Rope Splicing Tools

  • D-Splicer


    Anyone who has ever struggled trying to make splices in single braid Spectra will quickly see how great this tool will be. We saw them and immediately ordered a batch from the manufacturer in Amsterdam. This is a great complimentary tool for our Selma...
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  • Selma Stainless Steel Fids

    Selma Stainless Steel Fids

    Five sizes available These are the best fids we have ever used. I found out about them from Michael Storer when he was visiting after Sail Oklahoma. He was making some videos demonstrating making eyes in 12 strand Spectra and asked for one of these Selma...
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  • Wellington Plastic Splicing Fids

    Wellington Plastic Splicing Fids

    Three pack contains: 1 each of 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" plastic splicing fids To be used with hollow braid and twisted ropes Complete splicing instructions on back of product We got these when we added 12 strand Spectra to our store. Unfortunately, the 1/4"...
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  • Stainless Splicing Fid

    Stainless Splicing Fid

      Here is a Stainless steel fid with hardwood handle for making those eye, end, and running splices in twisted line. Hollow backside for ease of threading. From Wikipedia: A fid is a tool (basically a somewhat conical hollow spike) that can be...
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  • Bronze Splicing Fid

    Bronze Splicing Fid

    Here is a handy fid for making those eye, end, and running splices in twisted line. T-handle gives great leverage for splicing up to 1" line. Cast Bronze - may need some polishing or smoothing.
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