Stand up Paddleboards

  • Aloha SUP Plans PDF

    Aloha SUP Plans PDF

    11'6" x 29" / 3.5m x 74cmMaximum recommended paddler size: 170lbs / 78kgWeight is about 20lbs / 9kg For printed plans for this boat, click HERE An SUP meant for smaller paddlers The Aloha is a SUP meant for smaller paddlers. She's fast, stable, easy to...
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  • Big Aloha Plans PDF

    Big Aloha Plans PDF

    A larger version of the Aloha SUP 13.6" x 30" - 4.11m x 76cm Maximum recommended paddler size is 230lbs/104kg. For printed plans for Big Aloha, click HERE   These pics are of the prototype, flawlessly built by Brian Scarborough - thanks Brian!...
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  • Paddleplank  Plans

    Paddleplank Plans

    Can you walk this plank? Actually the request was for a stand up paddle board, sort of like a surf board that is paddled while you stand up like on a real surf board shooting the big waves in Hawaii.I had all sorts of reasons for not designing it, the...
  • Lanui Plans PDF

    Lanui Plans PDF

    A stand up paddleboard 12.9" x 29" - 3.89m x 74cm Maximum recommended capacity is 220lbs {100kg} Weight 25-30lbs/12kg. For Printed Plans for Lanui, click HERE The Lanui paddleboard is a lightweight, inexpensive and quick and easy to build skin-on-frame...
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  • Boardyak Plans PDF

    Boardyak Plans PDF

    Stand up paddleboard or sit on top kayak 11" x 30" - 3.35m x 76cm Maximum recommended displacement is 225lbs/102kg. Weight: 25-30lbs {12kg} For printed plans for Boardyak, click HERE No cockpit, no spray skirt . . . no worries! The skin-on-frame Boardyak...
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  • T-REX - 11 ft. SUP Full Plans PDF

    T-REX - 11 ft. SUP Full Plans PDF

    Outperforms many mass produced boards Specifications:Length - 3506 mm (11' 6")Width - 833 mm (32-3/4")Thickness - 120 mm (4-3/4")Volume - 250 LitresMax Rider Weight - 120kg (264lbs)Board Weight - Approx 20kg (44lbs) For a PDF with full size templates for...
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  • Ta'al Touring Stand Up Paddleboard Plans PDF

    Ta'al Touring Stand Up Paddleboard Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE This board is designed for easy distance travel. It is stable enough for a beginner who has tried a basic board a couple of times. It might even win some races and it is definitely a beautiful thing. It is light for easy...
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