Fairleads & Exit Plates

  • Phenolic Through-Deck Fairleads

    Phenolic Through-Deck Fairleads

    Any line that goes through a deck needs something like this to protect both the deck and the line. Bakelite (phenolic). All pieces have approx 1/8" flange overhang and 5/8" overall height. Part # Thru Hole(min) Hole Size(for...
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  • Ronstan Ropeglide Rings

    Ronstan Ropeglide Rings

    Various sizes Text: Ronstan Ropeglide Rings. Reduce weight and complexity with ultralight, low-frticiton rings that can be used for deflecting lead lines or for barber haulers, lazy jacks, or as a replacement for blocks on vangs, etc. Simple and reliable...
    $12.99 - $20.99
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  • Ronstan Plastic Deck Eye

    Ronstan Plastic Deck Eye

    Fairleads are a simple and economical means of containing, deflecting or correcting the lead angle of control lines Impact resistant, U.V. stablised Nylon Reference Imperial Metric Hole Ø 9/32 in. 7 mm Fastener Ø 5/32 in. 4...
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  • Racelite Fairleads

    Racelite Fairleads

    Stainless wrapped fairleads from RaceLite. The smaller one has a 5/16" opening and is suitable for 1/4" lines and smaller. The larger one has an opening of 1/2" and should not be used with line over 3/8".
    $1.67 - $4.43
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  • Racelite Stainless Exit Plates

    Racelite Stainless Exit Plates

    Stamped stainless steel For use where a line or wire has to pass through a deck or spar Both plates are 1-1/4" x 2" x 1/16" thick. There are four holes for #8 fasteners and they will pass up to a 3/8" line, wire or rod. The RL-255C is curved to mount on...
    $6.27 - $11.33
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  • Ronstan Swivel Cleat Base

    Ronstan Swivel Cleat Base

    Alloy cleating arms Grade 316 stainless steel fittings Swivel cleat bases permit easy cleating and releasing from any angle.Dead eyes contain stainless steel liners for low friction and long life. Cleating plates are heavy guage alloy for stiffness and...
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  • Racelite Nylon Through-Deck Fairleads

    Racelite Nylon Through-Deck Fairleads

    Two sizes Use through deck fairleaders for easy and frictionless halyard entry. Large size (RL 42) fits 1" hole, is 5/8" long, and for 3/8" rope. Small size (RL 49) fits 5/8" hole, is 1/2" long, and for 5/16" rope. Part # Thru Hole(min) Hole...
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  • Seadog Nylon Fairlead with SS Liner

    Seadog Nylon Fairlead with SS Liner

    All Sea-Dog Nylon Fairleads are designed with a molded-in recess in the base. This traps the sealant in place providing a more watertight seal. The 082615 Sea-Dog fairlead has a stainless steel liner for superior wear performance. Used for control lines,...
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  • Ronstan Fairleads

    Ronstan Fairleads

    Nylon with stainless liner Model A B C Weight PNP120 1/4 in.6.5 mm 1/8 in.3 mm 5/8 in.15 mm 0.1 oz.2 g PNP121 5/16 in.8.0 mm 5/32 in.4 mm 13/16 in.20.0 mm 0.1 oz.4 g PNP122 7/16 in.11.5 mm 3/16 in.5 mm 7/8 in.22.5 mm 0.3 oz.7...
    $7.99 - $13.99
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  • Seadog Nylon Fairleads

    Seadog Nylon Fairleads

    Injection Molded Nylon All Sea-Dog Nylon Fairleads are designed with a molded-in recess in the base. This traps the sealant in place providing a more watertight seal. The SD-082010, SD-082051, and SD-082016 are weatherproof nylon fairleads, ideal for...
    $2.50 - $3.50
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