Other Epoxy Kits

  • RowCruiser Epoxy & Cloth Package

    RowCruiser Epoxy & Cloth Package

    Most of the major supplies necessary for the construction of your Angus Rowcruiser (rowing version). Package includes 5.25 gallon epoxy kit, 3 pounds of wood flour, 20 yards of 6 oz fiberglass cloth, and one roll of 6 oz x 3” glass tape. 

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  • APLTec Composite Patch Kit

    APLTec Composite Patch Kit

    Save Your Boat. Save Your Cruise. As simple as a sticker! A friend entering the Race to Alaska told us about these fantastic all-weather, error-proof, fast-curing repair kits being sold in Spain. Instead of some clumsy two-part putty that you hope to...

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