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Unfortunately, we can only ship epoxy, paint and fiberglass - at posted shipping rates - to the continental US at this time. Please request a shipping quote forAlaska or Hawaii.

  • Pennant Topside Paint

    Pennant Topside Paint

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Pennant Topside Paint is a two-part, waterborne linear polyurethane designed for marine topside applications. It has exceptional exterior durability for the most demanding environments. Pennant Topside Paint contains state of the art...

    $6.95 - $169.95
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  • System 3 Marine Spar Varnish

    System 3 Marine Spar Varnish

    System Three Marine Spar Varnish is a high-build coating designed for marine epoxy and exterior wood surfaces such as railings, doors or any surface where a clear, durable gloss finish is desired. System Three Marine Spar Varnish contains...

    $32.75 - $102.00
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  • Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller

    Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller

    For Paint or epoxy application Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller. These are the rollers many of our professional builders swear by for roll-and-tip painting of their boats. Quick Pro, sturdy 4-inch foam roller cover, 12 inch threaded handle, high density...

    $5.50 - $11.95
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  • System 3 Silvertip Epoxy Yacht Primer

    System 3 Silvertip Epoxy Yacht Primer

    Two part, water borne primer SilverTip Yacht Primer is a waterborne, two-part epoxy coating specifically formulated as a tough, below-the-waterline primer for marine topcoats. Though SilverTip Yacht Primer was specifically designed for use with System...

    $7.00 - $105.00
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  • Stop Loss Bags

    Stop Loss Bags

    Effectively save partial cans of paint and varnish StopLossBags™ are designed for oil, water, & alcohol-based wood finishes. They are not suitable for lacquer. StopLossBags™ allow you to preserve the fresh off-the-shelf quality of...

    $0.90 - $10.98
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  • Non-Skid Paint Additive

    Non-Skid Paint Additive

    Everyone knows it is dangerous to have slick surfaces on a boat. And everyone seems to have a formula for making a non-skid surface. You have heard of using such household materials as salt or sugar and you have seen exotic materials that cost an arm and...

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  • Sea Gold Varnish GLOSS

    Sea Gold Varnish GLOSS

    We'd been waiting for this new gloss formula of this varnish. Now in stock! We tested it on plywood, epoxy-coated plywood, and un-sanded ash. It worked great on all but looked especially nice on the ash. From the manufacturer: SeaGold brings marine wood...

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  • System 3 Polyurethane Topcoat

    System 3 Polyurethane Topcoat

    WR-LPU Topcoat is a two-part linear polyurethane coating specifically formulated for maximum performance and ease of use. Available in 12 standard colors as well as clear satin and high gloss. When cured it is moisture, solvent and fuel...

    $5.00 - $154.00
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