Rowing Accessories

  • Carbon Fiber Ferrules for Oars or pushpoles

    Carbon Fiber Ferrules for Oars or pushpoles

    With the success of our Standard Paddle Ferrules and Greenland Style Ferrules, we naturally thought about having some made for oars. John Welsford approached us about using what were then the largest ferrules - the Greenland ones - to make take apart...
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  • Scullmatix©


    What is it? The Scullmatix is a simple device to make sculling a boat almost automatic. It is made from 1/8" stainless steel plate and has two 5/16" SS carrage bolts with wingnuts. It weights just under 2 lbs. It is very robust - it should last several...
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  • Seadog Adjustable Oar Collars-pair

    Seadog Adjustable Oar Collars-pair

    Polypropylene oar collars will help protect your fine Shaw and Tenney's. Each set comes with a packet of brass nails. (note: will fit all of our oar locks EXCEPT the 2" galvanized ones.)
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  • Martinoli Oar Sleeves and collars

    Martinoli Oar Sleeves and collars

    Use these to modify a round oar for D-Type oarlocks like the Douglas Oarlock. In the photos below, you can see that there are flats on three sides which align against the flats on the Douglas Oarlock to let the rower know he has the proper angle for...
    $23.99 - $59.99
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  • Oar Leather Kits

    Oar Leather Kits

    Everything needed to leather your own oars Blackburn Kit: with Pete Culler-style "Old School Long Oar Leathers" this kit is an ideal choice for oars rowed off standard oarlocks and oars rowed off thole pins. Top grain vegetable tanned** 4 - 5...
    $56.00 - $76.00
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