Other Paddle Boats

  • Mouse Free Plans

    Mouse Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Mouse started life as a one-sheeter, that is, an exercise to develop the smallest, cheapest possible boat. As a result, it's not a boat to which you can safely trust your life in any sort of waves - as...
  • 18' Waka Ama Hawaiian Canoe

    18' Waka Ama Hawaiian Canoe

    This is an outrigger canoe of classic Hawaiian design. Classes of these craft are very popular, especially in places like New Zealand where they are raced in various lengths—this example being one of the shortest. They are noted for their stability...
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  • Sweetie's Pea Instant Download

    Sweetie's Pea Instant Download

    The concept of Sweetie's Pea is quite simple: it is my version of an existing design. I understand that the good folks of the bayous around Louisiana (say, "Loooooooo-zee-an-na") and East Texas would tack little boats like this together - no plans or...
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  • Duck Boat Printed Plans

    Duck Boat Printed Plans

    For PDF plans, click HERE known variously as a scullboat, sneakboat, a poke boat, and a layout boat Click HERE for an article about this boat from Outdoor Life Magazine The duck boat is 11 feet 10 inches by 3 feet wide. The original traditional design...
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  • Backpack Boat Printed Plans

    Backpack Boat Printed Plans

    for PDF plans, click HERE carry this boat to your favorite fishing hole NOTE: Backpacker (photo above) and Backpacker Plus (first photo below) plans are in a single package. You will receive both plans when you order. Backpack Boat This 25 pound 5 foot...
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  • Russki Plans PDF

    Russki Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE Easy StorageEasy RoofrackingNo ply joiningNo strongback - self jigging My favourite Boat Designer, Phil Bolger, has a saying something like "there are two sorts of good boat, ones you live aboard and ones that you stick on...
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