Tad Roberts

Tad produced his first design in the early 1980's; with over 100 designs in his catalog, there is sure to be something that interests you.

 Influenced by the design work of fellow Canadian born Naval Architect William Garden, and from years working for Bruce King, Tad knows that "It's easy to make something complex and hard to build, simplification is tougher". You see this ethic in his designs as well as the manner in which he presents his designs in plan form. Detailed professional CAD drawings, with the information you need as a builder, presented simply and clearly.

He covers everything from tenders, sail and oar, sailboats, planing and displacement hulled powerboats and "barges". Classic lines taking advantage of modern construction materials and techniques are some traits that you will notice when looking at Tad's designs. His personal favorite is Ratty, a 20' open longboat. A boat that he has used daily for 20 years. More recently he finds that the realities being a full time live aboard at anchor and off grid, in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia have had a big influence on his work. 

If you are looking for a specific design of Tad's, but don't see it on our website, please let us know as You can always go over to to look over Tad's full catalog.



  • Shanty 20 Plans PDF

    Shanty 20 Plans PDF

    LOA = 20'0” LWL = 20'0” Beam = 8'0” Draft = 16” fully loaded Power = 9.9 HP outboard Speed = 4-5 knots Construction, plywood on bulkheads. To be successful a Shanty boat must be simple and cheap (relatively) to build. A...
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