Horn Cleats

  • Seadog Brass Cleats

    Seadog Brass Cleats

    Brass tie-down cleats are polished castings and very handsome. For the 3" and 4" cleats you have the option of ordering brass wood screws for mounting on drawers or cabinets. These are not recommended for use mounting these cleats on a boat. We...

    $11.99 - $18.99
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  • Racelite Stainless Jam Cleat

    Racelite Stainless Jam Cleat

    Designed for halyards, clew outhauls, topping lift pennants, and other general purpose jobs. Narrow 5/8" base. 3-1/4" long. Takes #10 screws.

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  • Seadog Aluminum Cleats

    Seadog Aluminum Cleats

    Cast Aluminum Aluminum tie-down cleats have a smoother finish than the iron, and are lighter if weight is a consideration Available in 4", 5", & 6" sizes  

    $3.38 - $5.40
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  • Seadog Nylon Cleats

    Seadog Nylon Cleats

    Your basic black nylon tie-down cleats. They are resistant to salt and sun, and will outlast your boat. Available in 3" ,4", 5", & 6.5" sizes  

    $1.50 - $5.00
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  • Buck Algonquin Bronze Herreshoff Style Cleats

    Buck Algonquin Bronze Herreshoff Style Cleats

    Sand Cast Bronze Cleats for any boat that aspires to a traditional look. It seems like finding bronze hardware is getting more difficult—especially pieces that don't cost as much as you paid for the boat you're putting them on! So we are pleased to...

    $26.50 - $31.00
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  • Seadog 4" Open Base Die Cast Cleat

    Seadog 4" Open Base Die Cast Cleat

    These die cast chrome plated cleats are interchangeable with Perko® style 1210 cleats. Complete w/ galvanized studs, washers and nuts threaded into each leg of the cleat. This eliminates the need for fasteners and provides a clean looking installation...

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  • Seadog Galvanized Iron Cleats

    Seadog Galvanized Iron Cleats

    Cast Iron, Hot dip galvanized Part# A B C D Fastener SD-040103 3.5" 1" 13/16" 1-5/8" #8FH SD-040104 4' 1-1/8" 7/8" 1-7/8" #10FH SD-040105 5" 1-5/16" 1-1/16" 2-3/16" #12FH SD-040106 6" 1-3/8" 1-1/4" 2-3/16" 1/4"

    $3.00 - $4.50
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  • Seadog Stainless Steel Cleats

    Seadog Stainless Steel Cleats

    Herreshoff style Stainless Steel tie-down cleats. They are resistant to salt and sun, and will outlast your boat. Available in 4, 5, 6, & 8 inch sizes.(Note: the Potter factory specifies the 6" SeaDog Stainless Cleat for its 15 & 19 foot...

    $14.68 - $19.68
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  • Seadog Halyard Cleat

    Seadog Halyard Cleat

    Nylon construction with stainless steel mounting plate. Designed to mount on any 3/16" - 5/16" diameter shroud and used for tying off a halyard when not in use. Additional uses include mounting attachments for flags, solar showers, awnings, topping lift...

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