Sailing Canoes

  • Arctic Skua Canoe Yawl Plans

    Arctic Skua Canoe Yawl Plans

    The Arctic Skua is a lightweight canoe yawl that has a nod towards the small canoe yawls that were popular in Europe during the last century for touring and racing. She uses 4mm ply and the stitch and tape method of construction to produce a easily built...
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  • 50/50 Sailing Canoe Plans

    50/50 Sailing Canoe Plans

    A 50/50 canoe is a boat which has been designed and built with the intention that it should be as easily and efficiently powered by sail as it is by paddle (in this case a double paddle). This means that the rig needs to be both efficient and easy to...
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  • JC10 Plans

    JC10 Plans

    The JayCee was conceived with Tyrone Boats as a trainer for the International Canoe. The idea was to produce a craft which was based upon low cost, easy building techniques and which would be an introduction into the world of IC sailing. With all this...
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  • Woodland 15 Open Sailing Canoe Plans

    Woodland 15 Open Sailing Canoe Plans

    This is a clinker/ply open canoe with graceful lines. We have given the hull shape a fairly fine entry so that she glides on the water and also a good waterline beam to allow her to carry a substantial rig for open canoe racing. She has 5 planks per...
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  • The Lillie Canoe Yawl Plans

    The Lillie Canoe Yawl Plans

    The Lillie Canoe Yawl - this lovely craft was commissioned by Tom Dunderdale after reading the series of articles in the Classic Boat magazine on the 13' strip planked canoe yawl Ethel. The idea was to produce a canoe yawl of similar style to those of...
    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • IC10 International Canoe Plans

    IC10 International Canoe Plans

    The IC10 - a ply stitch and tape "B" Class International Canoe for Mr. Peter Rhodes-Dimmer - the first hull has been constructed by Alan Powell. The major idea behind this design was to produce an up-to-the-minute hull shape suitable for both inland and...
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