• 3M Scotchbrite Pad (Pack of 6)

    3M Scotchbrite Pad (Pack of 6)

    This product has long been the worldwide standard for general purpose surface conditioning by hand. This is the go to tool for removal of amine blush. Also perfect for a final prep of paint and varnish between coats. This will hit all the low spots that...
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  • 803 Glue Brushes (1 Dozen)

    803 Glue Brushes (1 Dozen)

    Sometimes called "Acid Brushes", these brushes are useful in a wide variety of small bonding and coating applications. Disposable Metal Handle
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  • Spreader - 3" x 5" (Bundle of 6)

    Spreader - 3" x 5" (Bundle of 6)

    3" x 5" Dark Yellow Sold in bundle of 6 Description Dynatron Yellow Spreader are handy for for flow coating, fairing and filling applications.• Durable plastic tool handles the rigors of the shop• Spreader allows for precise application of...
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  • proGrabit Extractors

    proGrabit Extractors

    I had never heard of proGrabit extractors until Bob Booth told me about them and recommended that we carry them. He was restoring an old Bluejay sailboat and used these tools a lot (see Bob's tutorial below). The tools come in...
    $9.00 - $19.50
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  • Folding Blade Keyhole Saw with Replaceable Blade

    Folding Blade Keyhole Saw with Replaceable Blade

    Like our regular folding pull saw, this is an ideal candidate for the portable emergency toolbox you carry on your boat. Works fine around the shop too. Here is what Woodcraft says: Our Pocket Keyhole saw is used to make curved cuts and closed...
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  • 15", 10 TPI Shark General Carpentry Saw

    15", 10 TPI Shark General Carpentry Saw

    This is absolutely the best saw for dimensional lumber, thick plywood and wallboard, and treated lumber of all sizes. It easily and smoothly carves through PVC and ABS pipes up to 10" in diameter. Because it' s a pul|-to-cut saw, undercuts (From the...
    $14.45 - $27.81
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  • SandDevil


    Easy to use, quick-reload manual sanding tool Delivers power tool results with hand-sanding precision Use on flat, curved and hard to reach surfaces. Ideal for large sanding projects AND difficult detail work. Uses standard 3" x 21" sanding belts...
    $9.95 - $14.95
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  • Raptor Premium Compression Stapler

    Raptor Premium Compression Stapler

    A specialized stapler is required for Raptor 1/2" Crown Composite Staples The CT-6000P Compression Stapler drives Raptor 1/2" Crown composite staples. This professional tool has been ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. An easy...
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  • 12-Ounce Mixing Cups

    12-Ounce Mixing Cups

    Recommended for mixing epoxy On page 5 of Russell Brown's e-Book "Epoxy Basics", he states: You will be mixing many batches of epoxy. It helps in many ways if you get the right cups and sticks, and learn how to do this part well. We think of epoxy as...
    $8.00 - $14.00
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  • Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller

    Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller

    For Paint or epoxy application Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller. These are the rollers many of our professional builders swear by for roll-and-tip painting of their boats. Quick Pro, sturdy 4-inch foam roller cover, 12 inch threaded handle, high density...
    $5.50 - $11.95
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  • Sailmaker's Palms

    Sailmaker's Palms

    Two Options These palms are made by Smith & Sons of England. The adjustable is fine for sewing - it has a buckle for changing the size. The roping palm has an extra flap of leather so you can pull thread or seizing twine through without cutting your...
    $16.99 - $92.99
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  • Metric tape measures

    Metric tape measures

    Metric markings on both sides of the blade Our 3, 5, and 8 meter tapes (5M shown above) are high quality Lufkin brand. Each tape has: shock absorber to protect the end hook upon return case designed to fit your hand clear coat blade protection and more...
    $12.98 - $20.90
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  • 200 - 4" Nylon Cable Ties

    200 - 4" Nylon Cable Ties

    There are a lot of different ways to hold boats together for the stitch and glue process. Sometimes you even want to use more than one as some are easier to adjust while others are stronger. So in addition to standard copper wire, we now are offering...
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  • Raptor 15 Gauge Composite Nails

    Raptor 15 Gauge Composite Nails

    RAPTOR® nails are not susceptible to the corrosion and oxidation that attacks metal, so your manufactured product retains its beautiful new appearance. RAPTOR® nails and staples can be sanded and sawed without tool damage, so you will not need to...
    $38.99 - $45.99
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  • N95 Dust Masks

    N95 Dust Masks

    Features inner foam for a custom seal, while a dual head strap provides optimum fit. Effective against particulate aerosols free of oil. Helps provide comfortable, reliable worker protection against certain non-oil based particles in work applications...
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  • Shark 10-5/8", 19 TPI Extra Fine Cut Saw

    Shark 10-5/8", 19 TPI Extra Fine Cut Saw

    Shark 10-2410 An indispensable handsaw for fine woodworkers, furniture makers, boat repairs, crafts, and wooden model making, the Super FineCut Saw has the thinnest blade (kerf 0.017") of the SharkSaw line and is supported by a spine For stability. With...
    $19.95 - $27.85
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  • Peel Ply

    Peel Ply

    Available 50" or 10" wide - by the yard or 100 yard roll.   There is a $10 charge to ship fiberglass orders under 10 yards on a roll. To have your cloth shipped this way, click HERE. Orders of a single size and weight cloth that...
    $1.25 - $350.00
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  • Poly Tubing

    Poly Tubing

    Poly tubing is sold by packaging companies - usually in 3000 foot rolls. It is typically used to package parts for storage or shipping. Turns out the stuff can be used to steam wood boat parts so that they will conform to curves. Consider the following...
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  • Gyokucho Double Edge Razorsaws

    Gyokucho Double Edge Razorsaws

    I have used these off and on and especially liked one that I tried in DavidNichols' shop once. So I asked what kind it was and bought one for my shop. I have been using it for six months or so and it has become my go to saw. Where once I would...
    $31.00 - $45.45
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  • Notched Spreaders

    Notched Spreaders

    Notched spreaders have several uses - for spreading adhesives evenly where large surfaces have to be joined. Also for fairing where you spread fairing compound with the notched spreader, sand the ridges down with a longboard then fill the gaps in and...
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  • 12" Bar Clamp

    12" Bar Clamp

    This economical Clutch-Style Bar Clamp has cast heads, coated steel bars, wooden handles and swivel pads, but not the higher price. Affordable enough to fully equip your shop and to solve all your clamping needs.Clamping capacity is 12", throat depth is...
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  • Shark 9-1/2" 17 & 9 TPI FineCut Double PullSaw®

    Shark 9-1/2" 17 & 9 TPI FineCut Double PullSaw®

    Shark 10-2440 This is a double pullsaw with a straight handle at a better price than the Japanese double pullsaw that we sell elsewhere. Besides the carpentry and cabinet making stuff listed below, you will use this saw for all parts of boat...
    $17.43 - $24.10
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  • 4" x 15tpi Keyhole Pullsaw

    4" x 15tpi Keyhole Pullsaw

    Keyhole saws are used to make curved cuts, and by first drilling a pilot hole, closed inside cuts. Because they cut on the pull stroke and have very sharp teeth, they make clean cuts in the most awkward of areas. The blades are made from high carbon saw...
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  • Mixing Sticks 12 count

    Mixing Sticks 12 count

    Plain old wooden tongue depressors like the doctor used on you when you were a kid and it made you gag. Hint: Sand or saw the rounded end off for mixing epoxy so you can scrape the bottom of the mixing cup throroughly.
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  • Omer 81P Pneumatic Stapler

    Omer 81P Pneumatic Stapler

    One of the required tools for Raptor 19 Gauge Composite Staples The 81P series pneumatic staplers drive RAPTOR® 19 gauge composite staples from 1/4" through 9/16". They are extremely fast, lightweight, well balanced and rugged. They are...
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  • Stop Loss Bags

    Stop Loss Bags

    Effectively save partial cans of paint and varnish StopLossBags™ are designed for oil, water, & alcohol-based wood finishes. They are not suitable for lacquer. StopLossBags™ allow you to preserve the fresh off-the-shelf quality of...
    $0.90 - $10.98
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  • Omer 18 Gauge Pneumatic Brad-Nailer

    Omer 18 Gauge Pneumatic Brad-Nailer

    Recommended Tool for Raptor 18 Gauge Composite Brads The Omer 12P.25 Brad Nailer drives the full range of Raptor® B/18 18 gauge plastic brad nails from 7/16" (11mm) through 1" (25mm) lengths. The narrow nose allows for superior nail placement in hard...
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  • D-Splicer


    Anyone who has ever struggled trying to make splices in single braid Spectra will quickly see how great this tool will be. We saw them and immediately ordered a batch from the manufacturer in Amsterdam. This is a great complimentary tool for our Selma...
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  • Chip Brushes

    Chip Brushes

    Disposable Brushes, typically for single use Size Count 1/2" 36 1" 36 1-1/2" 24 2" 24 2-1/2" 12 3" 12
    $7.50 - $17.66
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  • Selma Stainless Steel Fids

    Selma Stainless Steel Fids

    Five sizes available These are the best fids we have ever used. I found out about them from Michael Storer when he was visiting after Sail Oklahoma. He was making some videos demonstrating making eyes in 12 strand Spectra and asked for one of these Selma...
    $9.56 - $69.68
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  • Sailmaker's Hook

    Sailmaker's Hook

    Salimaker's Hook also called Sailhook, Benchhook, Stretching Hook or Third hand. Used to hold canvas, while pulling tight with the left hand. This ensures the canvas is tight while stitching, keeping the seam straight. See illustration below.Feedback:To:...
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  • Omer 18 Gauge Pneumatic Brad Nailer

    Omer 18 Gauge Pneumatic Brad Nailer

    Recommended Tool for Raptor 18 Gauge Composite Brads The 12.20P brad nailer drives Raptor 18 gauge composite brads from 7/16" through 3/4" in length. Model OMER 12.20P Fastener range 7/16"; 5/8"; 3/4" (11; 16; 20mm) Magazine capacity 100...
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  • Package of 5 Sailmaker's Needles

    Package of 5 Sailmaker's Needles

    Hand sewing needles from W Smith and Sons. Made by hand to the highest quality standards with unique tri-angular shaped reduced edges to help the needle cut through the fabric. The special rounded thread eye is designed to not cut the twine. Assorted,...
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  • Tyvek Sleeves & Aprons

    Tyvek Sleeves & Aprons

    Keep Epoxy off your tender skin Paul B requested these so here they are. I actually have a hard time believing we have not had them all along. Sleeves are 18" long, with elastic at both ends for a secure fit and serged seams. Universal size. Sold by the...
    $2.80 - $3.39
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  • Wellington Plastic Splicing Fids

    Wellington Plastic Splicing Fids

    Three pack contains: 1 each of 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" plastic splicing fids To be used with hollow braid and twisted ropes Complete splicing instructions on back of product We got these when we added 12 strand Spectra to our store. Unfortunately, the 1/4"...
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  • Epoxy Pumps

    Epoxy Pumps

    Sometimes called "mustard pumps," these dispensers deliver a measured amount of any brand laminating epoxy, The large pumps fit 1 gallon, 1/2 gallon and Raka 1 quart containers. For System3 quart and pint bottles, use the small pump. There are...
    $6.95 - $7.95
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  • Stainless Splicing Fid

    Stainless Splicing Fid

      Here is a Stainless steel fid with hardwood handle for making those eye, end, and running splices in twisted line. Hollow backside for ease of threading. From Wikipedia: A fid is a tool (basically a somewhat conical hollow spike) that can be...
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  • Plastic Pipettes

    Plastic Pipettes

    A lot of builders use syringes to get epoxy in small amounts accurately into specific places. The problem is that unless you clean the syringe out, you have to dispose of it. These pipettes do the same job at a tenth the cost.Feedback:I love your...
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  • Bronze Splicing Fid

    Bronze Splicing Fid

    Here is a handy fid for making those eye, end, and running splices in twisted line. T-handle gives great leverage for splicing up to 1" line. Cast Bronze - may need some polishing or smoothing.
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  • Raptor 19 Gauge Composite Staples

    Raptor 19 Gauge Composite Staples

    (1/2" Crown - boxes of 5040) Raptor 19 gauge composite staples have a lot of uses around the boat shop. For instance securing scarphs on small timbers while the epoxy kicks. I was scarphing some staves for a birdsmouth mast when rather than use the usual...
    $47.99 - $53.99
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  • Wire Rope Swaging Sleeves

    Wire Rope Swaging Sleeves

    Order tools HERE Make your own standing rigging Here is an economical way to make your own swaged standing rigging for your sailboat. These tools are much cheaper than the Hydraulic ones and may even cost less than a custom made set of standing rigging...
    $0.00 - $2.30
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  • 1-Ounce Measuring Cups

    1-Ounce Measuring Cups

    Recommended for measuring small amounts These cups are marked in cc's, oz's, ml's, and the ever popular drams. On page 17 of his excellent book "Lapstrake Canoes", David Nichols says: "The most basic [way to measure epoxy] is the 1 ounce cup. These...
    $1.00 - $4.40
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  • Hole Punch

    Hole Punch

    High quality professional grade steel. Great for cutting holes for grommets, rings and rivets. Size matches grommet size.
    $31.57 - $36.14
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  • Raptor 18 Gauge Composite Brads

    Raptor 18 Gauge Composite Brads

    RAPTOR® nails are not susceptible to the corrosion and oxidation that attacks metal, so your manufactured product retains its beautiful new appearance. RAPTOR® nails and staples can be sanded and sawed without tool damage, so you will not need to...
    $16.99 - $19.99
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  • 4" Spring Clamp - 2 pack

    4" Spring Clamp - 2 pack

    These ToolPro 4” Spring Clamps are strong and hold firmly. They feature rubber tips which won’t damage surfaces, and are made of nickel-plated steel with tempered steel springs. These spring clamps open to 1”. They are sold in pairs.
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  • Woodcraft Plug Cutters

    Woodcraft Plug Cutters

    Make your own plugs These hex drive plug cutters maximize the torque needed to bore into the hardest woods. Cutters are made of hardened steel for long tool life, and they have tapered sides and a chamfered end for easy starting, Tight fitting plugs. Set...
    $10.99 - $31.99
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  • 12", 14 TPI Shark General Carpentry Saw

    12", 14 TPI Shark General Carpentry Saw

    Shark 10-2312 Here is some of the company boilerplate The patented pistol grip handle with soft elastomer gives a comfortable cutting angle and secure grip. This saw features a simple twist-lock blade for quick and easy replacement and compact toolbox...
    $14.45 - $19.91
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  • Omer 15 Gauge Pneumatic Nailer

    Omer 15 Gauge Pneumatic Nailer

    Recommended Tool for Raptor 15 Gauge Composite Nails The B17P.763 Finish Nailer drives RAPTOR® 15 gauge composite finish nails from 1/2" up to 2" lengths. It's magnesium body provides extreme power with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio...
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  • 16 oz. Measuring Cups

    16 oz. Measuring Cups

    Measure and Mix in these handy cups These 16 oz. plastic measuring cups are handy for measuring larger batches of epoxy. Can be used several times over. Graduated scales in both ounces and milliliters.
    $0.75 - $8.00
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  • Epoxy Syringes

    Epoxy Syringes

    These syringes are popular for adding precice amounts of epoxy to places that are hard to get to. We have two sizes available - a large, 60 milliliter syringe with a plastic tip and a small, 10 ml one with a blunt metal needle. Large Syringe...
    $0.95 - $7.50
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