Prams & Garveys

  • Geriatric Motor Sailor Plans Supplement

    Geriatric Motor Sailor Plans Supplement

    Note: You will also need to purchase the Curlew plans to build this boat  This is an additional set of sketches, drawings and notes allowing the builder to construct a larger version of the Curlew adapted to be a motor sailor - the mark 2...
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  • 12ft James Boat Plans PDF

    12ft James Boat Plans PDF

    This is the last of the “bevel bottom” hulls that I will design. There are four of them now, and that should be enough. With the Green River, Cedar River, Naselle River, and now the James Boat designs. Each of the hulls in the...
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  • Unicat 2.8 Plans PDF Unicat 2.8 Plans PDF

    Unicat 2.8 Plans PDF

    Note: Full size patterns are available for these plans HERE Bigger - Better - More Stable The new Unicat 2.8. You asked for it and it's finally here. This is not just a lengthened 2.4, it's a completely new hull, designed from the ground up with more...
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  • 12ft Naselle River Plans PDF

    12ft Naselle River Plans PDF

    This hull is spin off of another hull I was working on over the winter. That hull, the Green River Drifter was a variation on my drifter hulls with a “beveled” chine panel on the lower sides, but still had a single piece bow and stern panel...
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  • Wanigan (Free plans)

    Wanigan (Free plans)

    THE WANIGAN BY WESTON FARMER As old as boating in America is the garvey design It's no wonder. These shoal-draft work horses combine super-simplicity with rugged carrying ability These plans are free to download.   This utility...
  • Jon20 Plans PDF

    Jon20 Plans PDF

    Poor Jon20, he's just a big dumb jonboat. 20 feet long and 6' wide on the bottom, 7.5' wide on the top. It takes a ton to set it 4" down in the water, and I expect the empty hull might weigh 600 pounds. So let's say she weighs about a half ton with a...
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  • 12' Nuthatch Pram Plans PDF

    12' Nuthatch Pram Plans PDF

    After designing and building the 8ft Nuthatch Pram, I thought that a larger version of the hull would be a good fit in my series of stitch and glue boats. This is the finished design of the 12ft "fishing" version, and I have a 14ft version in the early...
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  • Unicat 2.4 Plans PDF

    Unicat 2.4 Plans PDF

    Click HERE for Full Size Patterns (PDF file) for Unicat 2.4 The Unicat 2.4 is a multipurpose dinghy for use as a tender, fishing boat, or general messing about on the water. Stitch and tape construction provides a boat which is light, durable, low...
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  • Jonsboat Plans Instant Download

    Jonsboat Plans Instant Download

    Jonsboat is just a jonboat. But where I live that says a lot because most of the boats around here are jonboats and for a good reason. These things will float on dew if the motor is up. This one shows 640 pounds displacement with only 3" of draft. That...
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  • U2 HULLZ Plans PDF

    U2 HULLZ Plans PDF

    U2-HULLZ , is a wedge design that takes it to the next level. The builder has the option to construct any of 5 defined hull sizes, or anything else of their choosing. The plans are complete, and provide the builder with many options which will...
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  • Harrier 13' Motor Dory Plans

    Harrier 13' Motor Dory Plans

    The Harrier is a simple single chined 'V' bottomed stitch and tape ply dory for outboard power. She has been designed to give as much carrying capacity as possible in a 13' car-toppable boat making her suitable for fishing and picnicking as well as for...
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  • 9'6" Little Harrier Motor Dory Plans

    9'6" Little Harrier Motor Dory Plans

    This is a smaller sister to the 13’ Harrier—she has the same simple ‘V’ bottomed hull shape which has plenty of stability and room in such a short length for fishing and pic-nicking. Under the seats can be used for flotation and/or stowage and...
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  • Jon Jr. Plans PDF

    Jon Jr. Plans PDF

    Jon Jr. is a small jonboat, sort of a personal sized boat that will take two normal sized adults. It would be a perfect "back of the pickup truck" boat. It could be cartopped. (To me the idea of cartopping a powerboat is a bit strained since you would...
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  • 14' John Duk Plans PDF

    14' John Duk Plans PDF

    14ft John DukLOA 13ft 10", Beam 66"OB 25Hp Max, Long ShaftHull weight depending on plywood thicknesses and species used should be between 200(Okoume) to 350(Aquatek) poundsThis hull is a continuation of one of my very first designs. When I was working...
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  • 12 Ft Aluminum Skiff

    12 Ft Aluminum Skiff

    Note: These are very basic plans consisting of drawings with dimensions and a photo series showing construction steps but no other building manual is included. My brother designed this Boat using ideas from the many boats being used around. He...
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  • The F.I.T. Plans PDF

    The F.I.T. Plans PDF

    Click image above for larger view The design of The F.I.T. is actually a size and process update to my very popular Poke-About hull design.This new boat is multi-capable, and it's shape, although unconventional, is efficient and easy to construct...
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  • Dogsbody Free Plans

    Dogsbody Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE This is my stab at drawing a general purpose boat of a kind that I see everywhere. In fact, I have the impression more small outboard boats are in use than any other kind - they're used for fishing,...
  • 16' Curlew Motor Punt Plans

    16' Curlew Motor Punt Plans

    This is a very simple stitch and tape design using 5 sheets of 9mm (3/8") ply with pre-shaped hull panels and transoms. With a beam of 4'6" and a mid depth of 16" she has plenty of room for fishing, camping or for family pic-nics.She may be rowed but is...
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  • Portable Camper Cruiser 3 Plans PDF

    Portable Camper Cruiser 3 Plans PDF

    Here is another variation of the PORTABLE CAMPER CRUISER. This one is especially suited to fit in most SUV's, all Trucks and Campers. It's 3 foot width and 2 foot transport height are ideal for in vehicle storage. It also is dedicated to be a solo...
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  • Micro Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    Micro Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    Click HERE for a Sail Rig Supplement for this boatTo download free sponson plans for this boat click HERE The idea for the Micro CAMPER CRUISER is the designer's desire for a portable overnight boat that fits in his car. It includes an...
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  • Handy Punt Plans PDF

    Handy Punt Plans PDF

    For Handy Punt printed plans, click HERE Simple to BuildStableBuilt in Buoyancy tanksExcellent Utility Boat for Caravanning.Comprehensive Plan Pack with step by step instructions and many illustrations Background:The Handy Punt was my third design. It...
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