• Scout Sailing Package

    Scout Sailing Package

    This kit contains the Scout Sail, 2-piece carbon mast and and running rigging package: mainsheet, blocks, downhaul, halyard, downhaul blocks, etc. Sail available in White or Tanbark color shown below.   A boomless, full-battened, unstayed rig...

    $399.00 - $850.00
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  • Scout Epoxy and Fiberglass Kit

    Scout Epoxy and Fiberglass Kit

    This kit includes the following: 1.5 Gallon Silvertip Epoxy 1.5 quart EZ Fillet 1.5 pint Quikfair 25 yards 4 oz fiberglass cloth 1 roll 50 yard 1” tape Gloves Mixing cups Mixing sticks Chip brushes Plastic squeegee Zip ties Pair of epoxy...

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  • Scout CNC Kit

    Scout CNC Kit

    Scout LOA-10' 4" Beam- 50" Draft- 4 1/2" Capacity- 2-3 people Weight- 65 to 75 lbs Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means. —Koichi Kawana What does the smallest possible camp-cruising sailboat look like? If larger...

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