Rasping, Sanding & Scraping

  • SandDevil


    Easy to use, quick-reload manual sanding tool Delivers power tool results with hand-sanding precision Use on flat, curved and hard to reach surfaces. Ideal for large sanding projects AND difficult detail work. Uses standard 3" x 21" sanding belts...

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  • Shinto 11" Saw Rasp

    Shinto 11" Saw Rasp

    Shinto Saw Rasps are manufactured from high quality saw blades with coarse teeth (11 teeth/inch) on one side and fine teeth (25 teeth/inch) on the other. Because of the saw tooth design, clogging is eliminated. Use the coarse side for shaping and very...

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  • Shinto Planer Type Saw Rasp

    Shinto Planer Type Saw Rasp

    The Shinto planer style saw rasps comes with a removable blade. The handles are raised so that it can be used over a large surface. The blade may be quickly reversed so that both coarse and fine teeth are readily available for use, The blade length is...

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