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  • 26' Golden Bay Launch

    26' Golden Bay Launch

    This 26' version of the Golden Bay has the same fairly high and flaired bow sections designed to throw off spray which flow into aft sections which have tumblehome giving her a generous waterline beam for maximum stability. These drawings show her with a...
    $34.00 - $420.00
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  • 22' Virginian Skiff (Moulds/Jigs only)

    22' Virginian Skiff (Moulds/Jigs only)

    We have the computer generated mould shapes and building jig details (only) for a 22'x7'2" (6.71x2.18m) Yankee Skiff for rowing or motor power. Could be strip planked or completed in clinker ply. These skiffs have a narrow flat bottom plank and a shapely...
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  • 14'6" Hazelnut Plans

    14'6" Hazelnut Plans

    The Hazelnut has been designed for those who want a similar hull shape to the Peterborough model but without the turned up ends. This gives a flatter sheer line more like a guide boat—she retains the 5 plank per side shape with tumblehome for ease in...
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  • 26' Skellig Wood Fishing/Workboat Plans

    26' Skellig Wood Fishing/Workboat Plans

    The Skellig 26 is a wood version of the Saltee Island. She has the same rugged hull design for use as a workboat/fishing boat for coastal and offshore use. She has a large cockpit and enclosed wheelhouse with space below for a simple wc and/or galley...
    $34.00 - $385.00
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  • Strider (full plans) Download

    Strider (full plans) Download

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Study plans available HERE Specifications: cold moulded or strip plank round bilge hulls,ply decks and topsides LENGTH O.A. 7.3m LENGTH W.L. .6.65m BEAM O.A. 4.3m (5.3m on Turbo version)DISPL (empty) 0.5T DISPL (loaded)...
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  • Ebihen 16 - Clinker (Lapstrake)

    Ebihen 16 - Clinker (Lapstrake)

    Traditional sail boat, 4.8 m long, with outboard motor well, clinker plywood For Ebihen Study Plans, click HERE Hull length / waterline 4.80 / 4.54 m   Sail area 14 m²   Breadth / waterline 1.85 / 1.64 m   Outboard...
    $290.00 - $343.00
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  • Skellig 19 Plans

    Skellig 19 Plans

    The Skellig 19 is based on our Skellig 18 workboat/fishing boat. In this case the client wanted a slightly bigger boat made of steel to be used as a strong and rugged work/fishing boat in Irish waters. The hull plating is 3mm over 4x75mm frames...
    $27.00 - $236.00
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  • 16' Bourne Runabout Plans

    16' Bourne Runabout Plans

    The 16' Bourne runabout is partly based on the Egret but with a forward raking transom and a fair amount of tumblehome in the aft quarters. She uses the same ply skin over a slotted together ply framework but the tumblehome area is planked using diagonal...
    $27.00 - $169.00
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  • 15' Fisher Prospector Plans

    15' Fisher Prospector Plans

    Our 15' 8" Fisher Prospector is our most popular canoe design (go to Open Canoes 15'-17'). This new version has been requested by a client who wanted a similar canoe, slightly shorter and with 7 planks per side rather than the 5 of the original design...
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  • 14' Flat Head Drifter Plans PDF

    14' Flat Head Drifter Plans PDF

    LOA 14.5ft - Beam 68” - Bottom 48” The Flat Head Drifter (FHD) is an enlargement of the Sol Duk Drifter(SDD) that I already have in my fleet of boats. I designed the SDD small enough to be a one person boat, and two should fish fine from...
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  • Penguin Study Plan Download

    Penguin Study Plan Download

    For full printed plans for Penguin, click HERE For Penguin Plans digital download, click HERE I have only rarely been tempted to enter the design competitions run by magazines, of the two occasions I have gone to the trouble of producing the very...
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  • Go Go Girl Plans

    Go Go Girl Plans

    22’x 6’8’’x 4’6’’, approx. 1200 lbs. weight. Multichine ply construction over pre-shaped ply frames, bottom hull panel and centre girder. Designed as a replacement for the older One design dayboat racing classes...
    $34.00 - $115.00
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  • 12-16' Strip Planked Motor Canoe Plans

    12-16' Strip Planked Motor Canoe Plans

    This is a strip planked version of our plywood motor canoes—because she is strip planked over computer generated moulds, the spacing between the moulds can be altered to give any length between 12’ and 16’. Apart from using an outboard motor...
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  • Ulua Plans PDF

    Ulua Plans PDF

    The Ulua design broadly resembles the classic Hawaiian canoe with some differences. The round bottom, which is important in the surf, performs poorly when sailed to windward. I've added a pivoting leeboard for lateral resistance, that can be retracted...
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  • DUO 800 Plans

    DUO 800 Plans

    Boats around 8 m (27 ft) are most interesting for the average sailor. The harbor fees, maintenance work, car if the boat is in the limits for road transport and the costs to buy but sure to build* are still in the range of affordability. So I...
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  • 14' Raven Plans

    14' Raven Plans

    By popular request, we have shortened the Raven to give a canoe easier to car-top on smaller vehicles. She can take 2 adults plus camping gear and uses the same simple stitch and tape construction process. The hull has the Raven family’s 3 panels per...
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  • Houdini Study Plan Download

    Houdini Study Plan Download

    For Houdini Full printed plans, click HERE For Houdini Full plan digital download, click HERE I had planned on using the sports rowing boat Seagull as my getaway boat over the Christmas period but when out on the river with a group of the Traditional...
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  • Tenten 305 Plans PDF

    Tenten 305 Plans PDF

    A pocket cruiser for one, inspired by the “Around in Ten” challenge. In 2009, the “AIT” project was in the air, 5 boats where built, no one took the challenge, even Sven Lundin gave up. But the idea was then in my mind and I draw sketches...
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  • 17' Strip Planked Sealion Plans

    17' Strip Planked Sealion Plans

    The Sealion was originally modelled on our Seafox sea kayak but the use of Cedar Strip planking for her construction allows a more graceful and curvaceous shape both for the hull and the deck. She is built over computer faired mould shapes set up on a...
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  • Pelegrin Printed Plans

    Pelegrin Printed Plans

    For Peligrin Study Plan instant download, click HERE For Peligrin Full Printed Plans, click HERE Most languages have a word which conveys the image of the wanderer, someone who has a dreamy far away look in their eye, who stays for a day or three then...
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  • 15'8" Strip Planked Prospector Plans

    15'8" Strip Planked Prospector Plans

    A Strip Planked version of our most popular design - the Fisher Prospector Open canoe - plans include full-size templates for the moulds and the sail plan of the FP16. 15'8" Strip Planked Prospector Particulars LOA 15'8" 4.76m Beam 35" 0...
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  • 18' Morning Tide Plans

    18' Morning Tide Plans

    Many moons ago when I first started as a designer with McGruers on the Gareloch, I drew the lines of a 19' pocket cruiser for myself, partly as the day job was full of racing yachts - I never got to build her but the drawing was kept safe and would...
    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • 17' Siton Kayak Plans

    17' Siton Kayak Plans

    This is a modern ‘sit-on’ type kayak where the cockpits are essentially open and sealed from the remainder of the kayak. The areas around the cockpits are used for both storage and buoyancy.Construction uses 3 or 4mm plywood throughout and the stitch...
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  • Slingshot 16 Tandem Trimaran Plans

    Slingshot 16 Tandem Trimaran Plans

    Slingshot 16 Tandem Trimaran With 112 Sq. Ft. Vertical Batten Sail Features: Top Speed (typical) = 14 mph # Of Occupants = TWO Length Overall = 15' 10" Beam Overall = 12'- (or 7' folded. For details about folding options, please email me.) Main Hull...
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  • Truck Camper Plans PDF

    Truck Camper Plans PDF

    Note: These plans consist of a booklet of 24 pages of text, drawings and photos on 8.5" x 11" pages. The printed version is black and white. The PDF file for instant download has color photographs. To save $5 and postage costs choose the download option...
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  • Catboat Plans - Strip Plank Version

    Catboat Plans - Strip Plank Version

    Strip Plank Catboat Line Drawing Study Plan The Catboat In the winter of 2012 a very good friend leant me an old copy of Nautical Quarterly. An article about Catboats caught my attention - I was and still am taken by their beautiful lines...
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  • Pro A Plans PDF

    Pro A Plans PDF

    Pro a canoe Length 5876mm ( 19' 3-1/2" ) Beam 760mm ( 29-7/8" )       Pro a canoe is a big open kayak or canoe. She has long open cockpit, so she is meant to be used in sheltered waters. She can carry two adults + one to three small kids...
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  • YM Senior Plans

    YM Senior Plans

    The YM Senior is a lovely little pocket cruiser design by the late Kenneth M. Gibbs. Ken Gibbs designed some lovely ply sailing boats many of which used to feature in the original Yachting Monthly magazine. I had much pleasure in sailing a Senior many...
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  • 57' Avoncliff Narrow Boat Plans

    57' Avoncliff Narrow Boat Plans

    These plans are for the steelwork only of a 17.45m (57') narrowboat. The plan set consists of 7 drawings covering Hull Construction, Hull Construction Details, Deck/cabin Construction, Deck/cabin construction details, Hull panel shapes, Rudder and engine...
    $47.00 - $405.00
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  • Bee Plans Download

    Bee Plans Download

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Specifications: LENGTH 4.86mBEAM 1.3mWEIGHT 49KgsCARRYING CAPACITY 4 AdultsSAILAREA (optional) 3.5sqm Note: The BEE and LINNET are very similar designs, differering mainly in their aesthetic appeal, although BEE's...
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  • Firecrest  15/17'6" Plans

    Firecrest 15/17'6" Plans

    This is a simply constructed miniature schooner for the sailing man who likes a classic sail plan. Normally, you would not find a schooner rig on any boat less than 30’ long and therefore less complicated rigs can be used. But if you like plenty of...
    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • Brucesboat Plans PDF

    Brucesboat Plans PDF

    BRUCESBOAT, POWER SKIFF, 19' X 5', 250 POUNDS EMPTY Bruce was looking for a large powered canoe but couldn't find one for sale. He said they still make them by hand in Maine but he was in California and you couldn't expect to buy one anyway unless you...
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  • Wooboto Plans PDF

    Wooboto Plans PDF

    Steve Chambers out in California had built a Roar2 very quickly, in two or three weeks as I recall, and had gone off rowing with it and liked it a lot. He started looking for a design to learn sailing. He was thinking of my old Woobo design but got to...
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  • Sherpa Study Plan Download

    Sherpa Study Plan Download

    For Full Plan for Sherpa Digital Download, click HERE For Full Printed Plans for Sherpa, click HERE I had an enquiry from a liveaboard couple who needed to cover the two hundred yards or so from the town jetty to their forty footer, two "mature adults"...
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  • Big Aloha Plans PDF

    Big Aloha Plans PDF

    A larger version of the Aloha SUP 13.6" x 30" - 4.11m x 76cm Maximum recommended paddler size is 230lbs/104kg. For printed plans for Big Aloha, click HERE   These pics are of the prototype, flawlessly built by Brian Scarborough - thanks Brian!...
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  • 15'7" Carrick Asymmetric Racing Plans

    15'7" Carrick Asymmetric Racing Plans

    The Carrick open canoe was designed for Tyrone Boats specifically for sail racing. She is certainly fast but is also very handy when paddled. She has 5 planks per side giving her a nicely rounded shape with a wide waterline beam for plenty of stability...
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  • Sardine Run Full Plans

    Sardine Run Full Plans

    An 18 foot stitch & glue trimaran For Sardine Run Study Plans, click HERE This little 18' Trimaran can easily be built by home builders. It is stich-and-glue construction. This kind of boat is new: she is designed for raid or little cruising with a...
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  • 18' Outboard Motor Canoe Plans

    18' Outboard Motor Canoe Plans

    I was asked to take the 15'€™ (4.58m) Outboard Motor Canoe design extend it to 18' and also add 2" (50mm) to the hull depth. This new design uses the same basic hull shape with it’s narrow flat bottom panel with 3 further panels added each side...
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  • 20' Cambridge Punt

    20' Cambridge Punt

    I have often been asked whether we had a traditional Thames or Oxbridge type punt in our design catalogue - now and American client has asked us to draw up a 20' (6.01m) example for simple stitch and tape construction. She has a beam of 3'10" (1.17m)...
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  • Gunning Dory Plans PDF

    Gunning Dory Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE room for you and your friends and a dog or two Heres a 19 foot, build-it-yourself dory with room for you and your friends, a dog or two and all of your gear. The nearly flat bottom will get you right into the shallows where...
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  • Mini-Cat Plans PDF

    Mini-Cat Plans PDF

    The PortableBoatPlans "2012 Portable Boat Design Contest" is over for another year, and there were two winners (tied votes). The object of the contest was simple: Develop a concept for a small homemade boat that would appeal to many other amateur...
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  • Stasha Plans PDF

    Stasha Plans PDF

    What makes the Stasha special?Stasha is the World's lightest nesting dinghy. It's also lovely to look at. Launching a Stasha should only take a moment but by the time you have answered all the questions from amazed spectators it may be getting dark.Not...
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  • Motor Canoe Plans PDF

    Motor Canoe Plans PDF

    Note: These plans consist of a booklet of 35 pages of text, drawings and photos on 8.5" x 11" pages. The printed version is black and white. The PDF file for instant download has color photographs. To save $5 and postage costs choose the download option...
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  • 25' Windsor Slipper Launch Plans

    25' Windsor Slipper Launch Plans

    For the Windsor slipper launch we have used the ply over frame method of construction using a modern framework of ply bulkheads and frames partly linked by fore and aft ply girders all set up to make sure that the builder starts with an accurate base...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • Flapdoodle Plans

    Flapdoodle Plans

    Note:Tom Hruby has written an excellent addendum to these plans. Anyone building or considering building a Flapdoodle should read it. Click HERE About Flapdoodle plans: New... a high quality DIY folding sail dinghy. What's more, you can build it your...
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  • Power 2 Plans

    Power 2 Plans

    A 21' x 7' bigger sister to the Power 1 design using the same easy construction method and having a similar double chine construction with a flat bottom panel simplifying her building and producing an easy planing hull form. The hull, seats and cabin...
    $34.00 - $135.00
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  • 18' Electric Moto Craft Plans PDF

    18' Electric Moto Craft Plans PDF

    I decided to add this larger version of the Electric Moto Craft to my growing fleet of EMC hulls after a comment and request from one of my YouTube subscribers. He had been watching one of my how-to videos on building the 14ft version of the...
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  • 12'6" Esk Sea Kayak Plans

    12'6" Esk Sea Kayak Plans

    Like her bigger sister, the 12’ 6” Esk is a development of our Dart design. She has the swept up bow and flared out forward sections to help her in choppy waters—and we have retained the knife edge to the rear sections to give her good...
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  • Plywood Hot Tub Plans PDF

    Plywood Hot Tub Plans PDF

    Note: These plans consist of a booklet of 7 pages of text and photos on 8.5" x 11" pages plus an 18" x 24" drawing. The printed version is black and white. The PDF file for instant download has color photographs. To save $10 and postage costs choose the...
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