• Sow's Ear Plans

    Sow's Ear Plans

    SOW'S EAR, CUDDY POWERBOAT, 15,5' X 6', 600 POUNDS EMPTY Sow's Ear is somewhere between a shantyboat like my Shanteuse and a cuddy power skiff like AF4. It has a lot more room in the cabin than does AF4 but a lot less than Shanteuse. And...

  • Jon20 Plans PDF

    Jon20 Plans PDF

    Poor Jon20, he's just a big dumb jonboat. 20 feet long and 6' wide on the bottom, 7.5' wide on the top. It takes a ton to set it 4" down in the water, and I expect the empty hull might weigh 600 pounds. So let's say she weighs about a half ton with a...

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  • Brucesboat Plans PDF

    Brucesboat Plans PDF

    BRUCESBOAT, POWER SKIFF, 19' X 5', 250 POUNDS EMPTY Bruce was looking for a large powered canoe but couldn't find one for sale. He said they still make them by hand in Maine but he was in California and you couldn't expect to buy one anyway unless you...

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  • AF4 Plans - PDF

    AF4 Plans - PDF

    AF4 is a simple low powered cuddy cruiser intended for protected waters. Kilburn Adams of St. Louis brought a boat similar in spirit to AF4 to our Midwest Messabouts and it was easy to see what a good idea this is. Kiburn's boat was a modified Sturdee...

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  • Dani Jay Plans

    Dani Jay Plans

    Dani Jay is the chosen name of the project I called Bobsboat in last year's essays. The idea behind it was to have an easily driven seaworthy launch that would take a bunch of adults around in a laid back style. It was not to be a planing boat so big...

  • AF4 GRANDE Plans PDF

    AF4 GRANDE Plans PDF

    Af4 Grande is a 20% scaleup of the original AF4. Scaling a design can be interesting. If the design is scaled up by a factor of1.2 as it was here then the areas of all the panels are increased by a factor of 1.2 squared (1.2 times 1.2) which is 1.44...

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  • Jonsboat Plans Instant Download

    Jonsboat Plans Instant Download

    Jonsboat is just a jonboat. But where I live that says a lot because most of the boats around here are jonboats and for a good reason. These things will float on dew if the motor is up. This one shows 640 pounds displacement with only 3" of draft. That...

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  • AF4 BREVE Plans PDF

    AF4 BREVE Plans PDF

    "Dear Jim, I've got to tell you - that little AF4b of yours is a marvel.I've logged close to a thousand miles on her so far, through streams,rivers, canals, bays, sounds, and even one unplanned foray intothe wide Atlantic*; in blazing sunshine, driving...

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  • Dorado  Plans

    Dorado Plans

    Dorado is a Southern Hemisphere constellation and also this boat designed for Ashley Cook in New South Wales. The idea behind it was for a rough water power boat with a sleepable cuddy cabin. We started with my Frolic2 sailboat (which itself evolved...

  • Electron Plans PDF

    Electron Plans PDF

    Electron was an interesting project done for a man who had done his homework on electric boats. In particular he had studied Doug Little's great book ELECTRIC BOATS. He wanted a cuddy cabin boat capable of some cruising, the ability to go about 30 miles...

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  • Wojtech Baginski has the cabin on his Campjon raised, extended and glassed over for river cruising in Poland

    Campjon Plans PDF

    Campjon is based on my Jonsboat design. I increased the hull depth to 24" from 18" and again to 30" in the region of the 6' long cuddy cabin. The cabin decks slope upward towards the center so the "headroom" in the middle is about 3', usually that is...

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  • QT Skiff Plans PDF

    QT Skiff Plans PDF

    Flat iron skiffs are said to be easy to draw but very hard to get right. QT is my attempt at a flat iron skiff. The prototype was built by Paul Krayniak of Odessa, NY and a photo of his boat is presented below. The above photo is of Brad Boerger's QT.I...

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  • Jon Jr. Plans PDF

    Jon Jr. Plans PDF

    Jon Jr. is a small jonboat, sort of a personal sized boat that will take two normal sized adults. It would be a perfect "back of the pickup truck" boat. It could be cartopped. (To me the idea of cartopping a powerboat is a bit strained since you would...

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  • AF4 Casa Plans PDF

    AF4 Casa Plans PDF

    This was supposed to be a cut down AF4, without cabin, but with a large open cockpit for sightseeing, and maybe a canopy over all of those seats. Chuck Leinweber called it a "picnic boat" which is a pretty good idea. It is the same...

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  • Shanteuse Plans PDF

    Shanteuse Plans PDF

    Shanteuse is a slight enlargement of the mini shanty Harmonica. Shanteuse is 1' wider than Harmonica and has a 3' extension on the stern to allow a small back porch and a motor mount that is totally out of the living area...

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  • Alansboat Plans

    Alansboat Plans

    Alansboat was designed for a fellow who wanted to go fishing in the shallows. He had seen boats for fishing the wide flats and wanted something similar. He suggested an enlarged version of the 12' Twang and that is where we started. Alansboat is 15...

  • Harmonica Plans PDF

    Harmonica Plans PDF

    Harmonica is a tiny shanty boat that sleeps two in its cabin. There is a porch up front suitable for lounging and a small room in the stern for the kitchen and the water closet. I think it is arranged so that two people could wait out an all day soaker...

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  • Veep 14 Plans

    Veep 14 Plans

    I've tried several different ways to shape a hull to handle rough water. Rough water is a problem around here where the manmade lakes are flat and wide and shallow. We get whitecaps when the wind blows about 12 mph. I think the situation is about...

  • Twang Plans

    Twang Plans

    Twang is a light small power skiff, light enough to cartop (I notice the wheels on the transom in the photo) if you keep your mind on weight as you build and if you can figure out a way to carry your motor and fuel without ruining your car. It...

  • Dockbox Plans PDF

    Dockbox Plans PDF

    Go ahead and laugh.Sleeps two. 5 hp max. Very protected water only.Nail and glue construction from two sheets of 1/4" plywood and four sheets of 3/8" plywood.Bill McKeough built the prototype in Oklahoma but he narrowed the boat a foot so it would fit on...

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