• Highlander 16 Plans

    Highlander 16 Plans

    The Highlander 16' dayboat was designed for a New Zealand client who wanted a rugged camping dinghy/dayboat for use around North Island. She retains the easy riding 'U' shape of the other Highlanders forward but departs from their shape in having a...
    $27.00 - $216.00
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  • Highlander 18 Plans

    Highlander 18 Plans

    The Highlander 18 has been developed for the sailor or fisherman wanting a boat that he can use comfortably for estuary and coastal work. Points taken into her design are easy trailability (hence she uses salt water ballast which drains as she is...
    $27.00 - $236.00
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  • Highlander 19'6" Plans

    Highlander 19'6" Plans

    This boat is a stretched version of the Highlander 18 for a client who wanted the biggest boat that he could comfortably trail extensively behind a medium sized family saloon without a lot of effort and which could also offer enclosed accommodation. The...
    $27.00 - $240.00
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