Sea-Lect Designs

  • Sea-Lect TruCourse Rudder

    Sea-Lect TruCourse Rudder

    For replacement blade click HERE. SEA-LECT Designs puts its engineering innovations to work with its radical new kayak rudder, which sports a unique combination of practical and high-performance...
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  • Sealect Anchor Trolley Kit

    Sealect Anchor Trolley Kit

    Position your anchor, drift chute or stake out pole from bow to stern to adjust for current or wind. Using a simple pulley system with zig zag cleat lock, you can finally angle your boat in any...
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  • Sealect Deck Bungee Kit

    Sealect Deck Bungee Kit

    the photo above shows contents of kit Add or replace kayak rigging for securing needed items when on the water. (see installation video below) Kit Includes: (1) 11' Deck Bungee, (6) Nylon Pad Eyes,...
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  • Sealect Double Paddle Drip Rings

    Sealect Double Paddle Drip Rings

    These are exactly the same drip rings that the last double paddle you bought had. So if you lost or wore out those or you made a new paddle and need drip cups for it, here is your chance. Fits...
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  • boat accessories

    SeaLect HDPE Drain Tube

    This drain tube consists of two pieces, a tube with a flange on one end and another end piece with a flange. The end piece fits over the tube with a friction fit. The tube can be cut off to...
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  • SeaLect Kayak Foot Braces

    SeaLect Kayak Foot Braces

    These are absolutely the best kayak footbraces we have ever seen. They are resistant to any of the things you might run into including water, sand, fish scales, sunlight - nothing will stop these...
    $35.99 - $39.99
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  • SeaLect Kayak Recreational Foot Braces

    SeaLect Kayak Recreational Foot Braces

    SEA-LECT Designs Kayak Recreational Footbraces are designed to be maintenance free with tremendous strength - at a price that's attractive to everyone! With three attachment options and low profile...
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  • SeaLect Kayak Rudder Cable Tubing

    SeaLect Kayak Rudder Cable Tubing

    Black Nylon rudder cable tubing. 3/16" OD. This is the same material used in the SeaLect Rigging Kit - which has 2 - 15 foot pieces. If you need more than that you can order it by the foot. Typically...
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  • SeaLect Nylon Pad Eye

    SeaLect Nylon Pad Eye

      Injection molded nylon pad eyes can be used for a multitude of applications. UV stabilized and corrosion resistant they install with two #8 FH fasteners (not included). Black
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  • Sealect Paddle & Pole Keeper Kit

    Sealect Paddle & Pole Keeper Kit

    kit contains all the parts shown above Store your paddle or pole while on the water using the newest kit offering from SEA-LECT Designs. (see installation video below) Kit Includes: (2)...
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  • Sealect Performance Kayak Hatches

    Sealect Performance Kayak Hatches

    For replacements or new boat constructionNot sure which hatch fits your production boat? Click here for a partial list of manufacturers and hatch part numbers. Part# Outside edge of...
    $11.00 - $95.98
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  • Sealect Pull-up Strap Handle Kit

    Sealect Pull-up Strap Handle Kit

    kit contains all the items shown aboveEver have trouble getting out of your boat when you pull up to the beach? Are you a kayak fisherman looking to stand up on your sit-on-top to get the perfect...
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  • Sealect Recreational Kayak Hatches

    Sealect Recreational Kayak Hatches

    A lower cost alternative kayak hatch cover RECREATIONAL HATCH LINE: These are an economical alternative to the Performance covers. They fit the same rings but are molded from a single type of...
    $19.98 - $41.80
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  • SeaLect Rudder Control Foot Braces

    SeaLect Rudder Control Foot Braces

    SEA-DOG's new pivoting pedal foot brace system is designed with the same strength and stiffness as our adjustable foot brace version, which has been an industry standard retro-fit for years. By using...
    $79.95 - $84.95
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  • SeaLect Stainless Hammock Hooks

    SeaLect Stainless Hammock Hooks

    These stainless hooks are attached to a deck to retain a piece of shock cord used to hold down various loose pieces of gear. The picture below shows an example...
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  • Sealect Stud Mount Kit

    Sealect Stud Mount Kit

    When you don't want to mount your footbraces by drilling a hole through your kayak, simply fiberglass or glue on studs to act as the mounting bracket. This kit includes four studs, four clamps, four...
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  • SeaLect Triple Latch Hatch

    SeaLect Triple Latch Hatch

    The Sea-Lect Designs Triple Latch Hatch features 3 locking points which, when engaged, cause the camming surface to pull the lid into the gasket creating a water tight seal. The gasket also sit...
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