant ends. She has been designed for a client in Canada who wanted a seaworthy and trailable open launch. Full construction...
    $41.00 - $540.00
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  • 23'6" Brambling Electric Canoe Plans

    23'6" Brambling Electric Canoe Plans

    A leisurely craft from the Edwardian and Victorian eras - days of elegance on the Thames with parasols and wine! we were commissioned to design such a canoe, to be powered by a Gebofa electric 1.6 hp sail drive unit and constructed using modern clinker...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • 26' Golden Bay Launch

    26' Golden Bay Launch

    This 26' version of the Golden Bay has the same fairly high and flaired bow sections designed to throw off spray which flow into aft sections which have tumblehome giving her a generous waterline beam for maximum stability. These drawings show her with a...
    $34.00 - $420.00
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  • 28' Corn Bunting

    28' Corn Bunting

    This 28' LOA launch is based on the 30' Amaryllis and has the same sweet wineglass transom and well rounded bow with firm bilges. She has been designed as an open launch with an aft cockpit with an athwartships steering wheel position right beside the...
    $41.00 - $608.00
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  • Edwardian 26 Plans

    Edwardian 26 Plans

    Having put the lines of an original 25’ LIFU launch into our computer system we have used this shape in the development of this 26’ Edwardian Launch. The LIFU launches were very successful and were known for their good sea keeping qualities...
    $34.00 - $473.00
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  • 26' Golden Virginia Launch

    26' Golden Virginia Launch

    Pete Greenfield, Editor of the Watercraft Magazine asked me to design this launch and is going to partly finance it by giving up smoking, hence the name Golden Virginia ! She is strip planked and is fitted out with settee berths and simple basic wc and...
    $34.00 - $473.00
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  • Ruby 22' Double Chine Plywood Launch Plans

    Ruby 22' Double Chine Plywood Launch Plans

    For those steam enthusiast who want an elegant 22’ steam launch of Edwardian profile but who do not want to spend the time and additional cost of producing a strip planked hull, we have designed Ruby. Our client originally thought of having her...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • 20' Cambrian Strip Planked Launch

    20' Cambrian Strip Planked Launch

    This is a fairly narrow launch (4'7" beam) for light weight fit-out. Her hull has hard bilges giving maximum stability for her beam making her a fine river or lake launch. At 1’9” (0.52m), the draft has been kept to a minimum to make trailing easy...
    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • 23' Golden Bay Steam Launch Plans

    23' Golden Bay Steam Launch Plans

    This launch was designed for easy trailing so a length of 23' with a moderate beam of just under 6' were set. In line with the Simson Strickland style of launch, the stem and transom are fairly plumb with a deep forefoot giving hollow lines forward and...
    $34.00 - $405.00
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