• Potter 15 Singlehander's Package

    Potter 15 Singlehander's Package

    This package (which is also suitable for many other small sloops if you adjust halyard lengths) allows the Potter 15 sailor to securely raise and lower all sails without leaving the safety of the cockpit. Want to drop jib without worrying about it...
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  • Potter 15 End Boom Sheeting System

    Potter 15 End Boom Sheeting System

    This simple but effective system allows the Potter 15 to be sheeted entirely from the end of the boom, keeping the cockpit clear and the sheet right at hand. Package includes performance Ronstan blocks (one for boom and one for the traveler), and a...
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  • Potter 19 Bilge Drain

    Potter 19 Bilge Drain

    This Garboard Drain & Plug provides drainage for bilge during haul-out. Design includes integral 1-1/8" acetyl drain tube. Pipe plug ensures a watertight seal. Constructed of sturdy UV stabilized injection molded nylon. Installs with three #8 FH...
    $2.95 - $22.50
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  • West Wight Potter 15 Lines Package

    West Wight Potter 15 Lines Package

    Package pictured above is cut from our premium Raid Braid polyester double-braid and color coded with mainsheet and halyards in "Yacht" white and jib sheets and halyard in "Stainless" silver color. For more color you can request same package in Marlow...
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  • Windex 10.Sport Wind Vane

    Windex 10.Sport Wind Vane

    Windex wind vanes continue to offer exceptional performance at the best value of any wind indicator worldwide. The secret is in the sapphire jewel suspension bearing, large fin-low inertia vane, and easy-to-read, fully adjustable tacking tab system.
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  • Potter Halyard Kits

    Potter Halyard Kits

    Potter 15 and Potter 19 halyard kits made from premium low-stretch Marlow Leisure polyester double braid. Conveniently sent in two colors for easy identification of main or jib and cut to factory-specified lengths (includes enough line to run aft to...
    $88.00 - $106.00
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  • Small 7 Hole Quick-Release Shroud Levers

    Small 7 Hole Quick-Release Shroud Levers

    Adjust and tension dinghy rigging with the ease of a lever. C. Sherman Johnson shroud adjusters were designed for one design dinghies to make quick rig adjustments or to de-tension the rig for storage or to unstep the mast. 7 positions allow for micro...
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  • Teak Handrails

    Teak Handrails

    We brought these solid teak handrails in to service West Wight Potter owners, as the small one-loop rail is OEM for the Potter 15 and the larger 3-loop is OEM for the Potter 19, but these beautiful, smooth-finished teak handrails would work on any small...
    $29.99 - $49.99
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  • Seadog Stainless Steel Cleats Seadog Stainless Steel Cleats

    Seadog Stainless Steel Cleats

    Herreshoff style Stainless Steel tie-down cleats. They are resistant to salt and sun, and will outlast your boat. Available in 4, 5, 6, & 8 inch sizes.(Note: the Potter factory specifies the 6" SeaDog Stainless Cleat for its 15 & 19 foot...
    $20.00 - $25.00
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  • Anchor Hanger

    Anchor Hanger

    These stainless electropolished Anchor Hangers attach securely to any 7/8 to 1” rail or pulpit and will hold most Danforth and Fortress-style anchors up to 35 pounds, flukes down to prevent snagged lines. Allows for quick release. Easy to install...
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  • Potter Cockpit Drain

    Potter Cockpit Drain

    The cockpit drain looks like the photo - two drain fittings, a couple feet of Bilgeflex hose, and some stainless hose clamps
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  • Pulpit Anchor

    Pulpit Anchor

    C.S. Johnson Pulpit Anchor. Lots of potential uses for these stainless fittings that slip around and affix on 1" tubing of rails or pulpits, providing a ½" hole to which you can attach a block, lifeline jaw fittings, etc. This piece is a standard part...
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