• Raid Braid 3.5mm Polyester Braid

    Raid Braid 3.5mm Polyester Braid

    Raid Braid 3.5mm Utility Cord. This tough, low-stretch line is made from 16-strand smooth polyester braid over a core. Perfect for lacing, lashing, and control lines where lighter line is desired..
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  • Light Spectra Line

    Light Spectra Line

    Spectra is a very high strength synthetic rope with excellent abrasion resistant in a single braid construction. It comes standard with a polyurethane finish and is easily spliced using a lockstitch type splice, 4-3-2 or 5-4-3 tuck splice. It also has a...
    $0.24 - $0.32
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  • Solid Braid Nylon Hanks

    Solid Braid Nylon Hanks

    These 100 foot hanks of solid braid nylon are a great value compared to line that we have to measure off. This stuff is great for lacing on sails, rigging lazyjacks, and many other jobs aboard.Solid braid nylon cord is strong yet lightweight and soft...
    $4.80 - $6.78
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  • Polyester Solid Braid Line

    Polyester Solid Braid Line

    White, polyester solid braid line. A strong rope with low stretch, firm construction for good abrasion resistance, excellent resistant to UV, works extremely well in pulleys. With 400 lbs. tensile strength, this line works well for lashings and outhauls...
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